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The meeting was called to order by President Smith at 10:00 A.M.


Directors in attendance in person:  Kessler, McCaghren, Moeller, Shook, Smith

Directors in attendance by telephone:  Pendleton, Romero, Simmons

Directors absent: Krueger

Staff in attendance: Brown, Connor, Porche’, Wyatt

Audience: 7 in attendance


Minutes: Upon motion by McCaghren and seconded by Shook, the Minutes of January 19. 2018 meeting were approved 7–0.


Finance:  Louise Wyatt


Wyatt presented the financial report and balance sheet for January 2018. Balance sheet and income/expense show business as usual. Homes are 95.6 % collected and lots are 87.6% collected through December 2017. Road Maintenance is at 84% of their operating expense and at 112% of their administrative expense (it was noted that there was an extra payroll in the final month due to the calendar) Security is at 94% of their operating expense and at 76% of their administrative expense. December 2017 was in line with December 2016.

Wyatt reported we have collected $70,000 more this January over last January.

Moeller introduced Lori Sherrill, the auditor from Tim Thomas, CPA LLC.


Roads:  Jason Brown

(written report read into the minutes edited to condense)

Since last report: Wolf Laurel has received 6 inches of snow, 1 inch of ice, and 6.63 inches of rain which has made the bad situation with some of our thawed out damaged gravel roads worse.

Gravel:” since last report  30 loads of #467 1” Clean stone, 28 loads of #3  4” ballast stone, 7 loads of ¾” ABCM road bond , and 2 loads of ¼” p gravel have been delivered and stockpiled at the English Ridge stockpile.”       A total of 67 loads since last report have been delivered and stockpiled.

“Since last report 11 loads of #3 ballast stone have been spread and graded on May Apple Ln.  along with 3 loads of #467 clean stone. 14 loads of stone total on May Apple Ln.  6 loads on Phacelia Ln.       6 loads on Buckeye Rd.    3 loads on Puncheon Ln.     3 loads on Buck House Rd.      2 loads on Flame Azalea Ln.  4 loads on Oakridge Ln. 5 loads on English Ridge 4 loads on Upper Haw 4 loads on Lookout “  A total of 51 loads have been spread and graded since last report

Salt: since last report 24 hopper loads of 1part salt, 1part screenings, and 1 part p-gravel have been spread on the paved roads to remove ice and snow. WLRM has received all 75 tons of salt in our annual salt contract. We have approximately 30 tons of pure salt stored and 80 tons of mix stored which depending on weather conditions should be enough to get us into 2019 winter.


Mixed salt. Hauled in and spread stone on muddy roads where possible. Graded down muddy ruts where possible. Rolled roads where possible. Installed temporary signs to warn traffic of muddy conditions on the gravel roads. Pushed snow and salted roads. Fixed down or damaged road signs. Cleaned culverts and drainages. Broke ice up where possible on gravel roads with equipment.


Cleaned, serviced, greased, and oiled down all equipment. Fixed injector leak on CAT backhoe and discovered a water pump leak that will have to be repaired by CAT. A replacement LP7.5ft Meyers snow plow has been purchased to replace the plow on the yellow Chevy due to a vehicle accident with a contractor. Replaced 4 hydraulic lines on the CAT 272 skidsteer. Purchased and installed warning beacons on all snow removal equipment. Installed new front brakes and repaired brake lines on yellow Chevy. The 7095 Mahindra demo tractor was brought back from the service department but is now back at the service department with what they call a possible catastrophic pump failure and they are working on a new design.

Traffic Calming Devices: A proposal has been forwarded to the board to straighten out and lengthen the cross section of the devices and is the recommendation of WLRM to WLS. This work cannot be accomplished until the asphalt plant opens back up toward the end of next month but can be scheduled for the beginning of April.

Romero asked if the insurance company has contacted us about the accident involving our snow plow. Brown said they have been in contact.

Smith said he spoke with Brown about purchasing more gravel and will be speaking with Simmons.


Security:  Ken Porche’

(Written report read into the minutes)

We have had a pretty event filled month.

We have assisted several motorist, gas company deliveries, and breakdowns.

Had a homeowner slid out of driveway almost turned over, got a tow truck to him before he lost his car down the bank.

House on Trillium have cameras and saw people around their house, roving investigated found nothing.

