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The meeting was called to order by President Smith at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance in person: McCaghren, Romero

Directors in attendance by phone: Kessler, Krueger, Moeller, Parker, Pendleton, Simmons, Smith

Staff in attendance: Connor, Porche’, Wyatt

Audience: 5 in attendance



Approval of the November 16, 2018 Minutes

McCaghren made a motion to approve the November 16, 2018 minutes. Simmons seconded. Motion carried 9 yes 0 no.

Finance: Louise Wyatt


On the balance sheet, there was a change in the LLC companies because they paid the Madison County taxes and there was a trademark issue.


Equipment has been purchased and traded so we have added about $65,000.00 in equipment.


Income and expense for roads and security are in line with last month.


WLRMS collected assessments for three lots in November.


Expenses for roads and security are in line with last year at this time. The only difference is the storm drainage.


Kessler moved to accept the finance report. Simmons seconded. Finance report was accepted by a vote of 9-0.


Roads: Nathan Woody

(Given by Willie Romero)



  • We have had 19.5 inches of snow.
  • We have removed about 75% of the brush from the November ice storm.
  • The RMS crew has started splitting fire wood for the Maintenance Shed.
  • All matched loads for the year have been hauled. We can start back in the spring with this system if anyone is interested.


  • Road Maintenance has purchased a 2015 Tracked 289D Caterpillar skid steer for $49,985.69. Carolina CAT gave us $20,000 trade in value for our rubber tired 272C skid steer.
  • Replaced brake booster on 2005 Chevrolet.


  • RMS has 150 tons ABC-M stock piled for use on roads during the winter where soft muddy spots may occur.


  • Our new equipment operator, Chad Beaver, has started. RMS is now operating with a full crew.


Security: Ken Porche

(Written report read into the minutes.)


1) Roving found vehicle parked in road on Valley View, patrol checked vehicle found that it was an employee of the ski slope, rover found employee had him move said vehicle to a safer spot.


2) Roving was called to residence that someone had shot their window, rover checked window told homeowner it looked as if it had been shot with a bb or pellet gun. Rover advised they call sheriff’s dept. if they needed a report for insurance. (The projectile penetrated only one window)


3) Roving has been very busy helping anyone who has ventured out during last snow and ice event and needed our services.


4) Roving found tree had fallen across driveway of a home on Grouse Thicket. Roving contacted homeowner and advised them of tree across their driveway.


5) Well ski season has arrived, security has gotten the signs up, and as usual we have some of the same skiers from last year, they can’t read, security has been very busy the first few days and nights, trying to get people herded back to ski lodge.


6) We have had incidents at the gate when roads were icy that homeowners called to complain that we had turned their guest away or their utility provider. We do not turn any utilities away, they are not stopped at gate, when they are noticed the gates are opened. The guest were not turned away, they had come through gate, drove to house determined that it was too icy and left the mountain, and told home owner that the gate had turned them away because of hazardous road conditions.


7) I wish to thank the gate staff for your hard work during this opening of the ski season, and would also commend the roving patrol for their many calls and long hours, coverage and help at the gate when some of our gate staff couldn’t make it in.


8) The Toyota truck has been repaired under a recall warranty.


POA Liaison: Larry Veatch


No report


Standing Committee Reports


Communications and Community Relations: Larry Smith


The letter to the property owners that is sent out with the 2019 budget and the 2019 assessments has been completed.


Smith sent an email out to the homeowners in the Preserve pointing out that if their guests were relying on their GPS they would more than likely end up at Wolf Laurel’s front gate and the ones who would end up at our front gate would more than likely rely on GPS to get them to the Preserve. If their guests ended up at our front gate, Smith advised the Preserve property owners to let their guest know not to rely on GPS, but to provide their guest with specific directions to their homes otherwise they would most likely get lost which could be put their guests’ safety at risk.


Smith said an e-blast was sent to RMS homeowners on the road conditions and what to expect going into this last snow storm.


A record contribution to the Ebbs Chapel Fire Department Christmas Party was given this year from the Wolf Laurel Community and the Upper Laurel Community. An amount of almost $10,000 was given for this event.


Finance/Insurance: Willie Romero and David Pendleton


Romero reported that the insurance representative had met with employees to review the 2019 retirement plan. A meeting has been scheduled with employees to review the 2019 health plan. The premium for the recommended plan through United Health Care is .2% higher than this year however, the individual deductible will increase from $2,500 to $4,200 and the family deductible will increase from $5,000 to $8,400


McCaghren made a motion to confirm the health insurance plan. Romero seconded. The motion carried 9 – 0.


