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The meeting was called to order by President Smith at 10:00 A.M.
Directors in attendance in person: Kessler, McCaghren, Moeller, Parker, Romero, Simmons, Smith
Directors in attendance by phone: Pendleton
Staff in attendance: Connor, Porche’, Wyatt
Audience: 10 in attendance


Approval of the Consent Agenda         

  • Purchase of a Security Monitor
  • Accept the Road Report as Presented – see attached
  • Accept the Security Report as Presented – see attached
  • Accept the ARB Report as Presented – see attached

Parker moved that the consent agenda be approved. Moeller seconded. Motion carried 8 – 0.

Discussion and Approval of June 21, 2019 Minutes 

There was a discussion between board members on what should and what should not be included in the minutes.

Smith called for a motion to approve the June 21, 2019 minutes as written. Moeller seconded.Motion carried 6–2.

Appoint a Replacement for Carol Krueger’s Position (2 Years) 

McCaghren made a motion to postpone appointing a replacement until the annual meeting in August when new board is seated. Seconded by Simmons. A roll call vote was taken: Smith-no, Romero-yes, Moeller-no, Simmons-yes, Parker-no, Kessler-no, McCaghren-yes, Pendleton-no. Motion failed 5-3.

Kessler nominated Steve McMillan. Seconded by Moeller

A roll call vote was taken: Smith-yes, Romero-no, Moeller-yes, Simmons-no, Parker-yes, Kessler-yes, McCaghren-yes, Pendleton-yes. Motion carried 6-2.

See attached.

Finance: Louise Wyatt 

Report on Contributions Received to Date:

Wyatt reported contributions received as of July 16, 2019 were $197,762.50. WLRMS had 327 (57.77%) homes and 12 lots to contribute. Blue Mountain had 48 (45%) homes contribute. Ridges had 8 homes and the Preserve had 2 homes to contribute. Seven businesses have contributed.

Finance Report:

Collections: 96.25% of homes have been collected and 77% of lots have been collected.

Budget: Road maintenance is at 45.78% of their budget and security is at 45.84% of their budget.

Comparing June 2018 to June 2019, road maintenance is 11% more than this time last year and security is 3% more, but both are still within their budget.

Smith moved to accept the Finance Report. Kessler seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.    

WLPOA Liaison – Larry Veatch

  • Veatch expressed the POA’s appreciation for the work of RMS on the road and the WWTP.
  • Cindy Tucker thanked the Security Staff for their help with the 4th of July event in the Village.
  • The POA annual meeting is July 27th and elections are coming up.
  • Veatch is working on the Top of the Bald. If anyone has anything to submit, please do so by 7/21/19.
  • Parker inquired about plans/solutions the POA may have for the package cabin. Veatch will bring this up to the POA Board.

Presentation of the Nominees for the WLRMS Board

The Nominating committee would like to thank the board of directors for entrusting this important duty to the members of the committee.  We took our charge very seriously and endeavored to select a slate of candidates in a discrete and respectful manner deserved by our neighbors. We felt strongly we needed to respect the privacy of our neighbors concerning their decisions whether to serve. The committee recognized that the retiring board members created a gap in the board’s skill set.  The board needed an infusion of financial skills, individuals who have a level of comfort working with numbers, analysis, and planning.  The board needed individuals with different perspectives and experiences that would serve as assets to the board for the issues we face in the next three years.

We began with a list of 54 names.  This list grew to include over 70 of our neighbors.  Each name was checked to confirm eligibility to serve before any contact was made.  Individuals were then approached to check their willingness to serve.  The committee profiled the skills of the candidates and narrowed the list to 6.

Gregory Meier (Ridgeway Road) lives in Orlando, Florida and is a practicing attorney.  He practices corporate law, tax, non-profit law, and intellectual property. Greg is active in civic and charitable organizations served on the boards of non-profit organizations in the Orlando area.

Ron Stone (full time Fox Den) operates a commercial banking business brokering business and commercial real estate loans. His background includes job titles such as comptroller, senior analyst and CFO, his expertise has been invaluable in turning around troubled companies through in depth analysis and planning.