Welfare check on homeowner on MountainTop Roving responded, found foot prints in snow which went about 50 ft and disappeared.

Welfare check on house on Grouse Thicket, found to be ok.

Had a car piggy back through gate during rush, roving was called and car was found at ski lodge and escorted to gate.

Had security breech at front gate, someone forced way into front gate office and then entered property.

Roving was called back in, I was called back in, we began search for suspect, he departed but returned ½ hour later and he was detained.

We have a couple new employees in training at the gate, also a new roving training.

There was a break-in at 423 Grouse Thicket. The Yancey County Sheriff’s Department was called in and is investigating. There was nothing taken and the homeowner was notified.


Committee Reports


Communications & Community RelationsLarry Smith

Smith addressed the mail box shortage issue on the mountain. According to Smith, Blue Mountain owns 44 mail boxes that are not being used, but there are 30 Blue Mountain residents that are using RMS mail boxes who should be using the Blue Mountain mail boxes. Romero will contact Barry Vaughn, Blue Mountain HOA President, to see if they would be willing to open their 44 unused mail boxes to those who need a box. This would require Blue Mountain to turn the keys to the mail boxes over to the Post Office just as RMS has done.


Insurance / Finance Committee: Dick Moeller and David Pendleton

Compensation Committee met before the Board Meeting.
Several board members will be meeting with the auditor at some point.


Legal: Brent McCaghren and Cynthia Kessler

2018 Assessment went out. They are due February 1st but will not be collected as delinquent until the end of February. We will start collecting assessments due for 2017 and 2018 at the end of February.

McCaghren and Smith went to an attorney for assistance in the documenting of the sale of the WWTP.


Security: Eddie Shook – Interim Security Chair

Shook asked everyone to remember Carol and her family in the passing of her husband, Paul.

Shook reported that Ken is working with the Buck House and IT person to get the cameras and monitors online at the back entrance. He hopes by the next workshop they will have numbers as to what it will actually cost.


Road Maintenance & Equipment:  Jim Simmons

First of all, I would like to thank Jason and his crew for all the non-gratifying work they have been doing through the adverse weather conditions we have been experiencing this Winter. These freeze, thaw, rain, and, snow situations are very difficult to deal with in maintaining our inherited substandard roads. Most of the graded roads are only slightly better than what would be classified as unimproved and some would probably be classified unimproved. This and having to contend with heavy construction vehicles and gas deliveries. With more year round residents the problem is compounded. Use and expectations go up. It’s a lot like our national system, people complain but do not want to spend any money to address the issue. We certainly welcome the input from all property owners as to their road concerns and will prioritize them in the best interest of the overall road maintenance for the entire MT. within the constraints of our budget. In addition to maintaining the roads, under these adverse conditions. You just cannot grade muck. The only grading done under these conditions is to try and smooth out ruts prior to a freeze. It is not possible to stabilize a base under these conditions. The “PLAN B”, “3 Year Road Plan” will be upgraded, after Winter, when we have a realistic understanding of the damage done this past year with the rain washouts and Winter damage. The Roads Committee is looking into a “Plan C” were it may be possible to expedite the Roads improvement time line. Yes, It will cost more money. The proposal submitted by Akut-Abuv Paving Services for May Apple Lane is being reviewed and a response will be available at the next Board meeting.


Property and Facilities:  Dick Moeller

Moeller met with Walker Ferguson who said that above the pond is the best place to put the septic system for both the POA and RMS.  A flow rate study has to be conducted and engineers may need to be brought in. It will be 2 – 3 months before design can begin.

Shook suggested that we ask the engineer for all system options, even more expensive ones, so we can make an informed decision.

The mechanical breakdown of the existing waste water treatment plant was caused by a minor electrical issue with one pump and has been repaired.


ARB:  Steve McKnight

McKnight reported ARB received 1 Minor, 3 Major, 1 Interior and 1 Tree applications.

The total number of applications approved in 2017 was 124. This compares to 18 in 2015 and 48 in 2016.

Smith reported that he checked with a few comparable communities to research how they handled construction in winter months and discovered that these other communities ban construction in the winter.  This is an alternative the ARB may consider, but Smith asked the ARB committee to look into having two different major and new construction permits, one being a seasonal permit for summer and fall using the current road deposit. The other permit would be an annual permit that could be used any time of year including winter, but would require a road deposit of $25,000. He stressed that we need to protect our roads.


