All, due to the large amount of water our roads have absorbed as of late, we have some hazardous driving conditions on the gravel roads. It has gotten to the point where repairing some of the areas cannot occur until some of the wetness dries up. The WL Roads Crew has to use heavy dump trucks and machinery to do the needed repairs which¬†is making the situation worse. They are doing everything in their power to make things as safe as possible in the interim. It is highly recommended that all travel on gravel roads be suspended as much as possible and limited to necessary trips. Should travel be necessary, 4-wheel or all-wheel drive is a MUST. The Fire¬†Department, EMS, and Sheriff’s Department have been alerted to the conditions. As soon as repairs can be accomplished without creating more damage, it will be done as quickly as possible. This has been the worst year for these water conditions, including freezing and thawing, in recent memory. Unfortunately, we have no control over Mother Nature. Please be SAFE.


Jim Simmons

Chairman Roads Committee