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The meeting was called to order by President Kaney at 1:30 P.M.

Directors in attendance were: Daniels and Freeman. Colvett, Eller, Johnson and Pieper joined via phone.

Staff in attendance: Brown and Gwozdo


Upon motion made by Pieper and seconded by Freeman, the minutes of October 17, 2013 were approved as submitted.


Wyatt had sent a copy of the October financial statements to the Board for review.

Committee Reports

Long Range Planning

Johnson reported that the Board has received a comprehensive final report from the Wolf Laurel Governmental Study Commission.


Pieper reported:

  1. The mediation in the Martin container case, which is necessary to get the case onto the trial docket, was held on November 12, 2013. The case did not settle and will be set for trial in the Superior Court of Yancey County in the summer of 2014.
  2. The collection of assessment cases against A. and M. Martin will be set for arbitration soon. This is an early step in getting the cases set for trial.
  3. The Morris assessment collection case is set for arbitration on November 18, 2013. This is an early step in getting the case set for trial.
  4. The consent judgment in the Millns collection case has been recorded in the Superior Court in Yancey County.
  5. Collection actions continue with the standard being collection of the assessment plus finance charges, interest, and attorney’s fees in full.

Public Relations

No report.


Eller reported: The application for the package policy has been reviewed and renewed.


Brown reported:

  • French Broad is cutting the pines in front of the Townhouses on Wolf Laurel Rd. Roads crew will be clearing the debris.
  • We are contracting out for the cutting of pines along Big Bald Rd. across from the mail boxes to allow more sun on the roads.
  • French Broad is using a long arm to clear their right of way. They notify us of the areas of work and we check on them to insure they stay within their scope of work.
  • Sign below the entrance gate will be in place next week.
  • Stop sign has been placed at Buckeye Rd. and Big Bald Rd.
  • Leaf blowing and ditch cleaning continues in preparation for winter weather.


Gwozdo reported:

  • Curtis Maynor, who services the Preserve Gate confirmed to me that the telecom system between the Preserve gate and the Wolf Laurel Gate rings only 4-5 times (even though it sounds like it rings continually) and that when answered the connection time is 70 seconds. The system cannot be adjusted to allow for addition rings or talk time. He promised to investigate alternate systems.


Colvett reported:

  • ARB approved one major renovation for addition to a home.
  • Work continues to resolve 3 tree cutting issues.
  • The Committee is awaiting application for modular log home.

Old Business

The executed letter of agreement between WLRMS and WLPOA was disccussed.

New Business

  • A motion by Colvett to approve the budget for 2014 was second by Freeman. The 2014 budget was approved.
  • The Jones property, formerly a school dormitory, is said to have been rented with the intention of operating the property as a motel. In order to be prepared, should this prove true, Pieper has reviewed the security manual. He moved that in addition to the normal log in process security staff at the gate should examine the driver’s license of the operator any vehicle whose destination is the motel and to record names of all passengers. A restricted hang tag of a color specific to the motel will be used.The proposal was seconded by Daniels and the amendment to the security manual was approved.A letter will be sent to the motel manager specifically stating the Wolf Laurel  entrance gate procedures
  • Pieper recommended and the decision made to ask legal counsel to review the deed and all agreements relating to the Jones property.

Questions and Comments from the Floor

A member suggested that the cell tower companies had been invited to Wolf Laurel by the WLRMS. The Board explained that no one on the RMS Board solicited any proposal from the cell tower companies.

Another member commented that security staff would be more professional by giving their name when answering the phone and using their name plates.

Respectfully submitted,

J Lewis Daniels,