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The meeting was called to order by President Kaney at 10:00 A.M. Directors in attendance were: Kaney, Eller, Daniels, Colvett, Freeman, Johnson and Pieper.

Staff in attendance: Brown, Gwozdo and Wyatt

Upon motion made by Pieper and seconded by Eller the minutes of July 2014 were approved as submitted.


Wyatt reported that income continues to be ahead of last year. Due to the lots sold at Sheriff’s sale and settlement of collection cases, July should also show an increase. Expenses for both roads and security are running at a normal pace.

Committee Reports

Long Range Planning

See New Business below


  • It is business as usual on collection front.
  • Daniels and Pieper are meeting with our attorneys in order to revise the collection process to engage counsel more fully in the process from the five day letter onward. This will limit the need for involvement of a board member and the staff from most of the operations. They hope to make a proposal for Board consideration soon that will allow the Board to set policy and counsel to implement.
  • The negotiation with Country Cable regarding the damage to Wolf Laurel roads is ongoing and looks positive.
  • With the Board’s approval, we continue to negotiate with Dennis Pate to resolve his title and assessment problems.
  • Recently the Management Plan for Bald Mountain Creek Nature Preserve was distributed by Bill Jones of the Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land. You are encouraged to read it.


Eller has met and discussed the increase in cost of coverage with our agent. The increase has been caused basically due to claims made in the past several years and the security patrol.

Public Relations

No report. In response to Johnson’s desire not to be involved with the communications function of the Board, president Kaney requested Freeman to take over those duties temporarily and he kindly agreed to do so.


Brown reported

  • There has been numerous equipment repairs in recent weeks also purchase of new tires for the tractor, 2 pickups and dump truck.
  • All paving has been completed that the budget allows. Lower El Miner was not paved. The current cost for project is $10,000 and will be completed in the spring.
  • Fourteen (14) loads of gravel have been matched to date.
  • All ditches along paved roads have been completed.
  • The Big Bald project has been inspected and approved by U.S. Forest Service. Phase 4 from the base to summit of Big Bald will be addressed in 2015.
  • Work now begins grading and fixing ditch line on gravel roads in preparation for winter.


Gwozdo reported

  • Gwozdo reported the need to hire an additional part time security guard due to medical leave of one member of the staff.
  • Violation for parking on the road right of way was reported and resolved.


Colvett reported

  • Freeman reported that the ARB received an inquiry from Carolina Water Company as to what the ARB would approve in fencing or buffer at their office on Oak Ridge. Both the company and RMS have received complaints from a property owner about the appearance of the site. The ARB made recommendations to the company and left it to the company and property owner to find a solution.
  • An abandoned 2008 approved building application for a home has been reviewed and re approved.

New Business

  • Ron Anselmo, representing himself and the other property owners on Painted Ridge Road made a presentation to the Board as a result of being denied participation in the matching gravel program. Historically, Painted Ridge and 4 or 5 other roads have been considered by the developer as access roads and while property owners are paying a full assessment the roads are not maintained by RMS. The road is owned by the property owners and not RMS creating a potential liability issue. Daniels, seconded by Pieper, moved that all plated roads within Wolf Laurel be included in the matching gravel program with the stipulation of one (1) load per lot be purchased and matched per lot. The motion was carried unanimously. The issue of road maintenance on roads designated as private or access roads will investigated and reviewed as part of the 2014 Roadway Evaluation Study.
  • The election of two directors to replace outgoing directors Daniels and Eller will be held on September 30, 2014. The nominating committee is functioning in accordance with the bylaws.
  • Pieper voiced concern regarding the impact of heavy trucks and construction equipment on the roads of Wolf Laurel Resort. Construction appears to be increasing in the greater Wolf Laurel Community and the prospect of further damage to the roads in Wolf Laurel Resort is greatly increased. If that is so, the residents of Wolf Laurel Resort will ultimately be the ones primarily carrying the financial burden for repair of this damage. Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance & Security currently collects no impact fee for construction occurring outside of Wolf Laurel Resort proper. Pieper suggests study of the legality of assessing an impact fee on all trucks and heavy equipment using Wolf Laurel Road.Kaney requested the ARB Committee serve as an ad hoc subcommittee to provide ideas of how to implement impact fees and a suggested amount of those fees.

