63 Village Lane
Winter Meeting Room


  1. 10:00 Call to Order


  1. Final comments on minutes from 10-18-2019 meeting before posting on website. (David Pendleton)


  1. 10:05 Monthly Reports (Nathan Woody, Ken Porche’, possibly Mike Stapleton) Written reports on regular operations through 10-31-2019 will be distributed and presented with updates.


  1. Finance Committee’s report on 2020 budget (Caron Jantzen, Ron Stone) incorporating:


  • Presentation of proposed budget and discussion
  • Committee chairmen’s report on priorities for 2020 (each chairman be prepared)
  • Financial Contingencies / Risks for 2020
  • Discussion of “pro-rata share” calculation
  • Other factors


  1. Board discussion of preparation of evaluation for Wolf Laurel Road Project


  1. President’s Report:
  • 809 Valley View Cir (existing maintenance facility location)
  • Contact with Stakeholders and community members
  • Agenda for Board meeting


  1. Comments and other issues from Board and Audience



Please note work sessions are informal discussions where no formal action is taken. Audience participation is permitted throughout the meeting, limited by time constraints.  Audience members will be recognized and may present brief input.  Should an audience member need to discuss a matter or question too complex for the time allowed, he or she will be asked to address the appropriate board contact following adjournment.