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The meeting was called to order by President Smith at 10:00 A.M.

Directors in attendance in person: Kessler, McCaghren, Moeller, Parker, Pendleton, Romero

Simmons, Smith.

Directors in attendance by phone: Krueger

Staff in attendance: Connor, Porche’, Super, Tipton, Wyatt.

Audience: 20 in attendance.




Resolutions for ARB

Smith read into the minutes:




Simmons moved to adopt the resolution, Moeller seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.

Super thanked the board for the opportunity to work for Wolf Laurel. He reminded everyone that they are the stewards of the mountain. He said there will be change to deal with, but always put the mountain first and you’ll do the right thing.

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Simmons moved to adopt the resolution, Kessler seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.

McKnight thanked board for the recognition.

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Approval of the August 17, 2018 Minutes


Kesslermoved to approve the minutes of the July meeting Simmons seconded. Minutes approved 9-0.

Romero respectfully requested that the board acknowledge receipt of the minutes and respond promptly with any edits and authorization to post the minutes.


Approval of the Minutes of the Two Closed Hearings on a Lot Combination Request


Kessler moved to approve the minutes, Moeller seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.


Record in the Minutes the Opening for the Position of Treasurer


Election of Treasurer


Smith opened the floor for a motion to fill the position of Treasurer.

Moeller nominated McCaghren, Pendleton seconded.

Kessler moved to close nominations, Moeller seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.

Motion to elect McCaghren as Treasurer carried 9 – 0.


WLPOA Liaison – Larry Veatch


Veatch reported the POA is working on getting the playground moved, repairing the water wheel, and adding hot water to the pavilion area. They are transitioning the Top of the Bald management and format.

Veatch shared that Carol Galphin is out of the hospital and is in rehab. Les Owens has fallen and is not doing well.

Veatch pointed out that there are a couple of potholes on El Miner, the paved section. He asked if they could be filled with dirt until they can be repaired with asphalt.

He received a letter from a resident asking that there be consistency with the Birch Springs Lane signage.


Finance: Louise Wyatt


Wyatt reported there was nothing new on the balance sheet. We have collected two more home assessments than this time last year and are still slightly behind last year’s collection of lot assessments. Expenses for both RMS and Security are slightly ahead of last year at this time (not including storm damage), but both RMS and Security are under budget at this point in the year (8month/66%).

Wyatt reported Moeller approved transferring $14,000 from gravel to 2017 storm damage.


Roads: Harold Tipton


Smith requested to record in the minutes that the board did an electronic approval to purchase 100 loads of gravel. Also, RMS is offering the gravel match program which is at around 30 matched loads so far. Smith added that the gravel match is not for driveways. Both loads go on the road, the load paid for by the property owner can go wherever they decide and the RMS match goes where it is most needed.

Smith noted that WLRMS has received communication from the N.C. Forest Service. They have identified the scope of work which fit well with what we felt needed to be done and are now ready to go to bid. Kessler commented that the Forest Service has agreed to mulch the debris we had already cut. Tipton said the Forest Service hopes to be finished by the end of November, first of December if everything falls into place.

Tipton recommended selling the white GMC dually in its current condition for $31,000 which he has a buyer for. McCaghren made a motion to sell the truck for $31,000 and seconded by Simmons.

Motion carried 9 – 0.

Tipton recapped the trucks RMS had in its inventory and their condition.

There was a discussion on replacing the white GMC dually with a vehicle that is more suited to plow snow. Kessler asked if RMS had enough trucks this winter for plowing or does RMS need to purchase another truck. Tipton recommended that RMS hire Harvey English to plow snow with his grader this winter. He also added RMS needs to purchase a grader to maintain the roads. Tipton said RMS does not need another truck to plow snow unless one of the RMS trucks breaks down.

McCaghren suggested that if RMS does not need to purchase another truck, the money from the sale of the GMC could be applied towards the purchase of other equipment such as a grader. Tipton said he would help locating a grader if that is what the board wanted to do.

Simmons asked who would be able to operate the grader. Tipton said he had an application from someone who knows how to operate one.