Old Business

  • Johnson presented the Board with the final draft of the Covenant Revision Committee. The Committee did not take up the issues of mandatory membership in the WLPOA Amenities Program, the 5% limitation in assessment increases or the application of the covenants to the Wolf Laurel Country Club.
    The Committee did recommend adding a reserve fund, strengthening the existing section regarding parking on the road right of way, adding a section regarding the encroachment on to the road right of way, strengthening the existing cutting of trees section, inserting the 2008 Board policy on combining of lots, prohibiting cell towers, included porch lights in the lighting section, strengthening regulations on barking dogs and signage, allowing a special assessment by super majority of the Board and removing the 2% fund.The Board will now review the document for final draft prior to submitting for review by our attorney.The Board unanimously accepted the Committee’s report with appreciation to Johnson and the committee, Susan Bergland, Carol Krueger, David Schmidt and Fred Tygart.
  • Gwozdo presented the following options to enhance security with regard to the Preserve Gate:
    • Intel A Com could install a bar code reader integrated with the current Preserve system with a modem to the Wolf Laurel manned security gate for $13,000. However this is not recommended for an unmanned site.
    • Quality Consolidated Service quoted a system that could provide real time video and audio from Preserve gate to the Wolf Laurel manned security gate for $5500 plus the cost of an online provider and two computers. Currently neither Country Cable or Frontier can provide internet service at a sufficient speed for this system
    • Quality Consolidated Service quoted $1600 plus the monthly cost an upgrade to the current phone system between the Preserve gate and the Wolf Laurel manned security gate. This would allow four minutes from time the caller pressed the button at the Preserve gate until auto cut off and would allow the Wolf Laurel manned gate guard to call Preserve gate authorizing entry. This was presented to Trimont, manager of the Preserve in November of 2013 and again this spring. Trimont sees no need for the change but said he would revisit with Quality Consolidated Service.
    • Add to our present security patrol. The present security patrol costs $175 a day ($134 for wages and $42 for fuel). A full time security patrolman would cost $49,000 for wages and $15,000 for fuel plus vehicle repairs. Our budget for security can’t support this option.
  • Gwozdo requested and was authorized to increase security patrol from the current 3 days to four days a week with a flexible patrol schedule.
  • Gwozdo requested that the Board consider closing Lucky Was and Upper Haw there by directing all vehicles traveling between the Preserve gate and the Wolf Laurel manned gate to use Ridgeway and Black Bear Roads and thus reducing the access points to Wolf Laurel Resort and reducing the patrol area for security.
    The Board voted unanimously to close the two roads. [Note: subsequently, as is the case so often in Wolf Laurel, additional easements were discovered and the Board is presently further reviewing the situation with the assistance of counsel.]
  • Revised By Laws:Pieper moved, seconded by Johnson, to approve the revised Bylaws.Johnson moved, seconded by Freeman, that the term of president be limited to two consecutive 1 year terms. The Johnson motion was defeated by vote of Board.

    The Board voted unanimously to approve the revised Bylaws which will be posted on the website.

  • The revised policy for Wolf Laurel gate entry to be initiated January 1, 2015 remains under review.
  • Update of 2008 Road Study:Kaney asked for Board approval to engage consultant ACE Contracting, Inc. at a cost of $9,500 to review and update the prior road study done in 2008 by Mattern & Craig, Inc. The study would also include five of the roads presently designated as private, access or non-RMS maintained in order to determine the cost of bringing them to acceptable standards. This Roadway Evaluation Report will be utilized in the development of a 3 or 5 year Master Plan reflecting prioritization of the needed improvements, schedule for completion, and other pertinent information to help build support for the eventual roadway improvement campaign.Colvett moved, seconded by Daniels, to hire ACE Contracting, Inc. for this project and the Board granted approval to Kaney to proceed.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

J Lewis Daniels,