September 12. 2017 (WOLF LAUREL, NC)  The roads in Wolf Laurel are in the process of being cleared of debris.  Over night the WLRMS crew have worked through the night clearing some 25 trees from the roadway.  There are still roads to be cleared.  In most instances the road crew has been opening passage through the roadway.  Debris will still remain on the roadside.  Be alert to the potential of falling tree tops.  Jason reports that there are multiple locations where tree tops are suspended above the roadway.  If you encounter a blocked roadway that has not been cleared for passage please alert WLRMS at 680-9162.  We have worked through the night but are still in the process of identifying blocked roadways as trees continue to topple.



Wolf Laurel RMS Mission Statement

The Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowner’s Association is responsible for safeguarding and improving the roads, security, safety, infrastructure, neighborhood architectural standards, natural resources and quality of life of its property owners. WLRMS Officers, Board and Committee Members, and Staff, accept this responsibility, and pledge to continue to discharge their duties for the Wolf Laurel community with a robust and renewed commitment to integrity, fiscal responsibility and transparency.

Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance & Security Homeowners Association Inc.
63 Village Lane, Mars Hill, NC 28754    (828) 680-9162