Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance & Security

Board of Directors

Frank (Sonny) Colvett

From Memphis, Sonny and Sudie have been Wolf Laurel property owners since 2003. Sonny. a graduate of Auburn, is Chairman of GreenScape. Incorporated, an 80 year old landscape firm now in its fourth generation which has employed over 160 associates. Sonny served over 14 years as Chair of the Memphis Zoning Variance Board. Sonny. with friends, started and then headed the loan and executive committees of a start-up national bank. which grew to be part of Regions Bank. He served as Senior Warden of Calvary Episcopal Church. housed in the oldest public building in continuous use in Memphis; as Chair of the Admissions Committee and Board Member several times for The University Club of Memphis; and Chair. President and ;or Member of the American Landscape Architects Association (ASLA) and the American (ANLA) and Southern (SNLA) Nursery and Landscape Associations as well as other professional organizations.


At Wolf Laurel he is a member of Wolf Laurel Country Club, former Treasurer of Wolf Laurel Property Owners Association during the purchase and funding of the Amenities. He is also Chair of the Wolf Laurel Architectural Review Board since this responsibility was delegated from the developer. He is also a board member of the Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Secunty Homeowners Association during the transfer of ownership of the Wolf Laurel roads and covenant responsibilities to them.


Lewis Daniels

A Wolf Laurel resident since 2004, Lewis has served as a member of the R & S Board since 2011 . He was also a member of the Board from 2007 to 2009. He is a long-term member of the Wolf Laurel Property Owners' Association where he served as a Board member from 2006 to 2007. He is a member of the Amenities Program.


Lewis is a graduate of Mars Hill College and the University of South Carolina. He served in hospital administration for 30 years and is the retired CEO of Saint Joseph's Hospital and COO of Mission/Saint Joseph's Health System. Prior to his hospital service, he was a CPA with Price Waterhouse. He currently serves on the board of Beacon of Hope (a food ministry in Madison County) and in an advisory capacity to Seacoast Church in Asheville.


Lewis resides with his wife Brenda at 112 Laurel Land. They have 2 fine sons and 5 grandchildren.


Tom Eller

After retiring, Tom and Darnell felt drawn back to the Mountains of NC. Originally from Asheville, NC, they purchased one of the Lodge Condos. Tom served on their board. After spending some time there and enjoying the many friendly people they decided to build on Trillium Lane. He has since served on the WLPOA board, The Wolf Laurel Country Club and is now serving on the Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Association board. Active in that capacity he was involved in securing the transition of the assets from the developer to Wolf Laurel Roads and Security. He believes a single organization representing all of Wolf Laurel should be a goal. He as well as the other members of the board are working towards that end with the help of the newly created Study Commission. Married in 1963 and having celebrated their 50 years of marriage they and their extended families all enjoy Wolf Laurel and always look forward to being there.


Chuck Freeman

Chuck Freeman is a retired colonel, who did 28 years in the Air Force flying in two-seat fighters and tactical electronic warfare aircraft and, for the last ten years of his career, serving as a senior intelligence officer. After retiring from the Air Force, Chuck worked for a Fortune 500 defense contractor in the Tidewater, Virginia area, rising to Corporate Vice President. In 2006, Chuck and his wife Annette moved into Wolf Laurel, where they reside year round. In addition to serving on the Architectural Review Board, Chuck served for six years on the Board of Directors of the Wolf Laurel Property Owners Association. Chuck is perhaps best known for editing the Top of the Bald for four years.


Warren Johnson

Cathy and Warren Johnson found Wolf Laurel in the early 1990’s. Since coming to Wolf Laurel, Warren has been associated with the Wolf Laurel Property Owners Association, is a charter member and an active participant of its Amenities Program, and served on its Board of Directors and as its president in 2004-05. He is a founder member of the Wolf Laurel Country Club, and has served on its Board of Directors and as its president in 2012-13. Since 2011 he has participated on the Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowners Association Board of Directors. His tenure on that board has coincided with the purchase of the assets and powers of Bald Mountain Development Corporation and the initiation of the efforts to create a one board mountain.


He and Cathy have been married since 1963, have two daughters and three grandsons. Over the years, they have tried to give back to the Wolf Laurel community because that community has given them a wonderful and enriching life style.


Mike Kaney

A Wolf Laurel home owner since 1983, he has been a member of the Wolf Laurel RMS since 2006, where he has been President of the Board for 6 years. He is a founding member of the WLCC and was president
of the group in 2003 and 2006. Among other duties, he is responsible for long-range planning on the Wolf Laurel RMS Board and was ultimately responsible for negotiating the purchase of the assets of Wolf Laurel's original developer BMDC.


Michael supervises planning and work of road maintenance in addition to overseeing security. He is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology and is retired after 45 years from Cemex, an international construction materials corporation. He is also past chairman of the Florida Concrete Products Association and the National Readmix Concrete Association. He is Past President of the Florida State Fair Authority. He served 2 years active duty in U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (1962-1964) in Southeast Asia.


Michael currently resides in a second home with wife Jana, located on Silver Knob Drive in Wolf Laurel Resort They have two daughters, one son and four grandchildren and spend six months each year at Wolf Laurel.


Nat Pieper

Nat has been a Wolf Laurel property owner since 1996. He has been a member of the Board since 2009 and wasone of the leads in negotiating and perfecting the purchase by the Association of the assets and powers of BMDC. His primary Board involvement has been developer transition, seeking equitable sharing of the expenses for road maintenance and security and monitoring most aspects of legal matters and litigation involving the Association. He is a longtime member of the WL POA and a charter equity member of the Amenities Program. A graduate of Duke University School of Law, he is a retired maritime litigator and mediator with recognition for many years in the Best Lawyers in America and as a Florida Super Lawyer. Nat is President of Presbyterian Homes & Housing Foundation, operating nineteen non-profit senior, affordable housing facilities in Central Florida.


Nat resides with wife Barbara near Big Bald and they have two children and three granddaughters.