Download a printable copy here 

The meeting was called to order by President Beneke at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance in person: Beneke, McCaghren, Romero
Directors in attendance by telephone: Ames, Foster, McKnight, Smith
Directors absent: Moeller, Potts
Staff in attendance:  Wyatt, Brown, Porche, Connor
Staff absent: Gwozdo
Audience: 14 in attendance


Upon motion made by Romero and seconded by McCaghren, the Minutes of March 17, 2017 were approved.

Finance:  Louise Wyatt

Wyatt reported the income collected through March for homes is ahead of the collections at this time last year with a collection rate of 91%. The income collected for lots is behind collections last year at this time with a collection rate of 74%.  Expenses for road maintenance had a $12,000 increase in operations. Security expenses are normal and administrative expenses are over because of a depreciation increase due to new equipment on the books.

Willie added there will be some adjustments made to close out the year end books to get ready for filing income taxes. When the adjustments are made, the year end, January, February and March’s financials will be posted.

Roads:  Jason Brown

Only items listed in “ “ will be brought up in the board meeting.


Since last report

“Wolf Laurel has received 5.14 inches of rain, 4 inches of snow, and some high winds with minimal damage and downed trees.”


“Plowed 4 inches of wet heavy snow over 4/6 and 4/7” used 6 loads of salt mix.

“The Spring Brook/Ivy Way road repair and tree day lighting project has been completed.” The road is still closed at this time and will be reopened as soon as the gravel settles and the grass seed takes root.

“All gravel roads have been graded and crowned.”

“Many of the gravel roads have been graveled with thin layer of gravel” including 1 load on Buckeye, 1 load on Trillium, 2 loads on Buckhouse, 8 loads on Spring Brook/Ivy Way.

“Repaired one slide area along McKinney Gap” 1 load of boulders, 6 loads of dirt, and repaired homeowners’ block retaining wall at the bottom of the slide.

“Patched small pot holes in pavement below gate” used 10 bags of asphalt patch.

“Day lighting of the trees at the intersection of El Minor and Silver Knob has been done.”

“The Wolf Laurel Road culvert replacement project is well under way and should be completed next week. Due to settlement issues, the asphalt repair of these culvert crossings is scheduled for the middle of May.”

Up to this date this year, WLRM has replaced 480 ft of 18” DW HDPE pipe with 180 ft to go at 8 of the 11 locations that needed to be replaced using 11 loads of gravel so far. When these locations are all finished, we will go back and add pipes where they can be added. The only pipe that will not be done is the one behind the office at the Tennis Courts this pipe presents some issues that cause concerns and we will look into lining this pipe with a pipe liner instead of replacing it.


The 2006 dodge has been sent to the dealership for recall work that has been done.

The plumbing on the water truck has been re plumbed and a pump has been added.

The glass in the door of the Mahindra tractor broke and a new one has been ordered and it will be replaced.

The site glass on the hydraulic reservoir along with a small window on the John Deer tractor were damaged and have been replaced.

Replaced the A frame on the Meyers plow on the yellow Chevy.

“A new compaction tamp has been purchased from CAT.” This purchase was approved in the 2017 capital equipment schedule.

“The search for a replacement for the 2006 dodge truck is ongoing.”

“All other equipment is serviced and in good working order.”

Beneke asked Brown to report on salt usage for this winter season. Brown reported normal salt use is 100 tons per winter season. This year 10 – 16 tons of salt was used. The salt bins are full and we have a good start for next winter season.

Romero thanked Brown and his crew for a job well done on the culvert project up Wolf Laurel Rd. and pointed out it was infrastructure that needed to be fixed before RMS could move on with discussions on repaving. The culvert project took 2 weeks to complete. and was part of the Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance 3 year plan. Romero reminded everyone they could look at the 3 year plan on the WLRMS website.

