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The meeting was called to order by President Beneke at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance in person: Beneke, McCaghren, McKnight, Romero    

Directors in attendance by telephone:  Foster, Moeller, Smith 

Directors absent: Ames, Potts    

Staff in attendance:  Wyatt, Gwozdo, Brown, Porche, Connor

Audience: 17 in attendance



Upon motion made by McCaghren and seconded by McKnight, the Minutes of April 21, 2017 were approved.


Finance:  Louise Wyatt

Wyatt reported the December 2016 year-end adjustments have been entered and the December 2016 financials have been replaced on the website. The 2017 budget has been entered and January 2017, February 2017 and March 2017 financials are now on the website.

Home collections for RMS are more than this time last year. Lot collections are less than they were this time last year. The amount billed vs. what has been collected; Homes 93% collected and Lots 77% collected.

Operation expenses compared to last year:

Road Maintenance – Drainage and fuel are where they were at this time last year. Overall, operations and expenses are about 30% of the budget.

Security – Maintenance and repair are more than last year at this time because of several equipment repairs; barcode computer, truck repair and the purchase of tires for the jeep. Overall, operation and expenses are about 30% of the budget.

Administrative expenses – Will be over budget due to depreciation of equipment added in 2016. This was not figured in at the time the budget was prepared. Administrative expenses for roads are at 37% of the budget and are at 34% of the budget for security.


Roads:  Jason Brown

Only items listed in “  “ will be brought up in the board meeting.

Since Last Report:

“Wolf Laurel has received 7.78 inches of rain including two severe weather events resulting in minor flooding, moderate road damage, moderate drainage damage, and minor tree damage.”


“Re-graded, crowned, and compacted all gravel roads.”

“Swept and removed all storm debris and aggregate from all paved roads.”

“Installed shoulder stone along pavement edges on all paved roads with the exception of Lower El Minor and Hampton Gap due to drainage issues.”

Wolf Laurel Road used 8 loads of ABCM, McKinney Gap used 3 loads of ABCM, and Big Bald used 2 loads of ABCM. 13 loads total.

“The Wolf Laurel Road culvert replacement project has been completed. All culverts that can be replaced in house have been replaced and all crossings have been paved” 11 in total.

“WLRM has installed 2 new culverts on Glenn Aire; and 1 on McKinney Gap.”

“WLRM has re-graded the ditches on Oakridge Ln.”

“WLRM has re-graded the ditches, the roadway, and day lighted the trees on Glenn Aire. Glenn Aire will be re-graveled as soon as the water company is done with water line repairs.”

“Lower El Miner has received 8 pavement repairs; Valley View has received 3 pavement repairs; Village Ln has received 2 pavement repairs and McKinney Gap had 1 culvert crossing repaved.”

“The road to the top of the Bald has one rough spot in it below the AT and will be repaired asap.” Due to the dump truck being in the shop, WLRM cannot bring material up to the site to repair it correctly at this time but we will blade it down for the time being.


“The Ford L-9000 dump truck has had some drive train issues that have been repaired and is now at the CAT service center for fuel pump issues.”  These fuel pump repairs may be significant and may surpass my spending limit and need board approval.  The RM committee has been informed of the issue and will keep the board updated.

“The CAT 305 excavator is having a boom cylinder bypass issue and will be repaired by CAT as soon as I get the part off of the machine and to the service center.”

“The search for a replacement for the 2006 dodge truck is ongoing.”

“All other equipment is serviced and in good working order.”

New tires have been installed on the CAT 272 skidsteer and the Black GMC truck.

The glass on the Mahindra tractor has been replaced along with other warranty work.

Fire Prevention:

WLRMS has been contacted by the FIREWISE organization to set up a town hall meeting with the community and would like to speak with the board about the organization.

Orvel English has made contact regarding swapping out rental of his equipment to offset what he owes in assessments. This equipment would be used for the fire prevention project.

The work to be done on WLCC property in coordination with WLRMSHOA for fire prevention has been put on hold until the golf season is over.


Security:  Sandy Gwozdo

The Security Committee and the Security Staff are pleased to announce the addition of Melanie McGalliard to our staff.  She will be working Security Patrol and is completing her training with Ken Porche.  Melanie has 16 years’ experience with the Army Military Police where she attained the rank of sergeant. She has extensive training in security, security management and implementation. She has vast experience in training subordinates and international soldiers. She has led military police teams in support of battlefield, convoy, and prison operations. She has 3 years’ experience as a EO Representative with the U.S. Army 105th MP, BN, working closely with senior officers to ensure a safe work environment.

She is happy to be close to home and working in the public safety field.  She is familiarizing herself with the roads and property owners of our community.  She will soon be a familiar face to all.  Wave her down and say hello.

Melanie’s addition rounds out our Patrol schedule and allows a two-man coverage when required.

  1. Porche responded to a home on Unakite when the Gate was alerted that a propane tank slid down a bank. He assessed the situation, called 911 and stood by for the arrival of Ebbs Chapel Fire Dept. The gas was turned off. The property owner was notified.


  1. Porche responded to Upper Haw for a report of tree in power lines. Found that the lines were phone not electric and called Frontier.


  1. The DOS was called to check a possible fire. It was discovered two lights had been left on all night. From above the lights, they appeared strange due to the wind blowing branches across the lights.


  1. Our summer residents are returning, the WLCC is open and traffic is picking up. Foliage is curtailing line of sight on our roads. Slow done and drive safely. Let’s have a safe, fun season.


