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The meeting was called to order by President Smith at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance in person: Kessler, McCaghren, Pendleton, Simmons

Directors in attendance by phone: Moeller, Parker, Romero, Smith

POA Liaison in attendance by phone: Veatch

Directors absent: Krueger

Staff in attendance: Connor, Porche’, Wyatt

Audience: 7 in attendance




Approval of the Consent Agenda


  1.  Minutes of February 15, 2019
  2. Accept the Road Report as Presented – See attached
  3. Accept the Security Report as Presented – See attached

 McCaghren made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. Simmons seconded. Motion carried 7 – 0. (Kessler not present)


Finance: Louise Wyatt        

  • There was nothing new on the balance sheet.
  • Two properties, from the old data base, have been added to billing.
  • Collections to date: 64% of lots and 80% of homes.
  • Year-to-date budget % (2 months – 17%) WLR is at 13% and WLS is at 16%.
  • WLR 89% of 2018 budget and WLS is 95% of 2018 budget.

McCaghren reported he and Wyatt have started a dialog about collapsing the two LLCs into WLRMS. They are also looking at adding additional categories for some of the reserves.

Wyatt reported that as of today’s mail, RMS has collected $50,525.00 for WL Road resurfacing.

Kessler made a motion to accept the financial report. Simmons seconded. Motion carried 8 – 0.


WLPOA Liaison – Larry Veatch

Veatch expressed the POA’s appreciation for the work toward the road resurfacing. The POA is figuring out a way in which to support the effort.

Tonight at 6pm there will be a St. Patrick’s Day event at the POA Community Center. Non-Village club members can attend for a $5.00 cover charge.


Standing Committee Report 


ARB: Mike Stapleton – Read by Kessler

The Wolf Laurel ARB met last week March 7. Also present was ARB Administrator Jered Silver.

We reviewed open issues mostly involving permit compliance or lack thereof.

Currently for the Month of February 2019 we have;

2 tree applications

2 minor exterior applications

1 major exterior application

2 interior applications

4 pending applications

Everyone is asked to keep in mind that if and when you are using contractors, or doing construction yourself, burning to rid the area of construction materials or brush, stumps, etc.. is NOT permitted under the ARB guidelines. The left over construction materials need to be removed not burned.  Brush, stumps, etc.. resulting from construction projects should not be burned either as a means of disposal.

I continue to thank ARB administrator, Jered Silver for the job he is doing as we head into our busier time of year.

If you have any questions regarding remodeling projects or construction and what permitting is required, please do not hesitate to call him.


Communications and Community Relations: Larry Smith 

  • Smith reported the first WL Road resurfacing email went out to all property owners (that we had email addresses for) in all subdivisions indicating the need for contributions.
  • A letter, similar to the email, with a Q & A on the back was mailed to all homeowners in all subdivisions.
  • A second email went out which was an update on collections and a reminder of the need to get contributions in quickly.
  • Smith met with the POA on Friday, March 8th asking for their support in this effort.
  • The next step is to have a communication going out to the community weekly as an update and to stress the urgency of getting the money collected so we can take this to bid this spring.


Finance/Insurance: Willie Romero and David Pendleton

  • Insurance: No report
  • Finance: No report

McCaghren reported that he and Romero will be looking at different options for deposits and credit cards.


Legal: Brent McCaghren and Cynthia Kessler

Kessler contacted Frank Schlitt, Jr., the present developer of Gardenside, who expressed his goal of improving Doubleback and Gardenside Roads to a level that they could be turned over to WL. Mr. Schlitt had three questions for RMS.

  1. Requested a to-do list of what RMS requires to be done to the roads.
  2. Outline the process by which RMS would accept the roads and accept the lots as subject to our restrictions.
  3. Asked if RMS had any restrictions or limitations on consolidating a number of his lots so there would be fewer lots in that development.

Kessler recommended that the board answer Mr. Schlitt’s questions, completely and candidly, before he invests money. This would mean Roads Supervisor Nathan Woody and Harvey English, Mr. Schlitt’s contractor, walking the roads and preparing a to-do list. These standards should be communicated to Mr. Schlitt in writing from the board.

Second, outlining the process by which each property owner would confirm that our restrictions and covenants apply to their property.

Thirdly, RMS needs to provide feedback of the minimum number of lots that must be assessment paying lots in order for that development to be accepted as part of WLRMS.

A discussion followed concerning the lots and current road conditions in the Gardenside Development.


