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The meeting was called to order by Larry Smith, President at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in Attendance in personMcKnight, Beneke, Freeman, and Johnson.

Directors in Attendance by telephone:  Faliero and Foster.

Ames and Potts were unable to attend.

Staff in attendance:  Brown and Gwozdo.


Upon motion made by Beneke and seconded by Freeman, minutes of March 18, 2016, were approved.


Board received March 31, 2016, financial report from L. Wyatt via e-mail. As she could not attend, Treasurer Beneke reported that the expenses are inline and the motel has been added as a new line item.

Beneke moved that the report be accepted and was seconded by Johnson. Motion carried.

Roads: Jason Brown

Since last report: We have had two wind events with minimal damage, “six trees down.” A dusting of snow, “non- plowable or measurable” and a few rain events resulting in “no flooding or issues.”

  1. All gravel roads have been scraped.
  2. All ditches on the Madison County side and half of the Yancey County side have been cleaned, graded, and seeded where needed the rest of the ditches should be finished in the next few weeks depending on weather conditions.
  3. The creek crossing and sediment pond at Town Mt. Road has been dug out and the material was used in the ditch lines, intersections, and turnarounds in that area.
  4. The shoulders of the paved roads where needed will require shoulder stone to keep the road edges from eroding.
  5. The drainage project of replacing eight broken culverts that have to be replaced and as many more culverts as the budget can afford will begin as soon as the shoulder stone is repaired.
  6. The mowing of the Road Right of Way’s will begin next week and will be on a regular schedule for the remaining of the season.
  7. The asphalt sealing and repair project will be scheduled in between the mowing.
  8. The CAT Skid steer was repaired by a CAT service technician, “broken throttle cable and foot control” and the Crew fabricated two nine foot heavy duty hydraulic box blades for the tractors.  All other equipment is in good operating condition.
  9. A new road maintenance employee has been hired full time and will start on or about 4/25/16 as a truck driver/equipment operator he has been interviewed and his application is on file
  10. All work on the RMS office building that was approved plus change orders on the office has been done and inspected and is waiting on board approval for payment minus the interior carpet and painting which will be done when the wood dries.Brown asked the Board to approve the final payment to the contractor for the RMS building repairs.  Beneke made the motion and it was seconded by Freeman.  Motion carried.
  11. The creek bank project is on hold per the POA
  12. An audit was performed on 4/18/16 by workman comp including a very thorough inspection of all property, buildings, equipment, tools, employees, work sites, records, PPE, safety equipment etc. I have not received a copy of the report but was told everything looked good with the exception of documentation of safety records and a company supplied employee hand book.
  13. The North Carolina Forest Service (NCFS) Daylight Project has been delayed due to an extremely busy fire season in the area the scope of work has been completed but not approved and bidding has not been advertised at this time the NCFS is hoping to begin work by late May.
  14. The United States Forest Service (USFS) has also had a busy fire season so I have not been able to meet with Ranger McFee to get an approval on the Big Bald Extension Project or scope of work on vehicle access.  There is a meeting tentatively scheduled on 4/19/16 at 10:00 AM for any board members who would like to attend.

Security: S. Gwozdo: 

As the Workman’s Comp representative included the Security Staff with the Roads Crew, the Gate house and security vehicle were inspected.   Safety training documentation and certification will be recorded for anyone working patrol for driving the vehicle and running a chainsaw.

Historically the past 4 weeks is always the quietest time of our year.

  1. Two property owners were notified of downed trees and broken down spout.
  2. Patrol noticed a van and two men at a home normally closed, upon investigation and check with Gate the men were found to be authorized by property owner.
  3. Patrol responded to reports of an injured deer.  On arrival to site he recognized a doe that has been observed for many months.  She has a bit of a limp but otherwise seems fine.
  4. A lady walking her dog on lower El Miner was frightened by a man in a pick-up and called the Gate.  Coordinating with the Gate, Patrol found the man and vehicle the next day.  The man admitted that he had seen the lady when he took a wrong turn and got lost.  He apologized. Patrol contacted the lady.
  5. Workman found at Big Bald parking lot and asked to return to job site.
  6. The Phacellia Lane dog was sited on Buck House Rd and again on Flame Azalea Lane.
  7. A realtor reported 4 missing sleds from under the deck of a new property owner.
  8. Changes in Staff:   Diane Horst is retiring in May after almost 10 years.  Jon Crain will also be leaving in mid-May.  An ad will be placed in the local paper.