Long Range Planning:  Larry Smith and Cynthia Kessler 

Kessler reported that she had met with the chairmen of several committees regarding updating each committee’s section of the long range plan, and reminded committee members to return marked up drafts to her for inclusion.

Smith reported that he spoke with the auditor and indicated to them that he wanted them to come up with the best business practices for good financial management and to help us establish a system that serves us well now and into the future making sure we get maximum value for the dollars that are invested.


POA Liaison:  Larry Smith

Smith reported the contract on the WWTP had a last minute amendment, which was approved by the RMS and POA, to reduce the time from 2 years to 1 year to use the WWTP at no charge and to get our septic system built.


Old Business:


Snowplow Purchase

McCaghren made a motion to re-affirm electronic vote to authorize snowplow blade purchase and was seconded by Moeller. A vote was taken: 7 – yes, 0 – no.

Approve Modification to WWTP Agreement

McCaghren moved to approve modification to WWTP Agreement with buyer (24 month time for completion reduced to 12 months).  Seconded by Moeller. A vote was taken: 7 –yes, 0 – no.


Authorize Staff to Implement a Correction to Speed Bumps

Brown listed the three options.

  1. Add asphalt apron to speed bumps to make a more gentle transition making them 90 degrees. This will still slow traffic down. $3200
  2. Grinding down speed bumps. Does not eliminate the rocking problem. Contractor advises against this option.
  3. Completely get rid of speed bumps. $1800 – $2000

Smith recommended that the Board choose option 1 and request that the money come out of Security reserves since this was not a budgeted item which requires a vote of 6 board members.

McCaghren moved that the Board approve Option 1 which was to add asphalt to the traffic calming devices to straighten them out and to provide a less aggressive transition. Shook seconded.

Romero asked if this option included drainage work. Smith said it did not and that we were going to have to wait to see if there will be a drainage problem.

A vote was taken: 7 – yes, 0 – no.

Moeller made a motion that paying for Option 1 comes out of Security reserves. Smith seconded.

Smith called for a roll-call vote: Smith – yes, Moeller – yes, McCaghren – yes, Kessler – yes, Shook – yes, Romero – yes, and Pendleton – yes.


New Business:



Audience Comments:

Bobby Hicks, Wonderly Lane – Stated that there needs to be better communication between roads and security on road conditions and closings. He was concerned about gas companies not being allowed to deliver.

Jameson Cox, 615 May Apple –Stated that a straight trench drain should be put in on the back side of  the speed bumps when the speed bump correction is made.

Cox stated that the cost for repairing the roads depends the section of the road and the condition of that section of the road. He stated that RMS needs to start fixing the roads properly. He also said the best time to repair the roads is now because of the moisture content in the road. Cox commended the board for the work they are doing and for addressing the road condition problem.

Tony Martin, Woodfern – Asked if additional parcel lockers going to be make available for year round residents. He also asked when the back gate camera are installed, will the back gate personnel still be needed. He requested that the ARB check on the property at 300 Trillium because of debris left from construction. He also wanted to know how long it takes to get a response when a question or concern is submitted via the website.

Smith commented that we are working with the gas companies. We are trying to teach them how to navigate our roads when they deliver without tearing our roads up. We are also asking the gas companies to contact us 24 hours before they want to deliver so we can give them the conditions of our roads and give them a route that would be best for them to take.

Smith said there will not be open access at the gate and we will bar people at the gate. He will be working with staff at the gate to clear up some of the confusion.

Smith said we could not afford to put the trench drain in right now (the board did take it into consideration) and we’re hoping we don’t have a drainage problem when the correction on the speed bumps is made.

Smith assured the audience that RMS does know what they are doing concerning the roads. The problem is the cost. RMS is doing the best they can do with what they have.

Smith will look in parcel lockers.

Smith commented that the back gate personnel is a concern to RMS. Most of the monitoring of the back gate comes from our front gate. We are attempting to upgrade significantly our able to control entry through the back gate through communication and video.

Smith said he would look into the website comment form issue.

The Board went into Executive Session.

The meeting was adjourned by President Smith.

Next RMS HOA Board meeting is scheduled March 16, 2018, at 10:00 A.M.

Respectfully submitted, Cynthia Kessler, Secretary