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The meeting was called to order by President Smith at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance in person:  Smith, Simmons, Romero, McMillian, Parker, Pendleton, Kessler
Director in attendance via phone: Jantzen
Directors absent: McCagrhren
Staff in attendance: Connor, Porche’, Wyatt
Audience: 8 in attendance

Smith announced that Dick Moller had resigned as a director upon the sale of his property in Wolf Laurel.

Minutes: Upon motion made by Simmons and seconded by Parker, the Minutes of July 19, 2019 regular meeting and July 31, 2019 special meeting were approved.

Seating of the New Board: Smith welcomed new members Ron Stone, Tim Carrigan and Caron Jantzen. Smith recognized outgoing board members Moeller, McCagrhren and Romero for their service.

Election of Officers: Upon motions made and duly seconded the following officers were elected: Cynthia Kessler, President; Lloyd Parker, Vice President; Ron Stone, Treasurer, David Pendleton, Secretary.

Smith tendered a letter of resignation and was thanked for his service to the board.

Appointment to Fill Board Vacancy:  Upon motion made and duly seconded, Jim Klumpp was appointed to the board to fill the vacancy created by Smith’s resignation.

Finance Report:

The differences on the balance sheet are the sale of the WWTP which decreased the book value of the motel and the lot inventory increase one lot in lieu of 2019 assessments.

Collections: 96.62% of homes have been collected and 79.54% of lots have been collected.

Budget: Road maintenance is at 52% of their budget and security is at 54% of their budget.

Comparing July 2018 to July 2019, road maintenance is 11% more than this time last year and security is 6% more, but both are still within their budget.

Report on Contributions Received to Date:

Wyatt reported contributions received as of August 22, 2019 were $204,587.50. WLRMS had 332 (58.65%) homes and 12 lots to contribute. Blue Mountain had 48 (45%) homes contribute. Ridges had 8 homes and the Preserve had 2 homes to contribute. Seven businesses have contributed.

McCagrhren reported (via message) that he had reviewed the reconciliations and financial reports.  Upon motion made and duly seconded the financial reports were approved.

Committee Reports:

Road Report:  Romero presented Nathan Woody’s road report, copy attached.
Romero went over the schedule for resurfacing WL Road and the five year road plan. He wanted the minutes to reflect his deep appreciation for the road staff.

Security Report:  Ken Porche presented his written report, copy attached.

Communications:  Smith reported on the TOB article – what it mean to be a community owned community, on last month’s communications to the community and noted the need for additional upcoming eblasts concerning the road work and special assessment ballot.

Finance:  Romero reported wrapping up on year in review.

Security: Parker reported on status of new road map, issues concerning burning, and gate staff manual.

Facilities: Simmons reported on recent volunteer beautification project at the mailbox structure, schedule for water tank installation, need for roof on guard house, and initial assessment of the old Motel property for use as supplemental space for oversized packages.

ARB: Stapleton reported on visiting identified homes, construction sites, raised the need to coordinate enforcement actions and to coordinate road work with construction traffic.

LRP:  Kessler announced that the September 11 work session would be devoted in part to the reserve study and policy decisions for the board to decide upon.

POA Liaison: Veatch reported on package cabin, creek erosion control work, and road paving project.

Old Business

Request from WLCC and WLPOA for WLRMS to release names and addresses of new owners of homes in Wolf Laurel.  The board discussed that the requested information is public information readily accessible from public records, that the request was from, and the release would be limited to not for profit organizations who are stakeholders inside the gate, release would be without a fee, that prior boards had discussed a privacy policy to prevent the release of this information so this decision would create a policy departing from prior boards’ consensus on the issue.

Upon motion made and duly seconded, the motion passed.

New Business

Upon motion made and duly seconded the board re-affirmed the Conflict of Interest and Anti-Self-Dealing policy.

Upon motion made and duly seconded the board appointed the following signatories on all bank accounts in addition to Louise Wyatt: Jim Simmons, Ron Stone, and Steve McMillan.  The motion passed.

