Architectural Guidelines Part 1

Introduction: The Architectural Review Board and the Architectural Guidelines


Table of Contents

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1.1 Purposes and Composition of the Architectural Review Board (ARB)

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) has been established to provide consistency, compliance and equity in the implementation of policies, plans, and conditions of the Covenants, Restrictions, and Reservations of the Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowner’s Association, Inc. (Association), the Architectural Guidelines, and other documents pertaining to the physical development of Wolf Laurel.

The ARB will serve to ensure compliance with protective restrictions and the compatibility of construction, design and maintenance of homes on the mountain.

The ARB consists of no less than five members who are homeowners at Wolf Laurel. Members of the ARB are appointed by the Association or its designees and serve at the will and the pleasure of the Association. Members of the ARB will have an equal vote with the majority constituting a decision.

The ARB is assisted by an ARB Administrator with duties to advise owners in the application process and to monitor application compliance during construction. The Administrator has authority to accept or reject an application or to insist on compliance with the Architectural Guidelines and other documents pertaining to the physical development of Wolf Laurel.

Should a property owner disagree with a decision made by the Administrator, the owner may request in writing a review by the ARB. Should the owner disagree with the ARB’s denial decision, the owner may submit a written appeal to the Association.


1.2 The Purpose of the Architectural Guidelines

The purpose of developing a set of Architectural Guidelines is to maintain the architectural character and aesthetics of Wolf Laurel so that structures and materials are compatible with the dwellings and overall architectural style of the Wolf Laurel community. This assures the continuity of character and appearance of our community, and enhances the overall value of every property.

Property owners of Wolf Laurel have agreed, pursuant to the duly recorded Covenants, that the ARB may adopt reasonable architectural standards, rules and regulations. Therefore, all owners shall be bound by the ARB’s Architectural Guidelines.

To ensure compliance with the current Architectural Guidelines, owners are advised to contact the ARB Administrator prior to filing an ARB Application. The ARB Administrator will answer any questions concerning the architectural review process and will be the liaison between the homeowner and the ARB.


1.3 Types of Construction Requiring ARB Approval

New Home: Construction of every new home requires approval from the ARB before ANY modifications to the property are begun.

Post Construction of Home: Repairs, renovations, alterations, improvements or changes to an existing home or grounds that require approval from the ARB before any work begins include:

  • Any changes to exterior colors or finishes, exterior lighting, room additions, garages, storage sheds, driveways additions or modifications, retaining walls, fences, landscaping, or hardscaping.
  • Any interior alterations requiring large hauling equipment that might damage common roads.
  • All tree removal and trimming.


1.4 Application Review and Approval

The ARB will review an owner’s application within 14 days and not more than 30 days from receipt of an acceptable application. Notification and approval of an application by the ARB shall be dated and in writing. Construction must commence prior to the expiration of 12 months from application’s approval.  If construction is not commenced within 12 months of approval, a new application and fees are required.

Plans submitted for review, or any portion thereof, may be disapproved upon any grounds, which are deemed by the ARB to be inconsistent with the general covenants and/or design guidelines.

In the event that approval is neither granted nor denied within 60 days following submission to the ARB, the applicant may send a demand for action by certified mail.  If the application is neither granted nor denied within 10 days of receipt of such demand, the application shall be deemed approved without further action of the Architectural Review Board.


1.5 Failure to Obtain ARB Approval

Failure to obtain the necessary approvals prior to new, or changes to existing, construction may:

  • Constitute a violation of the Declaration of Protective Covenants, Restrictions and Reservations.
  • Result in a fine being levied against the property of up to $100/day from the beginning of construction until a proper permit is applied for and approved.
  • Require modification or removal of unauthorized work at the expense of the homeowner.

NOTE: Building Permits issued by the Yancey or Madison County Building Departments or other governmental agencies do NOT assure or replace the approval of the Wolf Laurel ARB.


1.6 Indemnity and Non-Liability

The Association, the ARB, and any of their employees or consultants are not responsible for any design, engineering or sale-ability of the approved new home or changes to an existing home. Review is for aesthetic and site layout consideration only.