The Security Committee has been struggling with the issue of safety at the gate.  They have experienced several close encounters between speeding vehicles coming through the gate and pedestrians going to the package cabin.  In addition, our vehicle identification equipment is designed to function for vehicles moving at speeds less than 7 miles per hour.  With a radar device, they have detected vehicles coming through the gate at speeds in excess of 35 miles per hour. They have posted signs designed to slow traffic to no avail.  They have attempted to issue verbal warnings where possible.  The Security Committee, realizing the traffic calming devices that have been installed at the gate would be unpopular, were reluctant, but finally convinced that they were necessary.

These bumps are designed to slow traffic to a speed of 5 miles per hour.  They have been designed at a slant to divert water from the road during inclement weather.  The spacing of the bumps is designed to reduce stress on large trucks coming through the gate.  They will be painted to enhance visibility.  Please approach the traffic calming devices at a speed of less than 5 miles per hour and ease over the devices as you would in a parking lot.  This should insure the safety of both staff and residents.

A second safety issue at Wolf Laurel concerns the use of outdoor recreational fire pits.  Please use extreme caution in the use of outdoor fires.  If in use they should never be left unattended.  Make sure the fire is thoroughly doused with water before leaving the area.  The dry leaves of fall can make the use of an outdoor fire pit very hazardous.