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The meeting was called to order by President Kaney at 10:00 A.M. Directors in attendance were: Kaney, Eller, Daniels, Colvett, Freeman, Johnson and Pieper.

Staff in attendance: Brown and Gwozdo.


Upon motion made by Pieper and seconded by Eller the minutes of August 2014 were approved as submitted.


L. Daniels reported:

We are slowly building a reserve fund. He has reviewed the amount of available cash at the end of the past few years and found that, barring any unexpected event, we will have an increase of approximately $40,000. to $45,000. at end of 2014.

Kaney announced to the Board that a preliminary budget for 2015 will be sent out for review prior to the October meeting. The 2015 budget will then be presented for approval at the November meeting.

Committee Reports

Long Range Planning

Kaney reported

The road study update is on schedule and will be ready prior to the October meeting.


Pieper reported

  1. The Association has made request of the property owner involved in the attempted transfer of a lot from Wolf Laurel Resort to the Blue Mountain Homeowner’s Association indicating our Association’s objection and seeking rescission of the deed involved. All indications are that the property owner will favorably respond to our satisfaction.
  2. The Board’s initial decision to close Lucky Way has resulted in the Preserve, Blue Mountain, and the Buck House owner seeking to discuss the road situation in that area. Messrs. Kaney, Daniels and Pieper are scheduled to meet with Russick who is part of owner group from California, Trimont’s Daffer and Lane, Jones of Southeastern Trust, Stebbins from Buck House Inn, and Blue Mountain’s Murphy on October 21, 2014. This should present a good opportunity to discuss a variety of related issues. The final decision on closing Lucky Way will be held in abeyance pending the outcome of that meeting.
  3. In effort to streamline the Association’s assessment collection procedures and to reduce the amount of time required from staff and board members in this important matter, the Board approved a new collections procedure policy. In short, any delinquent account will be referred at an early stage to Attorney Jeff Stahl’s office to handle the matter to conclusion. Once counsel has the assignment, all communications will be between the debtor and counsel without further involvement of staff or directors of the Association. The Board will retain ultimate decision making authority with regard to any account and will provide settlement guidelines to counsel including requiring consent judgments to insure any settlement terms are timely met. Counsel will be required to move these cases expeditiously.
    Under N.C. law, the Association is entitled to recover its legal fees and costs.
  4. The Board voted to enter into an agreement with Orville English to share the space and cost of the large road sign at the apex of Highway 23 and Laurel Valley Road and the small sign at the apex of Laurel Valley Road and Puncheon Fork Road. Fred Tygart and Sonny/Sudie Colvett were appointed to fashion the design for the Association.
  5. Messrs. Kaney and Daniels met with representatives of the Wolf Laurel Country Club with basic agreement that the Wolf Laurel Resort covenants do apply with certain modifications. As work continues on the overall amendments to the Covenants, the specifics will become apparent and eventually the Board will review.
  6. Mediation of the Gutknecht case is scheduled for October 9 in Asheville. The Board appointed Messrs. Kaney and Pieper to attend for the Association with full settlement authority.
  7. Occasionally an upland residential property owner has caused the trees on the adjacent lower lot belonging to a distant lot owner to enhance the view from the upper residence. The ARB has suggested and the Board agrees that this type of activity should be discouraged and bear a consequence. Accordingly, the Board requests the assistance of the ARB to select a case with egregious facts with an assignment from the damaged property owner, with authority to pursue the case against the upland owner whose view was enhanced by the illegal cutting of the trees on his neighbor’s property.
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Dingess have requested a hearing before the Board seeking relief from a penalty imposed by the ARB.
  9. The Board voted to seek collection of the outstanding assessments owed by residents of the Ridges with appropriate demand letter and suit if necessary.

Public Relations

C. Freeman reported:

Anyone with seasonal photos are requested to submit them to him for posting on the website.


T. Eller reported

All policies have been reviewed and are current.


J. Brown reported:

  1. This month’s two day rain event totaled 6” resulting in 22 slides. The areas where drainage has been improved over the past years held well.
  2. The amount of paving allowed by budget has been completed. The lower section of El Miner is slated for spring.
  3. The drive motor on the new skid steer is out but under warranty and company supplied replacement until repair is completed.
  4. Morton Salt Company has down sized and we have not received our annual contract from them. If contract is not received by end of September we will be looking for another source.
  5. In the next few weeks the roadways will be mowed to make leaf blowing easier and the cracks on McKinney will be sealed.
  6. Repair of leak recently found along the wall of the RMS building, replacement of screws in roof and repair of gutters will cost an estimate of $3000. A few plumbing issues have been addressed and we are looking at possibility of turning off the water in the unused portion of the building.
  7. Kaney asked Brown to prepare a cost estimate of additional maintenance required on building for the spring.


Gwozdo reported:

  1. The 4 culprits who broke in and vandalized three homes on Phacelia Lane have been arrested. Two of the young men live with their parents in a rental home on Phacelia Lane. The other two reside outside our community at Hill Rice Road, Mars Hill.
  2. 2. A Phacelia Lane property owner will be sent a letter after complaints of garbage and junk on property were reported. If property owner does not clean up the property RMS will do so at the expense of the property owner.


F. Colvett reported:

  1. Philip Banks has been hired by the ARB Committee as a consultant. He will handle all the tree cutting and building applications. He will be available every Wednesday following the ARB meeting. The approval process will be a week to two week process but will remain faster than the 30 days allowed by our Covenants.
  2. All approved tree cutting and building applications will be posted in front of property while the work is in progress. In this way neighbors and interested parties will be assured the work has been approved.
  3. The Committee has conducted a survey of trucks entering the Wolf Laurel gate between January and August 2014. It has been found that 42% of the trucks are supplying construction projects, 28% are RMS suppliers, 12% are WLCC suppliers and 18% are basic homeowners services such as heating fuel or deliveries.
  4. A review of impact fees for all construction projects has been completed. A recommendation for the new fee structure will be presented to the Board for approval.
  5. The Committee has recommended that no driveway or septic tank may be installed on a lot without a full site and house plan.
  6. The Committee is preparing a notice for the website announcing changes to the revised Architectural Guidelines.

Old Business

On a motion from Daniels, the Board approved the designation of Asheville Savings Bank in Mars Hill as a second depository for RMS.

A second motion from Daniels to establish a $75,000. line of credit with Asheville Savings Bank was also approved by the Board.

New Business

Eller announced that he had received a verbal offer on a lot owned by RMS. He agreed to continue with negotiation until final even though his term on the Board has ended.
Warren Johnson thanked Tom Eller and Lewis Daniels for all the time and energy they have given to the Board and the community of Wolf Laurel. Their work and expertise has been very much appreciated.

Pieper asked that the Board consider expanding the number of Directors from 7 to 9 and to make an attempt to have a regular scheduled meeting. He also stressed the importance of increased public awareness of the issues facing the Board.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

J Lewis Daniels,