Architectural Guidelines Part 3

General Construction Guidelines


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In the interest of maintaining safety, as well as an appealing property image for residents and visitors, the construction process must be regulated. Contact the ARB Administrator for authorization prior to commencing work and to coordinate any services, which may be required.

3.1 Construction Start and Completion Deadlines

Construction of residence must begin within twelve (12) months after plan approval and completed twenty-four (24) months after project commencement unless written approval is granted by the ARB prior to the deadline to provide for special circumstances.  Approved landscaping must be in place within thirty (30) days of occupancy or completion of construction of the buildings.


3.2 Building Permits, Contractor’s Tags and Deposit

Approval from the ARB must be obtained before construction can begin. Contractors must be approved to do work at Wolf Laurel. Final building permits must be obtained from the Yancey or Madison County Building Inspectors Department. Contractors must provide a list of employees and sub-contractors to the Security Office to insure gate access.



3.3 Site Regulations

For site protection, the following are required of all contractors:

Accepted Work Hours are:

  • 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Thursday
  • 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday
  • 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday

No work allowed on Sunday.

No heavy trucks allowed entrance before 8 a.m. or after 12 noon on Saturday.

Construction related deliveries may be restricted due to inclement weather or adverse road conditions. The owner and/or contractor must obtain approval from the ARB Administrator before scheduling deliveries of material or heavy equipment during periods experiencing adverse road conditions or inclement weather.

Construction activities are permitted on occasion during non-work hours provided that any associated noise can be effectively contained within the jobsite and provided that no complaints are received from community residents. This must be cleared with the ARB Administrator in advance.

All reasonable means shall be taken during and after construction to protect and preserve existing vegetation.

Boards, permits or other material shall NOT be nailed or otherwise fastened to trees.

Storage, temporary or otherwise, of equipment or materials is not permitted within the drip line of trees (i.e., the area on the ground equal to the limits of vegetation above). All storage must be contained within the Construction Footprint of the site. Small construction trailers or signs must be pre-approved by the Architectural Review Board.

Sediment and erosion control provisions shall be employed during construction, as required by the State of North Carolina.

All planting, fixtures, signs, pavement and landscaping damaged during or after construction by vehicles, fire or other causes on or off site, including streets, shoulders and common areas, shall be repaired or replaced by the owner. The owner is responsible for the contractor’s actions during construction.

Any clearing, grading or building on site without approval by the Architectural Review Board may result in suspension of work and denial of access to the contractor.

During construction, all trash, debris and waste shall be contained daily and kept neat. The Architectural Review Board reserves the right to have the site cleaned as needed due to noncompliance and the Owner will be back-charged the cost of such work.

The contractor is responsible for providing proper approved sanitation facilities for their workers. The contractor and/or contractor employees may be asked to leave the premises if these rules are not followed. 

Excessive noise, including loud radios and music, and any offensive language is prohibited.



3.4 ARB Construction Inspections

Inspections during Construction: Inspection while construction is in progress may be conducted by the ARB to ensure conformance with the approved drawings. Any deviation during construction from the approved drawings must receive prior approval by the ARB. Major changes may require resubmission for final approval.

Final Inspection: Final inspection will be made after the contractor has completed construction, including all site work and landscaping; cleaning the site of debris; removing contractor signage and any temporary utilities; and notifying the Architectural Review Board one week in advance of the expected completion date. In addition, a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy from the county shall be provided to the ARB.