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The meeting was called to order by President Kaney at 10:00 a.m. Directors in attendance were Daniels, Pieper, Anselmo, Eller, Johnson and Colvett. Staff in attendance: Brown, Gwozdo and Wyatt.


Upon motion made by Pieper and seconded by Eller, the minutes of October 15, 2012 were approved as submitted.


L. Wyatt emailed financial reports for October and the 2013 budget to Board Members. She responded to questions.

Committee Reports

Long Range Planning

No report.


Pieper reported:

  1. Board’s letter to Jones Dormitory of October 9, 2012 demanding payment in the amount of $17,210 has received no response. Sandy reports that the Jones vehicles are cooperating with the gate entrance rules. Also that the older boys are now being housed at the Roaring Creek Facility with the 10-13 year olds being housed at the dormitory. The Board authorized commencement of a collection action in the matter.
  2. In the suit brought by Anthony and Monica Martin against the Association involving the container, the general liability underwriter has appointed counsel to defend the Association and has filed an answer for the Association.
  3. With regards to collection litigation, we continue to file suits, process claims, obtain judgments, and now are approaching our first sheriff’s sale to collect on a judgment. In the Gonzalez collection suit, our counsel is proceeding to accomplish the paperwork to have the Madison County sheriff sell the lot at auction in execution of the Association’s judgment. Taxes are paid current. The Eller Committee is requested to make a recommendation whether the Association should bid at the sale.
  4. The amendment to the contract with the Ski slopes has been signed and a payment of $10,000 was received on November 12, 2012. The outstanding balance and the pre-payment for 2013 totaling $21,193 must be paid by December 31, 2012.
  5. With regard to the cutting of the Association’s trees at the apex of Woodfern and May Apple Lane, we have requested our counsel to assist in the investigation by the authorities.
  6. The Board reaffirmed its policy not to waive interest and penalties with regard to collection of past due assessments relating to post-2002 purchases.
  7. Mrs. Nikla has presented the Board with a written request that the Association accept Lot ES 637 in lieu of future assessments. There is documentation that the lot will not perk. The request is referred to the Eller Committee for recommendation.
  8. Anselmo reported: We continue to wait on law firm for deed language in regard to combining of lots.

Public Relations
Johnson reported: We sent out October financials and notice of Security Gate changes. Continue to receive good response from property owners. Warren was asked to distribute the 2013 budget via email.


Eller reported: D & O carrier denied our request to defend on the Martin suit. A letter of objection was sent to them for the record.


Brown reported:

  • Wolf Laurel Road has been sealed and patched.
  • Wolf Laurel Rd and portion of McKinney Gap Rd have been stripped.
  • The surprise Halloween snow was handled well and he complimented his crew. The berm of snow at the ends of driveways caused by the snow plow is the most consistent complaint of property owners during the snow season. The road crew does not have the time nor is it their responsibility to clean out the ends of driveways while plowing the road. The berm of snow should be cleared by the property owner or person contracted to plow the driveway.
  • Salt and sand is now on site.
  • Equipment is in good shape
  • Village Bridge: President Kaney continues to negotiate the terms of the settlement with Mattern & Craig.


Gwozdo reported:

  • The new gate procedures adopted by the Board at October meeting went into effect on November 1, 2012. The transition went smoothly.
  • Mail box at gate exit used for return hang tags has been replaced after the old one was destroyed by cargo door of travel home.
  • Wolf Laurel sign on Puncheon Fork has been replaced.
  • WL gate staff admitted 21 vehicles through the Preserve gate since 10/12/12


Colvett reported:

  • Property owner fined by ARB for topping trees without a permit has requested a hearing. The ARB now refers this issue to Board. Board will defer hearing until May.
  • ARB approved one new roof this month.
  • The ARB proposed a $25.00 fee for each tree trimming application. The approved application would be good for one year. The Board adopted the proposal.
  • Chuck Freeman was tasked with organizing work completed by the ARB Committee resulting in new ARB Guidelines that will be more in accordance with the Covenants.

Old Business

2013 Budget was unanimously adopted

New Business


Questions and Comments from the Floor

Discussion of the number of lights in Wolf Laurel that are lit 24/7 in violation of the Covenants. President Kaney asked Johnson to email property owners with a reminder of the rules regarding lighting. Letter will be sent to offenders.

Date of December meeting to be announced.

Respectfully submitted,

J Lewis Daniels,