Roads: Willie Romero and Dick Moeller

Romero reported that Nathan Woody is updating RMS’s Three-year plan which will be expanded to a five-year plan. The plan will be will be presented to the Roads Committee and then the Board. In 2019 the roads crew will be addressing needed repairs throughout the mountain and continue to replace culverts. The long term plan is to subdivide the mountain into four areas. Drainage improvements and rebuilding of gravel base will be completed over a four year period. Cost of to be paid through the annual assessment process.


Security: Carol Krueger and Lloyd Parker

Parker reported that the committee has received updated manuals for the gate staff and roving patrol from Porche’. Krueger and Parker will be reviewing the manuals and submitting them to the board for approval.

McCaghren, on the behalf of Krueger, made a motion to ratify the electronically approved expenditures of studded tires for the security jeep and to either repair or replace the barcode reader. Kessler seconded. Motion carried 8 – 0.


Long Range Planning: Cynthia Kessler

Kessler reported the committee is in the phase of the reserve study where they are collecting information from the other committees. According to Kessler, the purpose of the reserve study is to identify long term financial needs for roads, buildings/facilities, and equipment and to purposely fund future needs.


Property/Facilities: Jim Simmons

  • Simmons reported that the contractor for the drain field has been in contact with him on a weekly basis. Weather is keeping this project from starting. Orville’s water lines have been flagged.
  • After the drain fields are complete, the water tank at the country club will be installed.
  • Simmons will be meeting with the Postmaster and visiting the sites where the new mailboxes will be installed.
  • Simmons is meeting with an electrician on Monday to look at the RMS office building, the gate house and the pump station.
  • He is lining up contractors for estimates on various repairs and maintenance that need to be done to the buildings.


Old Business:


 WWTP Update

Kessler said when digging begins on the drain fields, she will get with the POA and make sure everything is back on track for the plant disposal.


Visitors Page on Website

Kessler reported the visitor page will only be a landing page describing our community and giving information how to go about scheduling a visit. There will be no links for now.

McCaghren requested the ski lodge signs be taken down since ski season is over.

The HGTV log cabin episode has been moved to air the second quarter. There is not a definitive date yet.

Romero will be working with volunteers to clean and repaint the signs in WL this spring. He welcomes anyone to help.


New Business:




Audience Comments:

 Jim DeLoatch: Expressed his concern about the Long Range Planning Committee’s ten points of agreement on committee responsibilities.  He added the January minutes did not reflect what was discussed. He read #5 & #8 and listed reasons why he did not agree with them and gave suggestions. He asked that these ten points be reconsidered.  He further stated that he did not require a response to his concerns.

John DiPetta: Announced his resignation at the security gate. He asked if someone contributes $500 now, will they be subject to the assessment.  Kessler said they would receive a credit toward the special assessment. He let the board know that in his discussions with Leon Murphy, he found out that Eagle’s Nest may be having their roofing replaced and this may coincide with the resurfacing of WL Road.

DiPetta pointed out how much traffic the ski slopes generate on our roads and the wear and tear it causes.

DiPetta ended with asking the question: How can you unequivocally make a statement for a performance issue out of something you don’t understand because you have never worked one day at the gate under high traffic volume.

Jack Youngblood: Recommended that when people buy in Wolf Laurel, they be supplied with a map of Wolf Laurel. He asked, as a Blue Mtn. Lodge owner, would he be affected by a special assessment for the resurfacing of WL Road?

Smith responded that Kessler is working on a map and Blue Mtn. homeowners would not be affected by a special assessment.

Youngblood suggested RMS make the security gate a toll gate so a fee could be collected from renters. He also agreed with Jim DeLoatch’s comments about following proper procedures concerning employee performance reviews.

Gayle Barr shared what she has heard on the mountain about the resurfacing of WL Road. She said there are many different opinions ranging from supporting the project to no support at all.

Smith’s responded to questions about the absence of comments in the minutes reflecting the board’s discussion that take place at the work sessions.  Smith added work sessions are public meetings and everyone is encouraged to attend. The consent agenda was adopted so the minutes could be posted on the website sooner. The staff reports were changed to be presented in the work session, in an attempt to make the board meetings shorter and are posted on the website after the work session.

Kessler responded to Mr. DeLoatch’s concerns regarding committee responsibilities. She explained employees who disagree with an action taken by a supervisor can take their concerns to the board. Likewise, a disagreement with the position taken by the ARB can be elevated to the board for review. She further explained that since committees are not decision making bodies, action taken by a committee not to present an opposing view was in fact a decision. The board does not want to act in a matter to silence difference in opinions.


Next work session is Wednesday, April 10, 2019 @ 10:00am

Board meeting is Friday, April 19, 2019 @ 10:00am

The meeting was adjourned by President Smith.

