Reminder of Ballots to be Counted Wed. August 15 at 4 PM

Explanation of today’s Agenda mix of Work Session, Open Meeting and Closed Hearings


  1. Discussion on Circulation of Audit Information  (Smith and Legal)
  2. Discussion on Agenda For Annual Meeting Formation of New Board and Selection of New Officers for 2018/2019 and Standing Committee Chairs (Smith)
  3. Discussion on Septic Permit and WWTP (Facilities and Smith)
  4. Discussion on Mailboxes, and Locations (Smith and Facilities)
  5. Discussion of ARB Administrative Position to Include Job Description, Qualifications, Recruitment, Funding.
  6. Audience Comment and Response by President


  1. Adoption of Drone Policy (Legal)
  2. Executive Session (Closed) Scheduled for 11:30 AM

1)         Appeal by Realtor/Contractor (ARB Participating)

2)         Reconsideration of Homeowner Appeal (Legal)

3)         Employment  of ARB Administrator (ARB and Legal)

4)         Roads Committee Request (Simmons)

Adjourn:          Annual Meeting Friday August 17 at 10:00 AM