McCaghren reported he has met with Louise and has reviewed the bank statements and WLRMS statements and confirmed that they are reconciled.


Legal: Brent McCaghren


McCaghren reported that we have collected against a delinquent account which was just over $1100.00.


McCaghren made a recommendation by email to the board concerning waiving our right of first refusal, with some conditions, on a property. Romero made a motion to accept McCaghren’s recommendation to waive the right of first refusal on this property. Simmons seconded.  Motion carried 9 – 0.


McCaghren recommended that the board move the staff reports from the regular meetings to the work sessions. Smith agreed and directed staff reports be moved to work sessions.


McCaghren also said if the board has a consensus reached during a work session on a particular item or group of items he recommends that the board, at the formal meeting, have a consent agenda. These items then can be approved at the formal meeting without being discussed a second or third time which will be more efficient.  The board agreed to try this approach to see how it works.


WWTP – Kessler said we are waiting to be in a position where we know the date that we would be disconnected from the existing plant to be ready to close. Kessler said her understanding is that we have a contractor lined up for the installation of the new system, but the worked has not yet been scheduled or performed.


McCaghren reported WLRMS has engaged an attorney to look at the four general areas the security committee were concerned about that were outlined in the last meeting.


Roads: Willie Romero


Romero complimented staff for a job well done handling the weather events. Nathan is continuing the search for a used truck that will replace the truck sold a couple of months ago.


Property/Facilities: Jim Simmons


Tim Donovan will be taking care of the electric panel at the maintenance shed when he gets back on the mountain.


Simmons will contact the contractor about the drain fields to see when they will start the work. They were supposed to start the 10th but couldn’t because of the snow storm.


Romero added that the staff has been cleaning and organizing the maintenance shed and that it looks good.


ARB: Mike Stapleton


The ARB committee met with Jered Silver last week.


Since last meeting there have been 2 tree applications and 1 minor application.


Jered has been working with an owner/contractor on El Miner trying to get them to follow the ARB guidelines. The owner/contractor has been fined after several attempts to get them to comply.


Another homeowner on El Miner has requested more time so they could get professional advice as to how to move forward with finishing their home. Stapleton asked Jered to send a letter to the homeowner asking for an update, but the outcome does not look positive.


There is an issue with an owner/contractor on May Apple and a neighbor who says their driveway was damaged because of the construction of the house. Jered is working with both parties to resolve this issue.


There is a builder on Pisgah Pass whose deposit has fallen below the 2/3 amount that must be maintained according to the ARB guidelines. Jered has sent a letter giving the builder a deadline to get the deposit up to where it needs to be and if they do not meet that deadline, they will be fined $100.00 per day as per the ARB guidelines until they meet our requirement.


Long Range Planning: Cynthia Kessler


The LRP Committee met on November 26.

1)           Thank you to the committee chairmen for their feedback on job descriptions for their committees.  We have drafts for ARB, Communications, Finance, Facilities, Legal, and Long Range Planning and are placing these into a unified format.   We acknowledge that the committees with employees and daily operations have other pressing priorities which need your attention.  We also acknowledge that the task is even more challenging with all the board discussions this year about the division of authority between board, committee & staff, expectations of supervision, management, reporting and financial authority and oversight.   Clear feedback of expectations is needed from the board.  We would like to take a block of time in the January work session for the board to discuss, and will submit materials in advance of the meeting to aid the board organize its discussion productively.

2)           Substantial progress on the Reserve Study has been made.  We developed a template spreadsheet into which we will enter the existing raw data from our records for the reserve study, began assembling the data, and started data entry.  We will be working in conjunction with the Facilities Committee in an assessment of our buildings, with our Roads committee in certain estimates on road costs and frequency, and of course with Finance and Insurance Committee as we test various assumptions that are made in the process.  Thank you in advance to these committees for their part in pursing this important assignment.

3)           Finally we have assembled a list of RMS accomplishments achieved for the year to be kept with the board materials, and updated going forward as RMS’ check step of accountability as we address our goals and plans.  In this vein, the committee will be setting a date to evaluate the long range plan.

Smith suggested to Kessler that she meet with the chairs of the road and security committees via telephone conference to deal with #1 of LRP report. Kessler said she would do this.

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Next work session is January 9, 2019


Board meeting is January 18, 2018


The meeting was adjourned by President Smith.


Respectfully submitted,


Willie Romero, Secretary