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The meeting was called to order by President Beneke at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance in person: McKnight, McCaghren
Directors in attendance by telephone:  Beneke, Romero, Potts, Smith, Foster and Moeller
Directors absent: Ames
Staff in attendance:  Wyatt, Gwozdo, Brown, Porche, Connor
Audience:  Tom Wrenn, Steve McKnight, Gayle Barr, S. McMillan, M. L. McMillan, Jim Landry


Upon motion made by Foster and seconded by Smith, the Minutes of February 17, 2017 were approved.

Beneke requested that for the sake of expediency, rather than reading the reports in their entirety, staff should pass out copies of their reports to the audience as the board had already received a copy.

Finance:  Louise Wyatt 

Wyatt reported that collections are less than they were this time last year.

The difference between February 2017 Balance Sheet and Income/Expense Statement and January 2017 Financials were the transfer of prepaid insurance.

Wyatt also reported that as of February 28th, it is too soon to tell how the company is doing.

Statements with the $20 late fees were mailed out March 10th. We have been receiving calls pertaining to that.

Wyatt prepared a spreadsheet on the amount billed vs. amount collected for lots and homes. Lots had a 63% collection rate and homes had a 77% collection rate. The overall average of the two was a 70% collection rate as of February 28th.

The 3 homeowners from the Ridges who were outstanding have paid so the Ridges POA is current.

Bald Mtn. capital credit checks from French Broad Electric totaling $1,137.83 were returned to be written to Wolf Laurel RMS instead of Bald Mountain. WLRMS received the checks back in the amount of $13,050.00 made out to Wolf Laurel RMS. 

Roads:  Jason Brown

(Written report was submitted to Board the day before the Board meeting and to the audience at the beginning of the meeting.  No oral report was given.)

Since Last Report:

Wolf Laurel has received all four seasons highs of 70 degrees down to lows of 3 degrees, including a severe wind storm with some thunder and lightning, 1.48 inches of rain, and 8 inches of snow.

During these severe weather events the WLRMS crew has responded to numerous trees down blocking the roadways, clogged drainages, wet heavy snow, equipment breakdowns, very icy conditions, and several long sleepless nights.


The Spring Brook/Ivy Way project is still under way due to weather conditions and should be completed as soon as the weather cooperates.

Snow removal of 8 inches of measurable snow over a 5 day period including some thawing and some completely frozen periods. A total of 26.5 hopper loads of 1 part sand 1 part p gravel 1 part salt were used.                                                                                                                                                                                “on 3/11, 2 inches of snow 3.5 hopper loads, on 3/12, 2 inches of snow 2 hopper loads, on 3/14 and 3/15, 21.5 hopper loads were used”

All roads have been graded and compacted.

Most muddy spots have been graveled. But due to the unusual freeze and thaw cycle of this winter, a total of 30.5 loads of gravel have been distributed so far this year; but with the latest winter weather experienced this week I am sure this number will double in the coming weeks.                             “Including= English Ridge 1.5 loads/ Spring Valley 1 load/ Sugar Tree 1 load/ Garden Side 1 load/ McDaris Loop 1 load/ Puncheon 1 load/Weaver 3 loads/ El Miner 2 loads/ Lucas 2 loads/ Lookout 5 loads/ Upper Haw 5 loads/ Upper Lookout 2 loads/ Zebulon 3 loads”

Installed 1 new 18 inch by 40 foot culvert on El Miner Dr.


Purchased new tracks for the Cat 305 excavator and tires for the Cat 272 skidsteer.

Installed new tracks on CAT 305 excavator also repaired bucket, replaced bucket pins, repaired bucket linkage, and installed new bucket cylinder due to a broken weld on the excavator bucket.

Repaired an air line leak and installed new brake slack adjusters on the Ford L-9000 dump truck.

Repaired lift arms on the JD tractor.

Repaired lift arm on the Curtis snow plow on the 06 white dodge.

The main bushings and pins on the Meyers snow plow mounted on the 03 yellow Chevy are going to be replaced as soon as the parts come in.

The Mahindra M-Power 85 tractor is in the shop for some warranty issues,” heater linkage, heater fan, coolant leaks” and should be back on the mountain next week.


Repaired roof on maintenance shed due to wind damage.

Repaired damaged guard rails at Big Bald mailboxes and Pisgah Pass and will paint all guard rails and all mailbox kiosks as soon as weather permits.

The P gravel side walk leading to the office is showing signs of deterioration and is a safety and maintenance problem. Instead of going back with P gravel which is expensive and doesn’t last I am proposing that WLRMS concrete this side walk to enhance the aesthetics, safety, and maintenance of the office. The material would be around $700 and all labor could be done by WLRM staff.

Fire Prevention:

I spoke with Bobby Anglin last week and he informed me that at the last WLCC board meeting they are granting permission to WLRMS and ECFD to install a holding tank under the gravel parking lot in front of the country club. The WLCC is also granting permission to WLRMS and ECFD to dredge out the pond on Wonderly Lane to use as a water source. They are also willing to put up $2,500 towards the rental of the machine to do this work.