Tipton reported he has talked to two paving companies, Lonesome Mtn. Paving and Fox Paving, about repairing the paved roads. Lonesome Mtn. said they would try to do the job, but were unsure if they could get here to do the work before winter. To repair the paved roads would cost a minimum of $40,000. A discussion followed concerning the money in the budget available for paving.

Simmons made a motion to give Harold the authorization to move forward with the paving up to the budgeted amount. Kessler seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.

Romero added he had driven the roads for observation and given feedback to Harold. He highly recommended the drainage be a priority. Tipton agreed.


Security: Ken Porche

(Written report read into the minutes)


Had a worker come to gate, gave address where he wanted to go, but there hadn’t been anyone call, we couldn’t reach anyone, the worker then said he wanted to go to another house, guard said no, he gave another address guard said he could not get answer there either, he had a pretty good line building so he ask the guy to pull over and park and he would continue to try to get someone. He drove off, a short time later the original homeowner called said they had changed their phone number. Please let him in. He was already at the house.

Had a major leak in front of maintenance shed gate and valley view, several property owners had called gate, gate called an emergency number with no results, they called me I called the number of one of the emergency repair team and they arrived about 30 to 40 minutes later. This water leak was shooting between 15 and 25 ft. into the air.

Received a call from gate that a homeowner had observed someone riding on road below them without headlights and was pulling into different driveways, I responded searched the roads around their home could find no one.

Responded to a large van with about 11 people in it who said they could not find house they were renting, we found some guest walking up Pisgah pass and the rest in the van parked in driveway close by, we got them to house where they were going and the ones that were walking were at the house with a homeowner who lives close by, and he had combination to lock box.

Had a call from game warden about someone that had shot a deer and that he was unable to come up with guy so he ask if I would let hunter in to claim deer called gate told them to hold the guy at gate when he got there and I would come up, and help him find it.

Deer season is open it opened 8 th of September. Be aware of your surroundings.

Had another employee quit, and Chris’s last day is 13 th October so at this time I’m looking for 2 employees.

Got a call from water co. that they needed someone to go to where they had repaired a water leak that a homeowner was complaining that they had torn up road and not fixed it, roving went up and took before & after pictures and stood by until they put load of gravel on it.

Security did traffic control for roads so they could remove large tree off of Wolf Laurel Road.

During recent hurricane security was on duty and kept track of all roads in Wolf Laurel and the other surrounding property owner associations that we patrol, removed trees we found that were blocking roadways.

Had another incident same address, they have been warned many times and I had roving tell them that I would call sheriff, which I did. I don’t know what the outcome was. A discussion followed about what could be done in this situation.

Porche’ reported the hard drive on the cameras at the gate has gone out. He requested permission to purchase a hard drive ($150-$160) and have staff install it. Kessler made a motion to approve the purchase of a hard drive. Moeller seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.

Romero pointed out security equipment maintenance is over budget for the year.


Standing Committees


Smith recommended chairs for the standing committees at the last board meeting. The board has decided to go with these recommendations. One exception is the ARB Chair in which Tom Wrenn has offered to serve as temporary chair for 90 days. Smith does have someone in mind for the ARB chair, but needs to meet with them one more time to confirm.


Appointment of Standing Committees


Communications and Relations

McCaghren nominated Smith, Simmons seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.

Finance and Insurance

McCaghren nominated Pendleton and Romero, Simmons seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.


Simmons nominated Kessler and McCaghren, Parker seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.


Moeller nominated Parker, Kessler seconded.

Simmons nominated Krueger, McCaghren seconded.

Romero nominated Krueger and Parker as co-chairs.

Kessler moved to close nominations, Simmons seconded.

Romero asked Krueger if she was willing to serve as co-chair with Parker, she replied yes. Kessler asked Parker if he was willing to serve as co-chair with Krueger, he replied yes. A vote was taken to elect Krueger and Parker as co-chairs. Motion carried 8 – yes, Moeller – no.


McCaghren nominated Moeller, Kessler seconded. Smith nominated Romero to be co-chair. A vote was taken to elect Moeller and Romero as co-chairs. Motion carried 9 – 0.


Kessler moved that Simmons be chair, McCaghren seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.


