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The meeting was called to order by President Kaney at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance were Eller, Daniels, Colvett, Freeman, Johnson and Pieper.

Staff in attendance: Brown and Gwozdo.


Upon motion made by Pieper and seconded by Eller the minutes of May, 2014 were approved as submitted.


L. Daniels commented on financial reports sent to members prior to meeting. He credited Pieper and his collection efforts for much of the decrease in receivables reflected in the report.

Committee Reports

Long Range Planning

The review and update of the 2008 road study continues by Kaney, Brown and Charles Potts.


N. Pieper:

  1. With regard to the damage to Wolf Laurel Resort roads caused by contractors for Country Cablevision, our counsel will be in contact with the president of Country Cablevision in effort to amicably settle the claim.
  2. Assessment collection efforts continue. On July 8, 2014 three lots were sold at Madison County Sheriff’s auction in partial payment of judgments in favor of the Association. The successful bidders will also pay the pro rata 2014 assessments. It is likely that collection of the deficiencies will be sought against the former property owners.
  3. The Association has advised the Wolf Laurel Property Owners Association and the Wolf Laurel Country Club that their properties are covered by the 1966 covenants as amended. This action is consistent with the advice of our attorneys McGuire, Woods and Bissette. Copies of the letters are included with these minutes.
  4. The Board discussed and rejected a settlement proposal received in the Pate assessment collection case.

Public Relations

W. Johnson:

  1. 1. The June Open House sponsored by the law firm McGuire, Wood & Bissette was well attended.
  2. The Email data base currently contains approximately 600 valid addresses.
  3. The story of WL RMS is being drafted and will be circulated among the board members prior to posting on our website. The website is fulfilling its part in our mission to keep our members informed. For a 30 day period the webmaster tracked the number of visits at 1,500. He will track periodically to review interest and use.


W. Johnson:

Chairman Johnson reported that the committee, Susan Bergland, Carol Krueger, Judge Fred Tygart and David Schmidt have essentially completed their work. The Committee and the Board will hold a joint meeting July 25, 2014.


T. Eller:

Eller reported that premiums have increased 17% over 2013. He will meet and review with Wyatt.


J. Brown

  1. Brown reported that he will keep the rented cat excavator through September. This is the second year we have done this. We might need to consider purchasing one. He replaced a weed eater and a riding mower.
  2. He has hired one equipment operator and one laborer.
  3. The ditch lines on Buck House and Buckeye Roads have been completed. Wolf Laurel Road should be completed this week. A 24” culvert will be installed on Big Bald Rd at Hanging Rock Road at the location of the slides experienced last year. One will be installed on Wolf Laurel Road also.
  4. Paving: 11 areas on upper El Miner and McKinney Gap will be patched at a cost of  $8,000. Carolina Water will be covering the cost of two additional patches. 2 areas on Big Bald Road will be patched at a cost of $1000. Large areas of lower El Miner are estimated at a cost of $6000.
  5. Brown, with the use of visual aids, presented the plans recommended by the U.S. Forest Service for improvement of the road from the gate to the summit of Big Bald.Phase1 (parking area below the gate) is now completed.Phase 2 is cutting the brush back along a .2 mile portion of the road above the gate.

    Phase 3 is placement of 3 culverts ($3500.) in the next section of road ending at the base of Big Bald. This will divert water toward Double Springs rather than down Big Bald Rd.

    Phase 4 calls for 10 water breaks with 5 loads of ballast ($400.a load) and is labor and equipment intensive. It has been staked out by the U.S. Forest Service. Brown will meet with the U.S. Forest Service on August 7th to finalize plans for this section.

The Board agreed to proceed as rapidly as possible with phase 2 and 3. They cautioned Brown to be careful in cutting along the road.

In answer to a question regarding the policy written earlier this year for vehicles driving to the top of Big Bald, L Daniels assured the Board that the policy was jointly developed with the U.S. Forest Service. They agreed to the final draft.


S. Gwozdo:

From a safety perspective the WL POA Amenities July 5 Fireworks event was a success. There were no roads blocked. Well done. Security Patrol was busy the entire July 4th weekend tracking down property owners and reminding them that the Covenants allow no fireworks.

A gate was hung (with permission by Orville English) on the road across the top of the slopes in an attempt to deny vehicles access to Wolf Laurel at Sarvis Rd.

The Buck House is now issuing ID to their guests which allow them to travel feely within Wolf Laurel. This is a step forward and saves Security Patrol time.

Preserve residents continue to raise the Preserve gate in an indiscriminate manner. On several occasions, when there were events in the Preserve the gate arms were opened for hours at a time. Security patrol is finding people at Big Bald gate and just sightseeing who readily admit they rang one of the numbers at the gate and were admitted.

As this is an ongoing problem, Daniels charged staff to submit options for solving the problem.


F. Colvett:

C. Freeman reported that a final inspection was performed and the road deposit was returned for a McKinney gap construction project.

There has been one new building application approved for a garage on El Miner Dr.

The ARB is expecting an application for a modular home in the near future. Approval will depend largely on: 1) the contractor’s plan for the delivery of the modular and his willingness to coordinate with roads and security directors. 2) The size of the area required by the crane.

ARB has requested that staff find a way that a copy of approved ARB applications can be posted on site. This would allow interested parties to see that the work has been approved.

Old Business

L. Daniels made a motion that current WLCC members living outside of Wolf Laurel who are currently holders of bar codes have their bar codes reinstated until the end of the year. Motion passed unanimously.

New Business

A letter from a new property owner on Oak Ridge complaining of the appearance of Carolina Water Company office site was discussed briefly. The Board instructed staff to investigate and report back.

Questions and Comments from the Floor

Lee Smith commented with approval on various of the Board activities and the resolution of the Big Bald access issue. He raised several ideas on obtaining publicity for the Wolf Laurel community.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be announced.

Respectfully submitted,

J Lewis Daniels,