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The meeting was called to order by President Kaney at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance were: Colvett, Daniels, Eller, Freeman and Johnson.

Staff in attendance: Brown, Gwozdo and Wyatt.


Upon motion made by Daniels and seconded by Johnson, the minutes of September 19, 2013 were approved as submitted.

Committee Reports


Wyatt reported on the financial statements for September.

We received several prior year collections in the month of September. This is due to the work of Pieper and our attorneys. Collection of assessments continue to run ahead of 2012. Expenditures are running at a normal rate.


Pieper’s report was read by Kaney:

  • Our counsel has been requested to provide an opinion letter on the covenant issues of road assessment limitations and amenities membership.
  • Assessment collection litigation continues its normal pattern of filing suit against the delinquent property owners, gaining their attention, and then receiving payment in full. Some judgments are being obtained. We continue to work with other property owners who have sought relief in a timely manner.
  • The Martin container case is now scheduled for November.

Eller reported:

In an attempt to clarify our interest, access to and upkeep of Big Bald conversation continues by our attorney, Congressman and U.S .Parks Service Representatives.

Long Range Planning

Johnson, liaison to the Governmental Study Commission reported:

The issues facing the Study Commission are complicated and thorny. Four issues have come to the forefront: The WLRMS 5% cap on assessments, compulsory membership in the WLPOA Amenities Program, road standards, and the ARB. Johnson thinks that reasonable people will come to reasonable conclusions about these issues. The process is challenging and may require going forward in a phased process.

The Study Commission is diligent, they are getting good advice from the attorney and John Beneke leads them well. There is some disagreement on some issues but Johnson is positive of the outcome, noting that progress will be difficult.

John Beneke, Chairman of the Study Commission, reported that the attorney has  helped the group develop a road map showing where we are now and where we think we want to be. Yesterday the individual HOA’s endorsed the road map in principle. There a lot of details to be worked out. There will be differences of opinion and we face many challenges. Each individual HOA Board will now meet and list their concerns with the road map. It is the intent of the Commission to forward to the WLRMS the road map, the concerns of the HOA’s along with recommendations within 30 days.

Beneke appreciates all participants on the Commission working as hard as they do and presenting their input. The attorney, having no vested interest in the issues, has been immensely helpful in keeping the members focused.

Public Relations:

No Report


Eller reported:

All policies are up to date except one which we are reviewing and preparing to renew.


Brown reported:

  • Final gravel has been laid prior to winter. Ditch cleaning and grading is set for November.
  • Grader has been repaired and running well.
  • Pine trees along Wolf Laurel and Big Bald roads will be cut back to enable sun to reach the roadway and melt the snow and ice.
  • We have some salt from last year and additional salt has been ordered and will be delivered as space permits.
  • The Black Bear Rd. project in the Preserve will be completed next week.
  • Signs showing road conditions will be erected below the gate in a few weeks. This should help with traffic control and safety within the community


Gwozdo reported:

The updating of cameras and DVR at the Preserve gate seems to be the extent of improvement planned by the Preserve. The cost of a bar code reader ($15,000) or manning the gate even on limited bases ($50,000 a year) is financially prohibitive.

Kaney reported that during his meeting with Preserve yesterday, management was not receptive to any further expense. At the meeting, Brown was given the contact information for the technician of the company responsible for the Preserve gate and was promised that there would be a response within 24 hours of a call for assistance. Brown was also promised a key to the gate controls in order to reset system after power outages.

Colvett asked if the problem with the phone to the Wolf Laurel Gate had been solved. Gwozdo responded that it had not. She suggested that considering the current limitations of the system anyone intending to use the Preserve Gate should call and inform the WL Gate prior to arrival at the Preserve gate. It was decided that we would attempt to have the timing of the automatic hang up
extended and to find solutions to improve the system at the Preserve gate.


Colvett reported:

The ARB is attempting to resolve 2 cases where unknown persons cut trees on lots without a permit.

Freeman suggested that we include in the minutes the following. On advice of counsel WLRMS is not a law enforcement agency. It is not the job of WLRMS to enforce the
law of property. That is the job of the County Sherriff.

New Business

Preliminary 2014 budget was presented. Budget will be voted upon at November meeting.

Daniels moved that the 2014 assessment be increased 5% and Colvett seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Relocation of WLRMS offices from the Community Center to the RMS building is planned for spring of 2014.

Election of officers: Colvett moved that the current officers be reinstated for 2014.

Johnson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business


Questions and Comments from the Floor


Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

J Lewis Daniels,