Wolf Laurel Radn Maintenance and Security

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Autumn is a second spring
when every leaf is a flower.

- Albert Camus


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    The Barn at Wolf Laurel in Autumn



    Minutes from the September 25 Directors meeting are now online.


    Financial reports through September 30 are now available on the reports page.

    We need your autumn photos for our gallery! E-mail dbiddix@mac.com your submissions.

    Updated By-Laws for WLRMS are now online.


    A reorganized Financial Reports section is now online, with current year (2014) and archival (2012-2013) sections.


    Minutes from the July 9, 2014 Directors meeting are available here.


    The June financial reports are now online.


    We invite you to learn more about the Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowner's Association, Inc.


    Chuck Freeman has posted comments about a new Barcode Policy for access.


    Sale of Lots

    Several lots are for sale in Madison and in Yancey County in the Wolf Laurel resort. Offers should be made to WLRM&SHOA, LLC and submitted to the RMS office at 91 Village Lane, Mars Hill NC 28754.


    Below is a list of the lots


    Madison County

    1. Lot ES-090-L Foxden Rd.
    2. Lot ES-641-L Hemlock Lane
    3. Lot ES-1049-L Silver Fox Lane
    4. Lot ES-1051-L Silver Fox Lane


    Yancey County
    1. Lot BT-009-L Ginsing Trail
    2. Lot BT-195-L Weaver Lane
    3. Lot HT-133-L Phacelia Lane
    4. Lot HT-134-L Phacelia Lane
    5 .Lot HT-279-L Tearshirt Lane
    6. Lot HT-280-L Tearshirt Lane
    7. Lot HT-281-L Tearshirt Lane
    8. Lot HT- 286L Tearshirt Lane

    Don't forget our online photo gallery which features new pictures from Cathy Johnson. You are welcome to submit your own photos for the gallery. E-mail them to dbiddix@mac.com.


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    Touch Me Not Flower

    Access the forms you need for requests to RMS or inforrmation on procedures.


    Building Application link

    Tree Removal Form link


    Vehicle Bar Code Form link

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  • Goldenrods in Autumn


    A complete archive of information for Wolf Laurel residents is being maintained here.

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