Security:  Sandy Gwozdo

Reported by Becky McKnight

  1. Provided traffic control for 4 hours while Road Crew replaced culvert below gate.
  2. Provided support for EMS on 2 calls in Wolf Laurel.
  3. Provided escort for guests who were lost – 3 occasions.
  4. 5 traffic stops to caution drivers on speed or erratic driving.
  5. Responded to two reports of smoke. Both unfounded.
  6. The upgrade of the gate bar code system has been completed, and Ronnie has entered all changes made since the system went down.
  7. Search continues for additional patrol staff

Upon motion made by Romero and seconded by McCaghren, the staff reports were accepted. 

Committee Reports


Communications & Community Relations: John Ames

No report

Insurance / Finance Committee:  Willie Romero

Romero reported all insurance policies have been renewed.

The preliminary draft of the accounting annual review has been received. The finance committee is in the process of reviewing the report. Once that is done, it will be provided to the board for their review and then will be made available to the homeowners at the office.

Romero pointed out two items the finance committee is looking at:

  1. At the beginning of the year, the money in the bank will exceed the federally insured amount. The committee will look into how to handle this.
  2. How the doubtful accounts on the balance sheet are booked.

Romero stated that they will get the final report next week and file the annual taxes which had been extended so the board would have an opportunity to look at them. They are due October 15, 2017.

Legal: Sharon Foster

No report 

Collections: Brent McCaghren 

McCaghren pointed out that when the amount makes economic feasibility for delinquencies, we go ahead and pursue them. He reported we have recovered against a judgment we obtained and domesticated in VA. Payment has been received which included assessment fees, legal fees and interest with a stipulation to pay additional assessments in the future or we will proceed to go back to judgment.

McCaghren wanted to make clear that we may not pursue a delinquent account for a year or so because it does not make economic sense. As soon as it does make economic sense, it will be pursued. 

Road Maintenance & Equipment: Charlie Potts 

No report

Jason added things are moving forward and that the committee and he are in constant communication.

Security:  Becky McKnight

No report

McKnight took the opportunity to thank Ronnie Rice for getting all barcode additions inputted into the computer at the gate. 

Property and Facilities:  Larry Smith & Dick Moeller

Smith reported the biggest concern right now is a solution to the waste water treatment plant. The RMS had a piece of property for the treatment plant, but that property failed the perk test. POA had a piece of property near the basketball court that passed the perk test, but it could only serve either the two houses or serve the Village which meant another piece of property was needed to serve the Village. POA has a piece of property above the pond in the woods that is believed to be able to serve the Village. The thinking is that we will end up with two septic systems.

Beneke stated he spoke with Earlene Shofi this winter. They both agreed a meeting in May or early June with members of both the POA and RMS in attendance would be the time to discuss plans for the septic system.

ARB:  Tom Wrenn

Since our March report, the new applications process under the AG has continued to function smoothly and effectively.

Project applications approved since our February reporting are:

2 major exterior projects applications
1 minor renovation approved
1 minor renovation application pending
4 tree applications approved

Bob Super, ARB Administrator reports the following activity for the month.

  1. Tree work either pending or in process
    197 Gardenside
    372 El Miner
    275 Sarvis Lane
  1. Pavement – pending
    296 Spring Valley
  1. Minor exterior project (reroofing) – pending
    Sarvis Lane
  1. Minor project – pending
    840 McKinney Gap
  1. Projects in progress
    868 English Ridge
    473 Oakridge
    735 Oakridge
  1. Possibilities:
    Birch Springs – new home
    3097 El Minor – major

From this report you can see more activity starting and more awareness that residents are becoming familiar with AG compliance.

Long Range Planning:  John Beneke 

WLRMS Long Range Planning Committee: Three Key Pillars of Progress

(April 21, 2017) WOLF LAUREL, N.C. — The Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowners’ Association (WLRMS) Board of Directors recognized the importance of creating a Wolf Laurel community Long Range Plan when its July, 2016, Community Survey No. 2 showed that 89.77 percent of the survey’s 343 participants supported “the development of an inclusive Long Range Plan to help ensure financial stability and operational excellence for all communities within Wolf Laurel.”