Caron Jantzen (full time Birch Spring) works for a financial services firm doing risk modeling and portfolio analysis.  She develops spreadsheets capable of running multiple financial scenarios to assist in decision making and manage financial risks.

Connie Carver (full time Madison County) is a lot owner, a perspective the board lacks.  Real estate values in Wolf Laurel are her business.  As a local realtor she is ideally positioned to understand what affects the value of all of our investments in Wolf Laurel.

Tim Carrigan (full time Hanging Rock) walks two paths, one in information technology security, which is an expertise the board lacks, and the other outdoors, deeply involved in responsibly maintaining the natural beauty of Western North Carolina, an interest that could prove invaluable to managing Wolf Laurel’s resources and green spaces.

Mike Stapleton (full time Unakite Ln) while we know Mike for his work on the ARB, Mike’s professional background has given him skills of team management, human resources.  Mike formerly served as president of his homeowner’s association in Florida.

Standing Committees Reports: 

Communication and Community Relations: Chairperson Larry Smith

  • Update on Communications Efforts to Solicit Contributions

We are continuing to send e-blasts which included a brief summary of the meeting with the engineers.

  • Meet the Candidate Forum Date

Forum will follow the POA’s Annual Meeting in the pavilion on July 27th which begins at 10am.

Finance/Insurance: Co-Chairpersons Willie Romero and David Pendleton 

  • Finance – No Report
  • Insurance – No Report

Legal: Co-Chairpersons Brent McCaghren and Cynthia Kessler

  • Bylaw Amendment to Accommodate Calendar

McCaghren moved for the adoption of the amended by-laws of the regular meeting to the 4th Friday of the month. Parker seconded. Motion passed 9 – 0.

  • Notice of Annual Meeting August 23, 2019

McCaghren moved that the notice of the annual meeting be adopted and sent out. Smith seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.

  • Election date is August 21, 2019 – Set by the by-laws.
  • Schlitt Property

Kessler reported the Schlitt subdivision has been reshuffled to include 16 lots which would be counted as 14 lots. The configuration the Schlitts proposed does hit the minimum number of lots to make taking over the reduced road revenue neutral to our subdivision.

Smith called for a motion to authorize Kessler to proceed with the Schlitt agreement as the board now understands it. Seconded by Simmons Motion carried 9 – 0.

Roads: Co-Chairpersons Dick Moeller and Willie Romero 

Romero went over the five year road plan which included improvement of the gravel roads particularly main artery gravel roads, improvement in drainage (culverts and ditch lines), and re-sloping  gravel roads as necessary for safety and drainage (building up gravel) . Within the 5 year period, all of the gravel roads will have been improved. All of the discussed improvements will be within the budget according to Romero assuming the 5% increase in assessments each year.  Romero suggested the board consider purchasing a compacting roller which is not included in the five year plan. The five year plan includes maintaining the paved roads, but not resurfacing and the plan does not address the road maintenance facility or road signage. Regular maintenance on all roads is part of the plan.

Security: Co-Chairpersons Carol Krueger and Lloyd Parker 

Parker updated the board on the usage of motorcycles in the community. He reminded the board that the covenants restrict the daily use of motorcycles on Wolf Laurel roads except by exception (the board is required to examine requests for exceptions to the restriction).

A request was made by one renter staying at Eagle’s Nest for four days. That request was approved by the Security Committee.

A second request was made for four motorcycles to go back and forth from Eagle’s Nest for four days. That request was denied because of the noise four motorcycles would create.

Parker added that any request for a motorcycle to travel on a gravel road will be denied because of safety.

One committee member felt that Ken Porche’ should decide whether or not to allow motorcycles on a case by case basis instead of the committee deciding.

Property/Facilities: Chairperson Jim Simmons

  • Simmons contacted the contractor about burying the water tank but has not heard back.
  • Simmons pressured washed the mail center on Big Bald Road. It is ready to paint.
  • Two trees that were in the power lines behind the RMS office building were taken down.
  • We do not know if the WWTP is hooked up to the exterior panel. Waiting to hear from the electrician.
  • We have received a firm bid on pressure washing, re-staining and repair work on the RMS office building.
  • Waiting on a price for replacing the gate house roof with a metal roof.

