Agenda – Board of Directors Meeting
January 20, 2017 

Call to Order: 10:00 a.m. – President John Beneke presiding.
Approval of the December 16, 2016 Minutes
Staff Reports:
 Finance Report – Louise Wyatt
 Road Report – Jason Brown
 Security Report – Sandy Gwozdo
Standing Committee Reports:
o Communications & Community Relations – John Ames
o Finance/ Insurance – Willie Romero
o Legal – Sharon Foster and Brent McCaghren
o Road Maintenance & Equipment – Charlie Potts
o Security – Becky McKnight
o Property and Facilities – Larry Smith and Dick Moeller
o ARB – Tom Wrenn
o Long Range Planning – John Beneke
o WLPOA Liaison Report – John Beneke
Old Business:
o Burning Ban
o ARB Architecural Guidelines – Tom Wrenn
 New Business:
o ARB Chair Appointment
Next Meeting Date: February 17 2017, 10:00AM