(April 21, 2017) WOLF LAUREL, N.C. — The Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowners’ Association (WLRMS) Board of Directors recognized the importance of creating a Wolf Laurel community Long Range Plan when its July, 2016, Community Survey No. 2 showed that 89.77 percent of the survey’s 343 participants supported “the development of an inclusive Long Range Plan to help ensure financial stability and operational excellence for all communities within Wolf Laurel.”

The WLRMS Board formed the Long Range Planning Committee in fall, 2016. The Committee was charged with taking a long range view of important issues and considerations that could make a positive impact on the Wolf Laurel community’s future. The Committee participated in meetings, conference calls, a work session with the WLRMS Board and it conducted a community-wide survey that ran Nov. 11-20, 2016, which drew 180 thoughtful responses. The Committee and the Board thank the community for their enthusiastic support of this initiative.

The Committee believes that improving Wolf Laurel’s future requires three key pillars of progress: 

  1. Development of a long-range WLRMS capital plan to ensure adequate resources to safeguard, maintain, improve and grow the community.
  1. Development and implementation of a comprehensive, community-wide Wolf Laurel marketing plan that will dramatically improve Wolf Laurel’s positioning as a residential and vacation community.
  1. A recombination/merger of WLRMS, the Wolf Laurel Property Owners Association and participating community homeowners associations from the current inefficient and needlessly complex model into one less-expensive, cohesive, more efficient and effective organization that respects and fairly reflects the voices of all community stakeholders.

Members of the Long Range Planning Committee are WLRMS President and Executive Committee member John Beneke, Vice President and Executive Committee member John Ames, Ken Faliero and Mel Poole.


Wolf Laurel RMS Mission Statement

The Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowner’s Association is responsible for safeguarding and improving the roads, security, safety, infrastructure, neighborhood architectural standards, natural resources and quality of life of its property owners. WLRMS Officers, Board and Committee Members, and Staff, accept this responsibility, and pledge to continue to discharge their duties for the Wolf Laurel community with a robust and renewed commitment to integrity, fiscal responsibility and transparency.

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