Completed Ballots Must Be Received in the WLRMS Office by Wednesday, August 15th, 4pm.

In accordance with the By-Laws, the Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowner’s Association, Inc. (WLRMS) Board of Directors will announce during the July Board of Directors meeting on Friday, July 20th at 10am, the following nominees as Candidates for Election as Directors:

James F. Klumpp

Carol Krueger

Lloyd Truett Parker

Daniel Morris

Larry Smith

Mike Stapleton

The biographies of the candidates are below and included in the voting materials package. In the event that anyone qualifies by petition under the guidelines in the By-Laws, that person(s) will be added to the ballot.

The voting materials, including the ballots, will be mailed to all property owners who are fully current in their annual assessments on July 23, 2018.

If you prefer to pick up the voting materials at the WLRMS office (and not have them mailed to your permanent address), please alert the office by sending an email to, or via USPS mail to 63 Village Lane, Mars Hill, N.C. 28754.

Please Note: Your email/USPS letter must state that you do not want your election material mailed and that you will pick it up at the WLRMS office between July 23,2018  and August 15, 2018 during regular office hours. Your request must be received no later than July 20, 2018 to prevent your package being mailed to your permanent address. In order to ensure election integrity, you will be asked to present a photo ID and provide your signature when you pick up your voting materials.

Please return the ballot(s) in the envelope provided as soon as possible after you receive them.

Complete ballots must be received in the WLRMS office by Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 4pm.

Reminder: Each property owner who is current in annual assessments will receive one ballot for each lot without a home on it. Each property owner who is current in annual assessments will receive two ballots for each lot with a home built on it.

The WLRMS Board urges all property owners to exercise your vote for those you want to represent your interests on the WLRMS Board.




 Download printable copy here


James F. Klumpp came to the Wolf Laurel community in 2016.  He and Yvonne Carignan live on Upper Haw Drive.

James is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Communication University of Maryland where he taught for thirty years.  He has studied and taught in Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, and Nebraska as well as Maryland.  He served as chair of his academic department on two occasions and director of several specific academic programs.  He also served several national organizations in a number of offices including president and treasurer.

James enjoys woodworking as a hobby, and hiking and walking the Wolf Laurel roads and many other hiking trails in Western North Carolina.  Yvonne served in many capacities as a public and academic librarian and currently is in charge of the WLPOA library located in the barn.  He and Yvonne love Wolf Laurel, the opportunities it provides for recreation and the kindness and fellowship they have encountered during their two years full-time on the mountain.

To James as a former academic, meetings have been a way of life for him.  Therefore, he approaches them with emphasis on civility, listening, common sense, and efficiency, in that order.  He looks forward to serving the Wolf Laurel community as he can be useful.



Carol and her husband began traveling to Wolf Laurel 17 years ago.  First renting for a week at a time, then several weeks and then 6 months.  In 2011, they bought a home for summer vacations and finally, in 2012, became year-round residents.

Before moving to Wolf Laurel, Carol lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  While there, she and husband, Paul, started a public relations-advertising company, where they worked together for 25 years.  Carol then decided it was time to start another company, a moving coordinating business.  For the next 15 years, she enjoyed helping people move.

Volunteering has always been part of Carol’s life.  She has been, among other activities:  Girl Scout leader, Elder in Ft. Lauderdale First Presbyterian Church, President and Treasurer of Ft. Lauderdale Cystic Fibrosis, Treasurer of EE Chapter of P.E.O., and Vice President of Bayview P.T.A.  Since becoming a resident of Wolf Laurel: Chair for four years and Treasurer for two years, of Wolf Laurel Women’s Golf Association; committee chair/member of Security Committee for three years; board member of Roads, Maintenance and Security; member of Wolf Laurel Country Club membership committee; and volunteer for a variety of committees for WLCC social events.

As a fulltime resident, Carol has had an opportunity to truly appreciate the challenges Roads and Security face.  Her goals include fairly and evenly enforcing the Covenants, Rules and Regulations that govern Wolf Laurel, maintaining a secure and safe community, and implementing the long-range plans.



Daniel Morris and his wife Natalie are new members to the Wolf Laurel community and are very excited to make new friends and help create lasting, positive change for the area and community.  Since 2009 Daniel has worked for Mars Hill University as the Director of Student Involvement and Campus Recreation.  During summer holidays Daniel is a whitewater kayak instructor for Camp Rockmont, an all-boys Christian camp in Black Mountain.  During the winter months Daniel works as a volunteer ski patrol member with Wolf Ridge, and also serves on multiple risk management committees throughout the outdoor industry.  Prior to working in North Carolina Daniel worked for Renegade Supergrafix as the organization’s Business Manager where he managed a multi-million-dollar budget designed to refinish the world’s most extravagant mega-yachts.  In Dan’s earlier life he earned a Degree from Lees-McRae College in Business Administration, with a Concentration in Outdoor Leadership, then later a Master’s Degree in Science, Environmental Education from Montreat College.  The past year that Dan and Natalie have lived in the neighborhood they have enjoyed skiing in the winter, fall hikes on Big Bald and summer afternoons by the village’s pool.  They feel that this community provides their dream home and they look forward to making many wonderful friends and memories as the years continue.