Security:  Sandy Gwozdo

(Written report was submitted to Board the day before the Board meeting and to the audience at the beginning of the meeting.  No oral report was given.)                                                                                

March 2nd the day after the wind storm Patrol removed branches and saplings from the roadway while the     Roads Crew tackled the larger trees.  Patrol also checked each home for damage and downed trees.  We notified three property owners of minor damages.

The Jeep went back to the dealer due to leaking around the roof.  The dealer replaced the seal kit at no charge.

The computer at the gate has been down for a week and a half.  The bar code reader is running on memory.  No new data has been entered inconveniencing half a dozen property owners.   Hopefully we will be up and running in a few days.

Property owners who rent their homes long term should be reminded that their renters must register with the Security office and obtain the proper entry decals.Patrol brought one such renter into the office after gate staff alerted him.  The renter had been asked on numerous occasions to register with the office.

Gate was notified by a contractor of a door open on the second floor of a home on Oak Ridge Lane.  Patrol responded and found all ground floor doors and windows secure. The property owner was notified.  Later in the day Patrol accompanied a former house cleaner with a key to the home and secured the door. Property owners were thankful for staff’s resourcefulness as a storm was approaching.

A property owner on Flame Azalea Lane reported a vehicle without light drove up their driveway and stopped behind their home by the wood pile at 10 P.M.  A person started to exit the vehicle when the property owner turned on the outdoor flood lights.  The vehicle fled.  The next day the vehicle was identified as the vehicle of another property owner.  One possible explanation was that culprit needed firewood. Special attention by patrol has been given the area.

A property owner reported gun shots in the area of Grouse Thicket one afternoon. Patrol responded and found that a group of young men (guests of a property owner) were target shooting with permission on the private property at the end of Grouse Thicket.  Patrol cautioned the group about the close proximity of the house and animals down the hill.  Interestingly, the gate received a complaint from the Grouse Thicket property owner about dogs barking on the property below the site where the shooting took place.

Patrol came across a man walking on Pisgah Pass at 7P.M. He asked the man if he was ok as it was dark and the man had no flashlight. The man ignored the question.  When Patrol asked the man to identify himself, the man said to leave him alone, then started cussing, picked up a stick and threatened Patrol.  Patrol drove passed the man to call the DOS.  When Patrol returned the man was gone. The DOS joined in a sweep of the area but the man was not located.  The man has since been identified as a property owner.

The Ski Slopes closed which curtailed much of the gate traffic. This season there were an extraordinary number of Wolf Ridge guests claiming they had permission to enter Wolf Laurel and go to the Bald as part of an agreement between Wolf Laurel and Wolf Ridge.  I am not aware of any such agreement and directed staff to continue to deny entry to the Wolf Ridge renters. The attitude of the Slopes and Wolf Ridge seems to be that their employees and guests have a right to visit the Bald and roam the Wolf Laurel community, which explains why Patrol is constantly escorting vehicles with ski passes from the Big Bald parking lot and the Village to the gate. Perhaps contact with the Slopes and Wolf Ridge should be attempted in order to clarify this issue.

Committee Reports

Communications & Community Relations: John Ames

No Report

Insurance / Finance Committee:  Willie Romero

No Report

Legal: Sharon Foster

No Report

Collections: McCaghren 

Reported that collections continue.

Road Maintenance & Equipment:  Potts 

No Report

Potts commended the staff for their efforts during the last snow storm.

Security:  Rebecca McKnight

McKnight reported that the committee met via email a couple of weeks ago, and she stated
that she had sent the board an email requesting an April or May workshop to resolve some outstanding security policy questions. Beneke responded it would be discussed under new business.

Property and Facilities:  Larry Smith & Dick Moeller 

No report

ARB:  Tom Wrenn 

Wrenn reported since the February report, new applications processed under the AG have been operating smoothly and effectively.

Project applications approved since the February reporting are:

4 Major Exterior Projects

3 Minor Exterior Projects

1 Interior Project

All fees have been received for these applications.

Bob Super, ARB Administrator, is continuing his work with potential applicants.

  1. Birch Springs property owner considering options for renovations.
  2. Prospect from FL trying to settle on lot for new construction of home.
  3. El Miner property owner considering a major renovation.
  4. New this month – Greer Way property, prospective buyer on major project.


Long Range Planning:  John Beneke

Beneke reported the committee met in March finalizing the report. A workshop will be scheduled for the Board on April 13th to discuss the report. 

POA Liaison:  John Beneke 

Beneke attended the meeting via phone. A meeting will be scheduled in May or June to hammer out waste water treatment issues.

Old Business:  


New Business:

Beneke stated the workshop McKnight recommended concerning the outstanding security policy questions will be held in May. Smith suggested a community survey be conducted before the workshop. Beneke responded a survey could be done after the workshop. Romero agreed with Beneke’s suggestion.

Audience Comments: 

Steve McKnight expressed concern about the suggestion that staff should not read their reports in their entirely. He felt it was important for the reports to be read for the sake of the audience. After several comments from the board and audience input, it was concluded that staff should highlight those items which they feel might be of particular importance or interest to the board and/or visitors.  Audience attendees, Jim Landry and Gayle Barr, agreed that the reports should at least be highlighted by staff.

Next RMS HOA Board meeting is scheduled April 21, 2017, at 10:00 A.M.

The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Willie Romero
Secretary /Treasurer