Long Range Planning: Chairperson Cynthia Kessler 

No Report

Old Business

Update on Resurfacing Project

  • Bid requests were sent out by email and hand delivered on July 9th.
  • Pre-bid conference was held July 16th.
  • Deadline for the bids will be July 25th at 2pm.
  • Bids will be sent to the engineer July 26th.
  • Special Called Meeting with the engineer will be July 29 Closed Meeting.
  • Special Called Meeting for vote and awarding the bid July 31st. Open Meeting. Audience comments will be allowed before the vote. 

Kessler is working on an addendum that will be sent to all of the contractors.

Romero said the contractors need to know specifications for the speed bumps.

New Business


Audience Comments:

Lynn Matthews – Spoke about the road and long range plans and a special assessment.

Larry Veatch – Expressed his appreciation the work the board has done.

Kessler – Expressed appreciation for Carol Krueger and the work she did on the board and the Security committee.

Dick Moeller – Spoke about special assessments.

Special Called Meeting – July 31, 2019 at 10:00am.
No work session for August.
Next board meeting August 23, 2019 at 10:00am
The meeting was adjourned by President Smith.

Respectfully submitted by Willie Romero, Secretary



7-19-2019 Nomination of Steve McMillan for vacant board seat

Steve McMillian is a full time resident, and is able to serve as a check signer. He and his wife MaryLynne are fully retired, providing some flexibility in his schedule for RMS duties. Steve and MaryLynne have attended almost all of our workshops and meetings and have heard a wide range of issues before the board (roads, security, ARB, and audience comments).  They have been property owners for around 10 years.  In addition they own a second home on Hampton Gap Road which is a vacation rental, which is not only a sign of their commitment to Wolf Laurel, it is a perspective not presently represented on our board.  Steve began his career in aeronautics as a ground engineer which has given him a comfort level working with heavy equipment and major machinery systems, their maintenance, care and acquisition.  This would make Steve an asset to support our road crew when discussing the need to replace or add a piece of major equipment, or working on a capital budget for acquisitions.  His career advanced and he was tapped to work on the set up of a state owned airline company, a major project and transitioning him to planning, project management, budgeting, negotiating and dealing with issues as they arose.  From this background Steve understands that merely voting on an issue does not bring it to pass, a great deal of planning, active management of the project, budgeting, trouble shooting, work and oversight is needed.

Based upon his background and comfort level with equipment and machinery systems, and with  budgeting, planning, and project management and oversight, Steve would be an excellent choice for the board.  Plus, having attended so many meetings he has heard first hand reports made to the board, the information we have received, our discussions of our pending projects and audience input, I feel Steve is an outstanding choice to fill this vacancy at this particular time.



Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance
Monthly Report
July 10, 2019

Since last report


  • Road Maintenance crew installed two speed limit signs, a stop sign-ahead and a mirror on Big Bald Road to increase safety for residents pulling out of Mountain Side.
  • There has been slide on Chestnut Lane that has covered a resident walking trail. To my knowledge this is not the first time this has occurred. I propose that we build a bolder wall to do away with the unstable steep slope. This will require renting a Trachoe from Caterpillar for a cost of approximately $2,100.00.
  • Road Maintenance crew is putting together a list of residents that have paved driveway on the upward side of the graveled roads. We will ask if they will please consider putting an asphalt water break in, in order to divert water into the ditch line. This would also help in the winter time when driveways are salted in preventing the salt from damaging the gravel roads.
  • Road crew is trying to stay on top of the graveled roads that are getting washed-boarded in the dry conditions.
  • Road crew has spread and graded out 19 loads of ABC-M this month.
  • The NCFS day lighting project is complete with all the brush cutting; they are waiting for the contractor to return and clean the brush piles on Buckhouse, Buckeye, and Chestnut road.
  • Road crew has built a chimney in the maintenance shop in order that we could fix the leaky roof properly.