Respectfully submitted,

Willie Romero, Secretary


Attachments: Road and Security Reports


Following the March 15, 2019 Board Meeting, the board went into Executive Session. Following is a summary of the items discussed and votes taken.

Present: Smith, Kessler, McCaghren, Parker, Pendleton, Simmons, Moeller, Romero. Absent Krueger


Legal Update:

McCaghren updated the board on the status of two legal matters.

Contribution Offers:

The board considered an offer to contribute to the Wolf Laurel Road re-paving project conditioned upon a change of the lot combination policy.  Noting that the effect of the change could have a long term negative effect on revenue and financial condition of the Association, Kessler moved to decline the offer with any conditions. Simmons seconded. Motion carried 8 in favor, none opposed.

The board considered an offer to prepay annual assessments as a contribution to the Wolf Laurel Road re-paving project.  Noting a concern that funding a present capital project with advance payment of annual assessments could create a shortfall in operating revenue in future years. Simmons moved to decline the offer. Pendleton seconded. The motion carried. 7 in favor 1 opposed.

Publishing Contributors Names:

The board considered recognizing those who have made voluntary contributions to the Wolf Laurel Road re-paving project by publishing a list of contributors.  Noting concerns over privacy, Kessler moved to approve publishing the list of contributors without the amount contributed.  Motion was seconded by Simmons. Motioned carried 6 Yes and 2 No

Special Assessment:

The board discussed how to address questions posed by community members wanting to know plans to address a possible shortfall in funds in the event that voluntary contributions did not reach the target goal.  Following an extensive discussion on the equities of the issue, without taking up the issue of proposing a special assessment to the community, Moeller moved to exempt lot owners from a special assessment for the Wolf Laurel Road repaving project. Parker seconded the motion.  The motion carried 5 Yes and 3 No. Smith, Moeller, Parker, Kessler, Pendleton voting in favor. Romero, McCaghren, Simmons opposed.  Krueger was absent.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Willie Romero


      Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance Monthly Report
March 6, 2019


Since last report


  • RMS crews have spread and graded out 39 (15 ton) loads of ABC-M which is around 585 tons, and approximately 60 tons of Railroad ballast.
  • Due to the 5.25 inches of rain fall this past month we have a 150-foot shoulder on Buck House Road that has settle about 10 inches. This area has an excessive amount of brush and tree stumps buried under it.
  • There was no overtime this month.



  • The Vermeer chipper had to be put back in the shop to replace the fuel cut off sensor. Cost was $175.00
  • The repairs on the 2002 Volvo motor grader was $5693.33.
  • The front glass on the 305 CAT track hoe had to be replaced. Cost was $303 labor was done by RMS crew.
  • The front tire on the L9000 Ford dump truck had to be replaced as well as replace driver side back brakes, and replace the back wheel seal. Cost for these repairs was $445 labor was performed by RMS crew.


Fuel usage:

  • On road diesel: 106.7 gallons, cost $300.89.
  • Off road diesel: 383.6 gallons, cost $947.49.
  • Gas (trucks, chainsaws, etc.): 149.4 gallons $337.64.


Security Report
March 6, 2019



  • John DiPetta has turned in his 2 weeks’ notice due to some medical reasons. John will be missed. March 18, 2019 will be his last day.
  • Tiffany Shelton has turned in her 2 weeks’ notice due to some medical problems. She will be missed also.
  • Will be going through applications to find their replacements. Then will start training new employees.
  • We had a staff meeting on Feb. 5, 2019. We discussed gate policies and procedures, dress code and ski passes. We had good participation from everyone.

Upcoming events:

  • Property owners should start heading back soon.

Gate trends:

  • Ski lodge is closed. Gate signed in 2472 skiers and ski workers.
  • We have had 32 hours overtime due to sickness, 24 four hours was overtime and 8 hours was covered at reg. pay. Debbie Bailey, Cody Nelms, Chuck Kinsey, and I worked. In 2018 the same time period 36.75 hours of overtime Chuck Kinsey and I worked it.

Rover trends

  • They drove 2193 miles. Fuel costs were $471.42 and last month they were 479.23
  • They found several houses in the community with shingles blown off, they called the homeowners to let them know.
  • They found a fire burning at a jobsite unattended after 4 pm. Notified ARB Jerred Silvers.

Equipment trends:

  • Had a recall on Jeep passenger air bag, while they were working on it, they several things wrong with it, they fixed them under warranty at no charge.
  • Had the truck serviced and checked out for any problems.
  • The new cameras and new monitor have been installed and the audio signs have been put up.