The WLRMS Board formed the Long Range Planning Committee in fall, 2016. The Committee was charged with taking a long range view of important issues and considerations that could make a positive impact on the Wolf Laurel community’s future. The Committee participated in meetings, conference calls, a work session with the WLRMS Board and it conducted a community-wide survey that ran Nov. 11-20, 2016, which drew 180 thoughtful responses. The Committee and the Board thank the community for their enthusiastic support of this initiative.

The Committee believes that improving Wolf Laurel’s future requires three key pillars of progress:

  1. Development of a long-range WLRMS capital plan to ensure adequate resources to safeguard, maintain, improve and grow the community.
  2. Development and implementation of a comprehensive, community-wide Wolf Laurel marketing plan that will dramatically improve Wolf Laurel’s positioning as a residential and vacation community.
  3. A recombination/merger of WLRMS, the Wolf Laurel Property Owners Association and participating community homeowners associations from the current inefficient and needlessly complex model into one less-expensive, cohesive, more efficient and effective organization that respects and fairly reflects the voices of all community stakeholders.

Members of the Long Range Planning Committee are WLRMS President and Executive Committee member John Beneke, Vice President and Executive Committee member John Ames, Ken Faliero and Mel Poole.

Beneke reminded everyone of the survey that was sent out last November asking residents what they would like to see in a long range plan for Wolf Laurel.  The LRP Committee went over the survey in detail and came up with the three principles listed in the report.

Romero complimented the LRP Committee on the work they put into their report and made a motion to endorse and support the LRP Committee’s recommendations. A second was made by Foster. All board members, present and by phone, voted to endorse and support the LRP Committee’s recommendations.

POA Liaison:  John Beneke

No Report  

Beneke moved for the acceptance of all the committee reports. Romero motioned to accept the committee reports and seconded by Foster. 

Old Business


New Business

Beneke asked if there was discussion on the recommendations the LRP Committee submitted. He pointed out there was a lot more work to be done.

Romero said that Pillar One of the LRP plan is a financial discipline. He stated the RMS has to have capital to accomplish the plans for the organization.  Pillar Two and Three will be a collaborative effort between all associations on the mountain.

Foster asked what the committee had in mind as the next step for moving forward with this long range plan.

Beneke said the first step would be to have a town hall meeting mid to late June to present the long range plan to the community and let the community voice their opinion on whether or not we should move forward with the long range plan.

Romero added that Beneke would be having preliminary discussions with the other presidents of the different associations on the mountain and hopefully get their support.

Audience Comments

Beneke started off reminding the audience if they had an issue they would like to bring up to the board,  they were welcome to do so, but should submit it in writing so the board can look into their concern instead of giving an immediate answer that could be incorrect.

He also asked the audience to keep their comments to 3 minutes.

Audience member #1 requested that all audience attendees receive a copy of the LRP Committee Report.  The report was given to all audience members.

Audience member #2 requested that the board allows in depth questioning, especially about finances, at the LRP town hall meeting. Beneke reassured that every effort would be made to answer any question brought up at the town hall meeting.

Audience member #3 brought up concerns about lack of covenant enforcement in the areas of prohibited tents, parking storage for trailers, RVs, etc., lighting nuisance/pollution and a residence being used as a business.

Beneke said the board would take all of this into consideration and forward it on to the legal committee.

Audience member #4 gave circumstances when it should be allowed for lights to be left on at night.

Beneke said this subject would be taken under review.

Beneke also stated that the board is committed to enforcing the covenants.

Audience member #5 asked what the schedule was for scraping/crowning the roads.

Jason explained that the roads are scraped/crowned as needed. Scraping is done around ten times a year and crowning is done two times a year.

Audience member #6 commended Jason and his crew for the job they do on the roads. He stated the roads are in the best condition they have been in for twenty years.

Beneke thanked this audience member for reporting the fire last fall. The audience member said that the response from the Madison County, Yancey County and Ebbs Chapel Fire Departments and Wolf Laurel was incredible.

McCaghren commented that the work Jason and his crew have done on Wolf Laurel Road was not a precursor to putting in speed bumps.


Next RMS HOA Board meeting is scheduled May 19, 2017, at 10:00 A.M.

The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Willie Romero

Secretary /Treasurer