  • The roller bearing on our Flail mower had to be replaced.
  • Replaced 4 tires on the Ford dump truck, cost was $885.92
  • West Side Rental checked out our riding mower and informed me that we needed a new transmission the cost to replace that would be around $800.00. Dick has donated Wolf Laurel a mower that hopefully with a little expense we can get it up and running.
  • The Ford dump truck has been giving problems about starting.
  • All other equipment is serviced and in good working order.

Fuel usage

  • On road diesel: 88 gallons, cost $223.52
  • Off road diesel: 220 gallons, cost $545.60
  • Gas (trucks, chainsaws, weed eaters, etc.) 54 gallons, cost $124.20



Security Report


  • Had an employee out sick and one on vacation
  • Extra staffing for the Lucey wedding
  • Overtime for the gate was 6 hours
  • Overtime for roving was 36.5 hours (Lucey wedding and coverage for sick and vacation day – Chuck and Cody 15 hours and Ken 21.5 hour at no cost)

Upcoming Events

  • There is another wedding scheduled, but we will have no part except at the gate needing extra help. Ken will handle this at no cost.

Gate Trends

  • Signed in:
    Guest and workers called in by homeowners – 308
    Preserve – 144
    Package Cabin – 1010 (We have had several people not signing the key out and getting upset because we ask them to do so. They are entering the cabin when someone is already in the cabin.)
  • Gate sign in – 2333
  • Barcode lane – 7390

Rover Trends

  • Drove 2734 miles at the cost of $688.65
  • Wrote parking violations at Big Bald parking lot and Village Pavilion area
  • Assisted ARB with continuing dog issues and workers parking in the road

Equipment Trends

  • Bought Oil Dry to absorb leaking oil in the sign in lane
  • Jeep is due for routine service
  • Preserve gate cameras and equipment have been installed, but the internet is not supporting it properly. We are looking at Country Cable vs. Frontier



ARB Report
July 10, 2019

The ARB had is last meeting on July 3, 2019.

Present for the meeting was ; Mike Stapleton, Steve Parker, Pat Parker,  Jered Silver, Mellisa Drake McDaniel, Wayne McDaniel, Tim Callahan, and John Shoemaker

The Current Board is now up to 8 members.

Our new meeting dates will be the first Wednesday of each month.

The business discussed was;

For the month of June 2019 there were
5 tree application
11 minor exterior applications
1 interior application

Additional Business discussed;

1) Barking and or uncontrolled dogs, repeat offenders and the next steps that need to be taken.

So we now have a new reminder.  If you have Dogs, please use common sense and remember we live in a community and make sure that you respect the rest of the community in keeping your pets/dogs under control. Do not let them run about the community without you keeping them under your direct control. Do not let them howl and bark at all hours of the night. Consider your neighbors and your pets and do not leave you pets out at night and expect them to be safe and silent. Unresolved pet issues are being forwarded to the ARB and we have been charged with enforcing the Covenants and Guidelines on pet problems and that will include fines.

2) Properties currently under construction and open issues.

3) Properties with new construction that will soon be underway

4) Clearing of debris should begin soon on a property whose home unfortunately burned to the ground. I contacted one of the property owners this week and received an update. They are still waiting on contractor who is backed up.

5) We have had some issues with property owners and or vendors bringing up dumpsters without the proper permitting. I ask Ken to have gate guards flag ALL dumpsters and report them to Jered. Please get your permit BEFORE getting a dumpster regardless of what you are using it for.

6) Reminder to everyone; If you are going to be doing home improvements inside or out including landscaping and or tree cutting which could include making changes to your property, please contact the ARB administrator , Jered Silver to be sure you have the proper permits.

We would request concerns forwarded to or made to the ARB contain the; who, what when and where information.

At our last meeting our group discussed asking WLRMS if we may have access directly to the email database or piggyback onto WLRMS email blasts to communicate issues of importance to the community that the ARB feels need to be addressed. Pride of authorship is not an issue.

Currently, examples of those issues would be;

  • Dumpster permitting
  • Dog Control
  • Blocked roads during the construction process
  • Burning