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The meeting was called to order by President Kaney at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance were Anselmo, Colvett, Daniels, Johnson, and Pieper.

Staff in attendance: Brown, Gwozdo and Wyatt.


Upon motion made by Colvett and seconded by Johnson the minutes of May 23, 2013 were approved as submitted.


Wyatt gave the financial report for May. There is an increase in the amount of collections for roads and security over May of 2012. Expense for both roads and security are normal operating expenses. She noted that May had three payrolls.

A discussion of the revised format of the financial reports followed.

Committee reports

Long Range Planning

Study Commission is making progress


Pieper reported

  1. Assessment collection efforts continue. With regard to all post-2001 purchasers of property in Wolf Laurel Resort, with one exception which will be remedied soon, the great majority are fully current in payment of their assessments.With regard to those who are not fully current, some are making periodic payments, some are being sued for collection, some have received the 5 day attorney fee letter and soon will be defendants, some are judgment debtors, and some have filed for discharge in bankruptcy. The important fact is that no one in this post-2001 category is unaccounted for or sliding by.Recent emails have elicited substantial interest from purchasers under earlier covenants to resolve their debt. We continue to negotiate with those property owners and are adding to these earlier deeds by stipulations wherein the property owner now agrees to be bound by the 2002 Amendments to the Covenants.
  2. Mediation in the Millns assessment collection case is now set for August 7, 2013. Kaney and Pieper are authorized to appear for the Association with appropriate mediation authority.
  3. The sheriff’s execution sale of the Rodgers property was cancelled when the claim was paid in full, including attorney’s fees.
  4. The recent thefts from the Wolf Laurel POA’s package reception house have been solved. However questions have arisen concerning the R&S Association’s potential liability in the event future thefts occur. As a consequence, the R&S Association has requested the Wolf Laurel POA to add this Association as an additional insured under its liability insurance policy to cover the risk of theft from the present package reception house. If that cannot be accomplished, the Board will have to consider package reception alternatives.
  5. In the Martin Container litigation, Anthony Martin’s deposition was taken in June, 2013. This remains a claim without merit. It will likely be set for mediation in August and with trial thereafter.
  6. The Association engaged Jeffrey Owen of the Mcguire Woods Bissette law firm to be a resource person for the Governmental Study Commission. He attended the Commission’s initial meeting on June 25 and reports are that he was helpful.

Anselmo reported:

  1. Information including original deeds is being gathered regarding Big Bald and the U.S. Forest Service
  2. In preparation for August elections a list of eligible voters is being established. Property owners, current with the WL assessments are entitled to one vote for each property.

Public Relations

Johnson reported:

He attended the Study Commission meeting as a nonvoting member. All members attended and appointed J. Beneke Chair and B. McQueen Vice Chair. He observed lots of positive energy and looks forward to a very rational approach to this issue. The attorney was very helpful.

Kaney explained that the attorney would attend meetings when the Study Commission requests his presence to answer specific questions.

Kaney queried Johnson regarding the WLCC interest in using the RMS building as a fitness center. Johnson responded that the club had a member willing to donate equipment and that they had formed a committee to explore the issue.

Colvett requested that the WLCC present a proposal for the RMS Board to consider. Kaney mentioned that the cost of building renovation, insurance and partnership with the WLPOA should be considered.


Brown reported:

  1. The grader has broken down and he will rent a machine for two months.
  2. 5 of the 8 culverts scheduled for this year have been installed.
  3. The test section of ditch line along a section of McKinney Gap Rd. has proved successful, even with the unusual amount of rain this spring. The ditches were filled creating an 8 degree slope from road edge and seed filled matting was placed in ditch. This will eliminate the extremely deep ditches and move ditches further away from road. 6 miles of ditch rebuilding has been scheduled for this year.
  4. Detour signage for bridge construction has been ordered and the back entrance to Village Lane will be opened and graded.
  5. Since November, 2012 Brown has been working with a 2 man crew. A couple of men were hired but they didn’t make the cut. It is difficult to find good qualified employees. One new man was added in May and a fourth may be hired.

Kaney explained to the Board that the work Brown does for the Preserve normally carries a 20% administrative charge. Currently Brown has been meeting with contractors and soliciting bids for a paving project in the Preserve that is of substantial cost. For this project, should it move forward, the administrative fee was reduced to 10% that could amount to $40,000.00.


Gwozdo reported:

  1. The Dodge Dakota used for patrol needs to be replaced. We were going to replace it last fall but Roads lost a truck needed to push snow and security lost out. In addition to his regular work Brown is assisting in finding a truck for Security.
  2. Following up on discussion in May regarding the long and short term rental properties, we have identified the property owners and agencies involved, reviewed the covenants for rental units and are preparing an educational package. The target date for Board review and mailing is September.

Kaney asked if there are many recent complaints. Gwozdo responded that there was not. The usual complaint was noise after hours. Most times when we knock on the door and explain that there have been complaints the occupants are cooperative. If this is not successful, we call the sheriff.


Colvett reported:

The Board Members have received a number of copies of the Architectural Guidelines (AG) with opportunity to make recommendations or corrections which have been incorporated into the final draft. This document is as good as we can have, although changes will be necessary as it is a living document. A yearly review will be conducted. Colvett moved that the Board accept and approve the final draft of the revised AG so that it is in effect and that it be posted to our website. This was seconded by Johnson and unanimously adopted by the Board.

Kaney asked for comment from Chuck Freeman, member of the ARB Committee, who gave credit to Colvett and Betsy Brown for their time editing and formatting the AG.

Kaney then commended Colvett and his Committee for their accomplishment in finalizing the document.

  1. Colvett would like to add another member to the Committee to do on- site work. Any recommendations are welcome.
  2. Walker met with the property owners who are building on McKinney. Their application has been extended until the end of 2013.
  3. A member of the Committee, Walker has been has been working to mediate the dispute between property owner Young and adjacent owner Wallin.
  4. Tree Applications without site plan or marking trees will be denied.

New Business

Colvett requested that the Board consider allowing assessments to be remitted by multiple automatic payments over the year for prospective buyers of lots. Discussion followed regarding interest fee, availability and qualification, changing the uniformity of payment for property owners, requirement that deeds stipulate that the lots are subject to the 2002 Amendments to the Covenants, and objective sought to be accomplished. Kaney appointed Daniels and Anselmo to work with Colvett in order to submit a proposed policy to the Board for discussion.

Old Business

Pieper sent letter to Ski Slopes for non-payment of contractual agreement as no meeting was agreed upon. There has been no response. The Ski Slopes debt matter will be sent to our collection attorney.

.Questions and Comments from the Floor


Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be announced.

Respectfully submitted,

J Lewis Daniels,