We are fortunate to have Suehonor Connor in the office.  She is highly competent and has assumed the duties assisting Bob Super with the ARB and all emails and website events.  She coordinates with senior staff. The office has never run so smoothly.  The DOS is now free to concentrate on security issues and assist in office as needed.


Upon motion made by Romero and seconded by McCaghren, the staff reports were accepted.


Committee Reports

Communications & Community Relations: John Ames

  1. Long Range Planning Committee Report – an email announcing that the LRP Report had been presented to the Board and approved by the Board in the April Board meeting and posted on the WLRMS website was distributed to all property owners who have provided their emails to the WLRMS office. The LRP Report was also posted on the website.

Insurance / Finance Committee:  Willie Romero

No Report

Legal: Sharon Foster


Trademark Issues
These issues will require some conversation at the next work session.  I will circulate a memo prior to that time.

Policies With Respect to Standing Committees
Proposed protocol regarding standing committees will be submitted for review and discussion at next work session.

Town Hall Proposal
I have circulated a proposal for summer 2017 Town Hall meetings.  I urge the Board to adopt this proposal or some alternative, but to do so now as the summer is upon us.  As this is not a policy issue, no formal Board vote is required and the decision may be made by email consensus.

Covenant Violations
The board has decided to address the long standing covenant violations that previous boards did not address. Security will provide a list of violations and a letter will be sent to the homeowners asking for their voluntary cooperation.

Collections: Brent McCaghren

No Report

Road Maintenance & Equipment: Charlie Potts

No Report

Security:  Becky McKnight 

At the April RMS Board meeting a property owner alleged that the RMS Director of Security violated the Covenants by giving permission to a property owner to operate a commercial business from their residence. This was a serious charge that required investigation.  It was determined that two other RMS staff members were present when this issue was raised by the property owner.  Each was interviewed separately, and both verify that the Director of Security clearly stated that commercial operations are not permitted on residential property.  The three members of the Security Committee and the President of the Board met to review and reach a determination on this matter.  All present at the meeting agreed that the allegation made at the April meeting has no merit.  Accordingly, no further investigation is deemed necessary.

Property and Facilities:  Larry Smith & Dick Moeller 

Inspection of the RMS Office Building will take place toward the end of May.

Meeting between the RMS and the POA concerning the waste water treatment plant will be held sometime in June. 

ARB:  Tom Wrenn

Since our April report, the new applications process under the AG have continued to function smoothly and effectively.

Project applications approved since our April reporting are:

5 Minor Apps Approved

3 Major Apps Approved

3 Tree Apps Approved

1 Tree App Pending

1 Major App Pending

1 Minor App Complete

1 Major App Complete


Bob Super, ARB Administrator, reports the following activity for the month:

  1. Tree work either in process  372 El Minor


  1. Pavement – pending 296 Spring Valley


  1. Minor exterior project (reroofing) – pending Sarvis Lane


  1. Projects in progress

840 McKinney Gap

868 English Ridge

735 Oakridge

591 Fox Den

61 Greer Way

17 Greer Way

271 El Miner

32 Zebulon

177 Double Back


  1. Possible

Birch Springs – new home

177 Granny Lewis – interior refurb

Summer activity is starting and the resident’s learning curve concerning compliance with the AG is progressing smoothly.  Thanks goes to our staff for all their hard work in making it happen.

Long Range Planning:  John Beneke  

The plan is to have all HOA Presidents participate in a Town Hall Meeting, a date to be determined in June.

POA Liaison:  John Beneke 

No Report

 Old Business:


New Business:

Dates need to be set for the Town Hall meetings. Suggested dates for the four meetings this summer are June 10, July 22, August 12, and September 9. These dates are Saturdays following the WLPOA meetings. Suggested topics are, but not limited to, Long Range Planning Committee Report, Vehicles Permitted on WL Roads, Meet the Candidates and Covenants.

Beneke will make his recommendations for the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors election at the next board meeting.

Audience Comments:

Audience member #1- Mountainside Townhome Association Board Member is concerned about the For Sale sign at the entrance of the Mountainside Townhomes and Mountainside Cottages. The Board Member wanted to know if the property in question is subject to the WL Covenants. The Mountainside Townhomes Board Member will get all relevant information to Foster to review.

Audience member #2 – Wanted clarification of whether the annual road assessment and the annual security assessment were the only assessments that could be billed to homeowners. Board members stated that the board could request a special assessment, but the WL property owners would vote on whether to support it or not. Special assessments would be a one-time authorization and would not be continuing or authorized beyond what was voted on by the community (Payment of the special assessments over a certain period of time could be requested).

Audience member #3 – Concerned about the amount of trees that were cut down on Glen Aire. Brown said it was part of the US Forest Service Day -Lighting Project. This project is to get day light onto the road to help with mud, preventing leaves from falling in the drainage, making the roads easier to maintain and creating a fire break. Brown took down only the trees that were hanging over the road and those that were damaged by the water line installation. Brown stated it is for the safety and maintenance of the mountain.

Audience member #4 – Wanted to know if there was a possibility of having the board meetings on Saturday. Beneke pointed out that accommodating everybody was not possible, but that the meetings are on the same day every month (3rd Friday).

Motion for adjournment was made by Romero. McCaghren seconded.

The meeting was adjourned.

 Next RMS HOA Board meeting is scheduled June 16, 2017, at 10:00 A.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Willie Romero

Secretary /Treasurer