Smith asked to appoint Tom Wrenn a temporary chair. Simmons moved to appoint Wrenn as temporary chair. Kessler said this 90 day should also be used to discuss whether the ARB position should a position on the board or an independent chairman. Kessler said if the position was going to be non-board member chairman, the chairman must be kept in the loop of communications since they are participating in board meetings. Motion carried 9 – 0.

Long Range Planning

McCaghren moved Kessler be chair, Romero seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0.

Smith said the goal was to have the committees up and running by the time people depart from the mountain. He asked for the committee chairs to have their committees in place by the next meeting.

He asked the committees to have their input for the budget submitted by October so the board can adopt the budget in November and the budget can be printed and sent with the billing of assessments in December. Smith also asked the committee chairs to revisit the process of deciding what each committee was responsible for.

Kessler asked it the Reserve Study, recommended by the auditors, was a part of the Long Range Planning Committees responsibilities. Smith said he would get back to her.

Smith said he contacted the candidates who ran for the board but were not elected to see where they may want to serve. Klumpp indicated he would be interested in serving on the Long Range Planning Committee, Morris was interested in Roads and Stapleton said he would serve where needed.


Old Business:


Bank Resolutions

Resolution to extend the line of credit of $75,000 (for emergencies) another two years

at a cost of $250. Romero moved, Kessler seconded. Motion carried 9 – 0

Resolution to appoint check signatories. Smith moved to designate the following

Individuals as signatories: McCaghren, Krueger, Romero and Wyatt. Simmons seconded.

A vote was taken: 9 – yes, 0 – no.

Smith added Wyatt is still researching banks. Romero said the Finance Committee would help Wyatt in this effort.


Board Input on Filling Staff Positions on Roads


Smith summarized where the process was in filling staff positions on Roads. Road, equipment and staff evaluations have been completed by Tipton. The roads crew includes Ricker and Crum who are both competent. RMS has received one application for the DOS position, Nathan Woody. Smith asked the board how they want to handle the interview process for Director of Roads. Parker recommended that there be an interviewing committee made of three board members. There was a discussion about who should make up the interviewing committee. Parker, Moeller, and Romero were appointed as members of an ad hoc committee responsible for obtaining, screening and interviewing applicants for the position, discussion of compensation parameters with candidates, making a recommendation to the board for any adjustments to the job description of the position as

needed and to report to the board the committee’s findings and recommendations for board action.


New Business:


Property Owner’s Request Concerning Set Back Violation


McCaghren explained the background of a house extending over the set back line and beyond their property line. Legal committee recommends that WLRMS quitclaim the portion of property in question to the property owner, but retain the easements and rights of way set forth in prior documents in favor of the community and RMS. The property owner has offered WLRMS $1,000. Romero made a motion to accept the recommendation of the legal committee and for McCaghren to finalize the documents. Pendleton seconded.

Motion carried 9 – 0.




Kessler reported that the prospective purchaser has received all due diligence materials on the plant and RMS is following up with the prospect to determine its interest.


Audience Comments:


Gayle Barr asked if the new DOS will be under contract. Smith said the board has not made that decision.

Tony Martin asked when the minutes were going to be posted on the website. Smith said the board will make an attempt to post a draft of the minutes prior to the work session.

Martin suggested using Constant Contact for e-blasts. Connor said WLRMS is using GroupMail which is the same type of service which has an unsubscribe option.

Martin asked if the black GMC was the personal vehicle used by the previous DOS. Moeller said it was.

Martin said he was in favor of hiring a sub-contractor to use their own motor grader on our roads.

Martin said that when Carolina Water does work and tears up WL roads, they are responsible for repairing the road back to the way it was.

Martin suggested that security get rid of the radar guns and purchase thermal imagers.

Martin encouraged everyone to participate in the Gravel Match Program.

Becky McKnight pointed out the Personnel Policy explains how much vacation an employee is entitled to.


Next work session is October 10, 2018 at 10:00am.


Board meeting is Friday, October 19, 2018 at 10:00.


The meeting was adjourned by President Smith.


Respectfully submitted,

Willie Romero, Secretary