(Aug. 19, 2016) WOLF LAUREL, N.C. – The Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowners Association (WLRMS) Board of Directors today announced the results of this year’s Board of Directors election.

Brent McCaghren, Dick Moeller and Willie Romero were elected to serve three-year terms, filling the expiring terms of WLRMS Board members Ken Faliero, Chuck Freeman and Warren Johnson.  The new Board members were installed today at the regularly scheduled WLRMS Board of Directors meeting.

The members of the 2016-2017 Wolf Laurel RMS Board of Directors are:

  • John Ames
  • John Beneke
  • Sharon Foster
  • Brent McCaghren
  • Rebecca McKnight
  • Dick Moeller
  • Charles Potts
  • Willie Romero
  • Larry Smith

The WLRMS Homeowners Association Covenants, amended and adopted March 18, 2016, under Article IV, section 4.1, require the Board of Directors each year to elect officers for the upcoming one-year term.  The Covenants require the Board to fill the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Board may combine officer positions, except that the position of President may not be combined with any other position.

As a result of the Board meeting held today, the following are the 2016-2017 WLRMS officers: John Beneke, President; John Ames, Vice President; and Willie Romero, Secretary-Treasurer.

The Board of Directors thanks all candidates who stepped forward to express an interest in helping to lead Wolf Laurel.  The Board invites all Wolf Laurel stakeholders who are interested in helping shape Wolf Laurel’s future to consider serving on an RMS committee.  More information on WLRMS and the Committees can be found at WolfLaurelRoadsandSecurity.com.  Please contact the respective Committee Chair(s) to indicate your interest.

Wolf Laurel RMS Mission Statement

The Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowners Association is responsible for safeguarding and improving the roads, security, safety, infrastructure, neighborhood architectural standards, natural resources and quality of life of its property owners. WLRMS Officers, Board and Committee Members, and Staff, accept this responsibility and pledge to continue to discharge their duties for the Wolf Laurel community with a robust and renewed commitment to integrity, fiscal responsibility and transparency.