Roads Report February 6, 2019

Since last report


  • Wolf Laurel has had 8 plowable inches of snow that has required 34 hours of overtime, 20.5 hours performed by hourly employees (paid at time and a half), 13.5 hours performed by salary employee (no cost to Wolf Laurel).

Overtime hours for January 2018 amounted to 67. Overtime hours for January 2019 amounted to 34, which is 33 less hours than the previous year.

Due to the extreme cold temperatures we have had to use approximately 12 tons of salt mix to treat roads.

  • RMS crews have spread and graded out 20 loads of ABC-M, which is around 300 tons, to make roads passable.
  • This year RMS is planning on replacing 23, 18-inch HDPE pipes, 1, 24-inch HDPE pipe, and 1, 36-inch HDPE pipe. With the new gravel budget in place we are planning to put 250 loads of ABC-M on our gravel roads to try an reconstruct our road bed. RMS will be doing the match loads again this year if anyone is interested in participating.


  • Vermeer chipper was put in the shop for motor repair, and fuel pump. The cost of repairs was $466.75.
  • The 2008 Chevrolet had the snow plow bracket and wiring harness installed. Instillation cost was $891.00.
  • Volvo motor grader had some wiring issues while clearing roads. Had to replace the transmission ECU (Electronic Control Unit), shifter board, and the hydraulic solenoid on the transmission. Volvo has not made an invoice for the parts and service call. Volvo stated it would be the first of next week when the invoice would be delivered.

Fuel Usage:

  • On road diesel: 82.20 gallons
  • Off-road diesel: 132.20 gallons
  • Gas: 141.4 gallons


  • Wolf Laurel RMS has hired a part-time laborer employee, Aaron Riddle. Aaron started on January 28th.


Security Report February 6, 2019

  • Had a busy week, Lisa is st ill out with her surgery, Debbie has been out all week with a death in family, Tiffany called out because of snow, we did not have a lot of overtime due to moving roving her schedule to a gate schedule, Chuck worked part of it and Cody worked part of it, I roved when they were off shift .
  • Canceled one of the new orange barcodes, due to someone being at Bald parking lot. Escorted him out. He forfeited his money and will be signed in on
  • Had a near head on collision at Laurel In. and Wolf Laurel Rd . Hit & Run , person recognized thru camera images .
  • We have had 2655 skiers signed in at the gate Jan. l st .-Jan 27 th .
  • Roving patrol has run 2150 miles t his past month.
  • We have received all the cameras and monitors to hook up new cameras at front gate so you should see an increase of security personnel at the
  • Had a bimonthly meeting with securit y 8)Fuel costs for January were $479.23.
  • Maintenance / repair cost for January were $108 8.80.
  • There is a need to purchase a set of studded tires for the jeep (these tires are into their 3rd season) The price of $763.00 for 4 tires studded, balanced, taxes.
  • Going to have to look at getting barcode reader repaired or replaced, it is getting erratic in reading barcodes.