Committee Reports

Communications & Community Relations

John Ames was absent but submitted his report as follows:

The activity for the C&CR Committee has been relatively light the past month.

  1. Winter Road Repairs – Mel Poole is leading the effort working with Charlie Potts, Jason and Sandy to develop an email and a TOB article focused on winter road damage and repairs that have taken place during the winter.  Hopefully to include ‘before and after’ photos to more effectively show – not just tell.  Hopefully, this will be effective in informing all the property owners who left the community last fall about the extent of the effort and expense involved in maintaining our roads.
  2. WLRMS Website – We are making progress on a new design and functionality proposal to share with the Board soon.  Work is underway with our committee and our web master.  We hope to have a new website up and operating in May.
  3. Forest Service Project Communication – the C&CR Committee has established contact with Steven Rutherford of the Roads Committee for coordination of the community communications.  Still awaiting input to move forward.

 On Ames’s behalf, Foster asked that the Board vote to approve the committee’s recommendation of holding community meetings.  Beneke so moved and Foster seconded.  The motion carried.

Finance Committee- John Beneke

No report in addition to the submitted financials.

Road Impact – John Beneke

The committee continues to investigate the feasibility and methods of implementation of a Commercial Fee system.

Legal Committee – Sharon Foster

  1. Maintenance Shed Property:  No further developments of which I am aware.
  2. Julia Monroe’s proposal to surrender her lot:  I have not heard from Monroe’s attorney regarding a certificate of non-perkability for the property she wishes to donate.  The donation policy is still under review.
  3. Violation Enforcement Matters:  The violation letter regarding hunting and dirt biking has been hand delivered to the resident lot owner.  Fines have been imposed.  The dog nuisance letter will be delivered next week.
  4. Election Bylaw Amendment: Bylaws have been conformed on website and in master copy in office.

Insurance – Warren Johnson

Philadelphia insurance has denied our damage claim for the RMS building. A letter stating the reason has not been received to date. The committee suspects that factors in the delay of receiving the denial is that Philadelphia is no longer our insurance company and that our long time broker is retiring.

Road Maintenance & Equipment – Charlie Potts

Nothing in addition to Brown’s report.

Security – Rebecca McKnight

The Committee has reviewed and approved the procedure and restrictions for obtaining the key to Big Bald Gate.  The Security Staff is prepared when the USFS gives approval.

ARB – Chuck Freeman

Only three tree applications and one minor renovation has been submitted and approved by the Committee this month.

A brief discussion followed regarding the need to review the fee structure to better reflect the amount of truck traffic and the possibility of hiring someone part time with some experience in construction to assist the committee.

Smith asked Freeman to work with his committee to provide a proposal to the Board on each of these issues.

Long Range Planning – Larry Smith

Smith asked the Board to approve his recommendation from last month to host a workshop in late May with RMS, POA and others to discuss some of the issues facing the Wolf Laurel community.  He said he felt the Board was divided on the issue.

Foster asked that the Board have imput as to the topics of discussion.

Following discussion Freeman moved that Smith proceed with plans. Motion carried.

Old Business


New Business

Smith asked that a letter of appreciation be sent to the Upper Laurel Community Organization for their bi-yearly cleanup of Puncheon Fork Road.  He explained that such letter assist in the organizations ability to receive grants.  A motion was by Beneke and seconded by Freeman.  The motion carried.

Audience Comments

Mel Poole voiced his strong support for both the community meetings and the meeting of all the organizations in the community.   He suggested that the Board consider a survey process.

Anthony Martin echoed Poole in support of improved communications.

Next meeting scheduled for May 20, 2016, at 10:00 A.M.

The meeting was adjourned

Respectfully submitted,
John Beneke, Secretary/Treasurer