Personal History:  Lloyd was born in Lufkin, Texas, grew up in Yerington, Nevada and graduated from high school in Pineville Kentucky.  He first visited Wolf Laurel 1976 to look at a lot his college girlfriend Susan’s father had purchased on Flame Azalea Lane.  After marrying Susan, and a job move to Kingsport, TN, Lloyd and Susan spent many weekends in the early 1980’s helping Susan’s parents build their home at Wolf Laurel.  In 1996 Lloyd and Susan became the property owners of the mountain cabin they had helped build on Flame Azalea, but distance, employment and raising their three children rarely allowed them to visit Wolf Laurel.  Since retirement in 2010 the Parkers have been able to spend almost six months of each year at Wolf Laurel.  Even during the winter, while residing in Susan’s home town of Leesburg, FL, there always seem to be reasons to return to Wolf Laurel, not the least of which being their six grandchildren living within short driving distance of Bald Mountain.

Education:  Lloyd graduated from Carson-Newman University in 1976 with a BA degree in History and Political Science.  During his working career Lloyd obtain a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation.

Work Experience:  After a brief time working for Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company, Lloyd was hired by State Farm Insurance Company and worked for them 31 years, until his retirement in 2010.  He began as a claims adjuster and then held rising levels of leadership positions in both claims and underwriting, spending his last eight working years at an executive level in their corporate offices in Bloomington, Il.  Lloyd’s career took him from Kingsport, TN, to Knoxville, TN, to St. Louis, MO, to Kansas City, Mo, to Dallas, TX and finally to Bloomington.

Current Professional Affiliation:  Since 2002 Lloyd has continuously served on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Mine Subsidence Reinsurance Fund, located in Chicago, IL.  IMSIF is a for profit reinsurance company that serves the property and casualty industry in Illinois by insuring the peril of mine subsidence.  During 2008 and 2009 Lloyd served as chairman of the board.

Hobbies and Interests:  You will not spend much time with Lloyd before he will risk having your eyes glaze over by making some comment about woodworking.  In addition, Lloyd loves to play pickle ball, ride bicycles, hike and read books – mostly historical in nature.

Qualification for RMS Board Membership: Beginning with Lloyd’s long association with Wolf Laurel and its history, his work in leadership at State Farm and his current board membership at IMSIF, make him uniquely prepared to work with and support the RMS board.

Lloyd and Susan are members of the Property Owners Association and The Village Club.

He hopes that serving on the Roads and Security board will give him the opportunity to help ensure that the community is able to maintain its infrastructure in a way that will allow it to continue to grow while preserving the unique beauty that makes Wolf Laurel special.



Larry Smith is currently completing a three year term on the Wolf Laurel Road and Security Board.  He has served as President for two of those three years.  He is also serving as President of the Upper Laurel Community Organization (Ebbs Chapel Auditorium).  He has in the past served on the board of the Wolf Laurel Property Owners Association.  Larry is an active member of the Bright Hope Laurel United Methodist Church and has served as a facilitator for both the Blackberry and the Apple Butter Festivals.  He plays an active role in both the Monday and Friday night events sponsored by the Village Club.

Over the past three years the Board has evolved to a more responsive and open Board.  We now meet 24 times a year and all meetings are open to the public.  This year the Board requested an independent audit of the books as opposed to an annual financial report.  The financial condition of the community has improved as the Board now has a contingency fund adequate to meet an unanticipated crisis.  While continuing to restore our infrastructure, we have managed to also restore the salary and benefits of our employees to assure that our staff is capable of meeting community expectations.  The Board has in the past three years created an equipment reserve, which allows the Board to replace equipment while avoiding interest payments.  Going forward, we should continue to support fiscally conservative policies to avoid indebtedness.

The Board was compelled to maintain a standard of security for the community despite the loss of the Director of Security through death.  This transition was handled smoothly.  Going forward the Board will continue to seek that balance between security and reasonable access; and the balance between safety and uncomfortable regulation.  The public nature of our meetings will allow the Board to assess the community’s outlook in these matters.

Finally there is the issue of “How to achieve a brighter future for Wolf Laurel?”  Each year in which Larry was President, he hosted a meeting for the leadership of the various entities which comprise Wolf Laurel.  While Wolf Laurel Roads and Security will play a role in making this possible, Larry is committed to the principle that it will be a shared responsibility.  If we all pull together in tandem, much can be accomplished.  Blue Mountain, the Preserve, the Country Club, and the Property Owners Association all benefit if we can join our efforts towards a common goal.  This year the topic of discussion was centered on marketing Wolf Laurel.  WLRMS hopes to produce the fruit of that discussion.



Mike was born in Miami, Florida and attended High School there until he graduated and moved to Orlando Florida to attend UCF.

Mike met his wife in Orlando while working at UPS and they frequently vacationed in North Carolina.  Because of the beauty of the area and the friendly people, they bought their first property in Black Mountain and later in Wolf Laurel.  Mike and Ginny would often bring their two children to vacation in North Carolina, camping and exploring around the Blue Ridge and Mt. Pisgah forest areas.

Mike worked at UPS for 25 years and then took a position with the Teamsters Union serving as President and Secretary Treasurer in Florida. He has served on the Board of the UPS Teamster Pension Fund and a Legal Defense Fund for Law Enforcement Officers involved in critical Incidents.  Mike led and conducted contract negotiations with Walt Disney World and UPS and numerous other smaller Companies.

Mike also served as President of his own Home Owners Association in Oviedo, FL.

Mike retired in 2016 and lives full time in Wolf Laurel with his wife Ginny.  Mike enjoys hiking and outdoor activities and spending time traveling between here and Florida to visit their daughter and three grandchildren and also his son and his wife in Charlotte.

Mike and Ginny are members of the Property Owners Association and The Village Club.  Mike believes that it is tantamount that as an Association we maintain and improve our Community so as to bring a positive value and experience to our members and their families.