Upon motion made and duly seconded the board approved the following slate of committee chairmen:

ARB – Mike Stapleton, chairman;

Communications – Kessler, chairman, Klumpp and Carrigan members;

Facilities – Jim Simmons, chairman;

Finance – Caron Jantzen, chairman, Ron Stone member;

Long range planning – Kessler, chairman, Klumpp member;

Security – Lloyd Parker, chairman;

Roads – Steve McMillian, chairman;

Legal – Kessler, chairman;

Insurance – Pendleton, chairman


Audience Comments: The board received suggestions to create a liaison position with WLCC, to adapt to include those residents who work full time but wish to be active, to plan for future planning of road work, to address the package cabin overflow situation.


Executive Session:

The board addressed how to proceed regarding a request to purchase two lots by a prospective purchaser.

The board provided guidance to staff for the accounting of a voluntary contribution for an owner who sold and repurchased a home in Wolf Laurel.

The board consented to authorize staff to place owners in touch with an individual wishing to invest in distressed properties and/or properties in estates.

The board consented to grant an accommodation of a resident’s disability subject to certain conditions.


Next board meeting September 20, 2019 at 10:00am

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by David Pendleton, Secretary


Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance
Monthly Report

August 14, 2019

Since last report


  • Wolf Laurel has received 11.5 inches of rain that has caused 8 slides over the mountain. Three slides required bolder walls to be built in order to rebuild the shoulder of the road.
  • The NCFS daylighting project has been completed.
  • The Road crew replaced a culvert on Lucas Lane so the ditch line could be lowered where water has been ponding up during these hard rain storms.
  • The Road crew has been working on raising some of the roads where rain runoff has been causing major problems.


  • Had to replace the glass door on John Deere Tractor due to a mowing accident. The cost of that repair was $632.00. The glass and new rubber weather gasket had to be replaced.  Labor was performed by Road Maintenance crew.
  • Purchased a new set of tires for the Red 2008 Chevrolet. Cost was $626.40.
  • Road crew had a tractor accident while Rick was scraping roads. Rick was knocking the grass build up and a large rock off the shoulder of the road. When he pressed the clutch in, to stop the tractor, the clutch cable broke causing him not to be able to stop the tractor. He finally stopped when his front bucket caught a tree about 30 feet off the road bank. Bypass Auto ordered the parts for the tractor and the road crew will be replacing them when they come in. Decola wrecker service had to pull the tractor out for a cost of $250.00.
  • All other equipment is serviced regularly and is in good working order.

Fuel usage

  • On road diesel: 86 gallons, cost $246.82
  • Off road diesel: 355 gallon, cost $820.05
  • Gas: 126 gallons, cost $335.16


Security Report

August 23, 2019

 Staffing – Chuck has been out for part of the month due to motorcycle wreck.

Upcoming Events – Road Project
Wedding at Pavilion

Gate Trends – 7/1/2019 – 7/31/2019  Barcode Lane – 8246, Guests – 986, Preserve–180, Worker/Guest – 1703

Rover Trends – Driving 2885 miles @ $704.39 (24 mpg)

Equipment Trends – Had two close lightning strikes at the gate house causing the loss of one mother board on the exit gate and the loss of word management on gate house computer. Called ITC both times @ a cost of $763.40.
We had to take the truck to the dealership for an unknown problem with fan assembly. The motor and relay were bad. Cost of $636.00 of which $213.62 was covered under warranty.
Almost time to have truck serviced.

Road Project –
School Buses – I have called the Director of Transportation of the Madison County School System and asked her if we could change schedule for a few weeks. She said yes and would notify the drivers. I also got in touch with some of the parents and told them of the change. They were ok with it and would pass the word on to the others. The church has been contacted and their parking lot will be used to load and unload the children in a safe manner.

Gate – I have also contacted ITC to come and take the wires out and loop wires so we can use the gates manually. They will reattach after the project is over.

Ken Porche’