WLRMS Office, 63 Village Lane, Mars Hill NC 28754


  1. Call to Order 10:00 a.m.


  1. Approval of Consent Agenda. Any item may be removed from consent agenda and considered separately by request of a board member:
    • Approval of August 23, 2019 minutes
    • Recording of electronic approval by unanimous consent of directors on September 4, 2019 of the annual renewal of Association’s line of credit with First Bank
    • Receipt of Road Staff Report
    • Receipt of Security Staff Report
    • Receipt of ARB Report


  1. Financial Report
    • Report of financial condition as of August 30, 2019 (Louise Wyatt) including funds received to date on Wolf Laurel Road Project.
    • Treasurer’s report on reconciliation of accounts. (Ron Stone)
    • Treasurer’s report on meeting with First Bank. (Ron Stone)

Motion: to authorize Treasurer and President to seek and negotiate a commitment for financing secured by certain real property of the Association, at a fixed interest rate, with an amortization period not less than 5 years.

    • Finance Committee’s report on retention of independent accounting firms. (Caron Jantzen, Ron Stone)

Motion: to authorize the Treasurer or President to engage accounting firm for three year contract for services; such engagement will include tax preparation, annual report filing, general accounting advice, 2 years of financial reviews, 1 year of financial audit.

    • Finance Committee/Insurance Committee report on employee benefits. (Caron Jantzen, David Pendleton)

Motion: to approve percentage of employer’s match to employee’s IRA contributions for calendar year 2020.

    • Finance Committee reminder of deadline for committee chair’s budget items. (Caron Jantzen, Ron Stone)


  1. Committee reports
    • Communications: proposal to post FAQ on website and other community communications. (Jim Klumpp)
    • Facilities: Report on offer to purchase 2 residential lots owned by Association, and other facilities matters (Jim Simmons)

Motion: to authorize the President and chairman of Facilities committee to negotiate term of, and to authorize President or any officer of the Association to execute, a purchase of sale on acceptable terms and conditions for the sale of Lots 29 and 30.

    • Road Maintenance: (Steve McMillan)
    • Security: discussion of next step on community map (Lloyd Parker)


  1. WLPOA Liaison Report (Larry Veatch)


  1. Old Business (Cynthia Kessler)

Motion: to confirm the procedure of tabulation of ballots for Special Road Assessment.


  1. New Business:
    • Maintenance Facility: report on receipt of notice to vacate and meeting with owner’s representative Randy Banks. (Cynthia Kessler, Steve McMillan, Jim Simmons) possible action needed depending on status by meeting.
    • Wolf Laurel Road Project: (Steve McMillan, Cynthia Kessler)

Motion: to authorize President and chairman of Road Committee to negotiate and execute final Change Order to Construction Contract at completion of project, and to take such other actions as necessary to conclude project.


  1. Audience comments Please state name and address for minutes. Time limits will apply.


  1. President’s response to comments


Next Meetings held at WLRMS Office 63 Village Lane Mars Hill NC 28754:

Work Session Wednesday October 9, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Board meeting Friday October 18, 2019 at 10 AM