Drone Policy

WOLF LAUREL, N.C. (Feb. 26, 2016)  — Drones, those small, remotely piloted hobbyist aircraft, have become one of the most popular new high-tech gadgets in the country. This popularity has led to problems in many communities from the perspectives of privacy, noise, nuisance and safety. In order to prevent these problems from encroaching on the peaceful mountain environment at Wolf Laurel, the WLRMS Board of Directors has adopted the following Drone Policy effective immediately.

The Drone Policy is as follows:

D.  Drones.  In order to promote the safety and privacy of owners, guests, employees, and property, Wolf Laurel Resort prohibits the operation or use of unmanned aerial systems—drones—above or within Wolf Laurel boundaries without prior written permission from the Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowner’s Association.  This prohibition applies to any unauthorized use of drones for any purpose in Wolf Laurel by any commercial, media, journalist, hobbyist, or recreational user.

This policy will be incorporated into our Covenants under Section 6.10 – Public Safety, Fires, Drones, Firearms and Hunting – Sub-Section D.


Wolf Laurel RMS Mission Statement

The Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowner’s Association is responsible for safeguarding and improving the roads, security, safety, infrastructure, neighborhood architectural standards, natural resources and quality of life of its property owners. WLRMS Officers, Board and Committee Members, and Staff, accept this responsibility, and pledge to continue to discharge their duties for the Wolf Laurel community with a robust and renewed commitment to integrity, fiscal responsibility and transparency.