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The meeting was called to order by President Kaney at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance: McKnight, Freeman, Johnson, and McCaghren. Present via telephone: Pieper, Beneke, Faliero, and Potts.

Staff in attendance: Brown, Gwozdo, and Wyatt.


Upon motion made by Freeman and seconded by Johnson, the minutes of October 2014 were approved.


L. Wyatt:

The balance sheet has been changed to reflect the repossession of the motel by the bank, and 20 doubtful accounts are no longer shown on the balance sheet but continue to be billed. Our income continues to show an increase in the number of payments over 2013, and our expenses continue to run at a normal rate. The Ski Slopes have been billed, and the Preserve and Blue Mountain have been billed for the salt under the agreement to clear Ridgeway Road between the Country Club and Chestnut Village.

Committee Reports.


N. Pieper:

  1. Our trademark counsel has been instructed to proceed with the registration of mark.
  2. The new collection policy is progressing has hoped. The 5 day demand letter from counsel is proving much more effective than our letters.
  3. The Board and counsel have received a preliminary draft of the revised covenants. Once the draft is reviewed by the Board, it is recommended that it be circulated by posting on the website with an email alert to property owners notifying them of the posting for comment prior to a vote by the Board. Kaney directed the Board Members to send their comments directly to Pieper by 12/20/14.
  4. The new proposed access policy seems to be raising more questions than answers and requires additional review before being again presenting to the Board. It was moved and passed that policy presently being followed be continued until the board adopts modifications.
  5. Pieper inquired as to inclusion of Double Back Lane, just adjacent to Wolf Laurel Estates in the Schlitt Mountain Properties, in the update of the Road Study. He was assured that it was included.
  6. At a meeting with Blue Mountain, the Preserve, and Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land, the ownership of Ridgeway Road came into question. Staunton Norris has been asked to consider the issue.
  7. Lucky Way has been closed. The representative of the Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land has stated that it has no intention of maintaining the portion of Lucky Way that the Trust received from the Preserve. Wolf Laurel RMS believes that the road is inappropriate for vehicular travel and will not spend the substantial resources required to upgrade and repair the road. Ridgeway remains as the major roadway from Wolf Laurel Road to the Scrounce Creek gate.

Public Relations

W. Johnson:

  1. The annual contract with our web master has been renewed. The email system continues to run smoothly with approximately 600 participants.
  2. The ARB page will be updated and we await the bio of one new board member.
  3. The Home page has been redesigned.


L. Wyatt:

The Director and Officer Insurance is currently with CHUBBS, but our insurance agent is scouting out other possible companies. Decision will be made soon, as our current policy must be renewed in January.


J. Brown:

  1. At this moment all equipment is in working order. All chains and cutting edges are either in house or ordered. 125 tons of salt has been purchased and delivered at a cost of $147.00 a ton.
  2. Snowfall to date as measured at Wolf’s Head Ct. is at 17”.
  3. During the last snowfall, salt brine was used on all paved roads and worked well as long as applied when temperature is 19 degrees or better.
  4. Prior to the last snowfall, 50% of our roads, ditches, and culverts had been cleared of leaves; and we continue to clear the remaining roadways.
  5. The placement of road signs for Birch Springs and Angelica Ridge will be corrected shortly. Corrections have been made with 911and emergency management.
  6. We received a letter from the Blue Mountain HOA in response to our invoice for their portion of the cost of salt under an agreement which divides equally the cost between WL RMS, the Preserve, and Blue Mountain for salt used on Ridgeway Road from the WLCC to the lower entrance to Chestnut Village. The letter stated that Blue Mountain HOA would not pay but instead would take over the plowing and salting of Ridgeway. They were slow to respond after the last snow, and we received numerous complaints, which we referred to Leon Murphy. Wolf Laurel RMS property owners on Hawberry and roads off Ridgeway will be greatly inconvenienced. As we are contracted for snow removal in the Preserve, we will alert the Preserve HOA that their roads will not be plowed until after Ridgeway Road is cleared.A copy of the letter will be forwarded to the Preserve HOA, and Pieper and Kaney will review the agreement and take whatever action possible.


S. Gwozdo:

  1. An emergency backup heater has been purchased for the gate in case of electrical failure.
  2. The Trillium break in is still under investigation by Yancey County Sheriff’s Department. Unfortunately, they appear to be making little headway.
  3. The log used as a cross beam on the lower side of the structure at the gate was replaced by Jason and the road crew. Ironically, the crack in the log was pointed out to gate staff by Orville English, the contractor who built the structure. We are blaming the earthquake for the damage.
  4. The elderly property owner who was driving erratically and generally unable to make sound decisions is now in an adult home and under the care of Madison County Dept. of Social Services.


P. Banks:

Since the last meeting, 14 tree applications have been processed, 3 applications for new homes have been processed, and 5 major renovations and 3 minor renovations have been approved. Two unpermitted renovations have been discovered, one of which has been rectified, the other remains under investigation.

Freeman, Chairman of the ARB Board, commented that the level of ARB activity is way above what it was last year. He is not sure whether to attribute this to Philip’s presence, an improvement in the economy, or both. Freeman also reported that the ARB continues to work on changes to ARB fees–perhaps a lower processing fee, a road impact fee based on the number and type of heavy equipment required by the project, and a road deposit fee.
Freeman reported that the ARB is discussing the tree and brush regulations as they may pertain to fire. He plans to meet with the Ebbs Chapel Fire Department, the U.S. Forest Service, and possibly insurance agents to gather information and ideas.

This will be presented to the Board when completed.

Old Business

2015 Budget:

Kaney asked for a motion to approve the 2015 budget. Motion was made by Freeman and seconded by Johnson.

During discussion it was asked why there is no budget item for WLCC roads or Preserve security. Under a 1999/2000 agreement, the WLCC pays an established fee to Wolf Laurel security only. The Preserve pays nothing to Wolf Laurel for security; therefore, we do not provide services to the Preserve (other than the Preserve benefits from the protection provided by the manned Madison county access gate). The Preserve relies on the Yancey County Sheriff’s Department for other security issues.

Kaney called for a vote, and the budget was approved unanimously.

New Business

  1. Freeman presented to the Board a request by his neighbor, John Walt on Grouse Thicket, to combine his lots. Mr. Walt desires to construct a new driveway that will provide safer access to his home and also improve drainage on Grouse Thicket.
  2. After much discussion, the Board denied the request in an 8 to 1 vote but encouraged the property owner to improve his driveway with consultation from the ARB and Director of Roads.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 14, 2014.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca McKnight,