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The meeting was called to order by President Smith at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance in person: Kessler, Krueger, McCaghren, Simmons

Directors in attendance by phone: Moeller, Pendleton, Romero, Smith

POA Liaison in attendance by phone: Veatch

Directors absent: Parker

Staff in attendance: Connor, Porche’, Wyatt

Audience: 4 in attendance




Approval of the Consent Agenda


  1.  Minutes of January 18, 2019
  2. Accept the Road Report as Presented – 2-6-2019 Roads Report here
  3. Accept the Security Report as Presented – 2-6-2019 Security Report here


McCaghren made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion carried 8 – 0.

Finance: Louise Wyatt


Wyatt reported the only change in the balance sheet was the purchase of the truck.

Collection of billed 2019 assessments: Collected 40% of lots and 55% of homes.

McCaghren reported he has verified the bank reconciliation.

Krueger moved to accept the finance report. Simmons seconded. Motion passed 8 – 0.

McCaghren added RMS has received Blue Mountain’s payment as reflected by their books.

WLPOA Liaison – Larry Veatch


The POA Valentine’s Day event is tonight, February 15th.

The POA St. Patrick’s Day event is scheduled for March 15th.

There is a hot water supply at the sink (near the library) in the Village Club Community Center.

The POA is considering adding a hot water supply at the Pavilion.

The POA discussed the guest program using ambassadors. Veatch plans to meet with Earlene Shofi to discuss what has been tried in the past and will report back.


Standing Committee Reports

Communications and Community Relations: Larry Smith


Smith reported that he has been responding to emails that have resulted from the billing of the 2019 assessments.

The repaving of Wolf Laurel Rd. will be an upcoming event that will create a major communication’s project (email and direct mail).


Finance/Insurance: Willie Romero and David Pendleton


Insurance: Pendleton reported there is insurance coverage for committee members just as there is for board members through the WLRMS’s E & O policy. He also said it was not necessary to publicly announce each committee member in a board meeting in order for them to be covered.

Finance: Romero reported he had no action items to report on.


Romero asked Louise to update the board on the status of the accountant’s review. Louise said she sent them a trial balance explaining any differentials of 10%. She has not heard back from them. Wyatt also reported that the insurance auditor came and conducted the payroll audit.


Resolution to Approve Carryover of Funds for IRS Records


Smith read the Resolution for Carryover Funds. Resolution here


Simmons made a motion to adopt the resolution. Kessler seconded. Motion carried 8 – 0.


Legal: Brent McCaghren


  1. WWTP – No Report
  2. Trademark Issue Update – To be carried over to Executive Session.

Roads: Willie Romero

(Read into minutes by Larry Smith)


Discussion of Resurfacing Wolf Laurel Road


The Roads Committee is working on a recommendation to repair and resurface Wolf Laurel Road.


We have obtained a preliminary estimate from a contractor who has proposed resurfacing with asphalt which would be compacted to.1.5 inches. The cost for the two mile stretch from the front gate to the intersection of Wolf Laurel Road and Ridgeway is $288,550.


At the request of the Board, we are obtaining a quote from engineering firms to evaluate the road; make recommendations; and provide oversight. Request for proposals were sent to three firms. The RFP outlined the scope of the project and requested a response by February 25.


The board will then evaluate the proposals and decide whether to proceed to the next step which would be to have the selected firm inspect and evaluate the road and make a recommendation by March 25.


The committee recommends repairs and resurfacing be done this spring. Ideally the work would be finished by mid-May.


Recommend establishing an ad-hoc committee to explore funding options. The funds from this project could be in part covered from prior year income/reserves. The remainder could be paid through voluntary contributions; private and/or commercial loans; and/or a onetime special assessment if it becomes necessary.


The board discussed whether or not to hire an engineering firm through a bidding process and what kind of information RMS would want that firm to supply.


Smith summarized how we got to where we are with WL Road and how to proceed forward. Smith said we have raised half of what is needed, but the road is deteriorating quicker than expected so we need to expedite raising the other half. Three options on raising the other half are as follows: Contributions from the entire Wolf Laurel Community, lending agency willing to finance the project or a special assessment.


Krueger made a motion to authorize the Communications Committee to make a solicitation through contributions and that the solicitation will be wide in terms of the outreach (all of Wolf Laurel’s communities inside the gate). Anyone who contributes will be credited for the amount they contributed if there is a special assessment (they will not be expected to pay twice).

Simmons seconded. Motion carried 8 – 0.


Romero made a motion by email on February 25, 2019 to sell the 2005 GMC 2500 for $600.  Moeller seconded. Motion carried 8-0


Security: Krueger and Parker


Krueger reported the Security Committee met Monday, February 11th and went over its 2019 goals.


Porche’ has been tasked with making the Security Policy and Procedure Manual up-to-date which is moving along. Jim DeLoatch has been working alongside Porche’ in completing this. The manual will be ready by the agreed date.

We are waiting for good weather to continue with the back gate security system installation.

The installation of the new cameras and monitor for the front gate began February 14th.

The committee is asking that quarterly e-blasts be sent out to update and education the community on security policies and other concerns that might arise. Four topics that were identified were the speed policy, guest policy, information about the camera and audio system at the front gate and the Preserve gate and fire safety.

Krueger said that the gate house is in need of improvements. Krueger, Simmons, Porche’ and DeLoatch will be looking at the gate house and developing a list of needs.

Property/Facilities: Jim Simmons


Simmons reported that there is not a start date from the contractor for the drain field because of weather. Simmons will be meeting with Orville to locate his lines and flag them.

Simmons is coordinating a meeting with all the entities that will be involved in installing the water tank at the club that will be used for a water source for the fire department.

The RMS office building is being reviewed. Electrical and heating are being looked at.


ARB: Mike Stapleton


Stapleton reported that the ARB Committee met with Jered Silver last week.

He reported, since last meeting, there are:

2 pending minor exterior applications

2 tree applications

1 pending new construction application


He reminded everyone before work begins, call Jered and complete the necessary application.

Stapleton requested to meet with the board in executive session to present a proposal involving two homeowners.

Also, he reported that a letter has been sent out to a homeowner whose time has expired to complete their building project. The letter explained what the homeowner needed to do to comply, but he has not heard back from them.


Long Range Planning: Cynthia Kessler


Presentation of Standing Committee Guidelines

Committees job description here

Kessler made a motion for the board to approve the committee descriptions submitted by the Long Range Planning Committee (see attached) and that the descriptions are included in the notebook of the organization as well as noted in Article II of WLRMS’s Policies and Procedures under Committee Descriptions. Smith seconded. Motion carried 8 – 0.


Kessler said the committee is still working on the Reserve Study.

Old Business:




New Business:




Audience Comments:


Jim DeLoatch expressed his concerns about the uninvited guest proposal in the last board meeting. He is opposed to this proposal.


Next work session is Wednesday, March 6, 2019 @ 10:00am


Board meeting is Friday, March 15, 2019 @ 10:00am


The meeting was adjourned by President Smith.


Respectfully submitted,


Willie Romero, Secretary