(Nov. 22, 2016) WOLF LAUREL, N.C. – The Wolf Laurel Roads Maintenance and Security Homeowner’s Association (WLRMS) Board of Directors today expressed thanks to the 180 community stakeholders who participated in the Nov. 11-20 WLRMS Long Range Planning survey.

In July’s WLRMS Survey, 90 percent of the respondents supported the development of an inclusive long-range plan to help ensure financial stability and operational excellence.  The Long Range Planning Survey is the first important step in helping the WLRMS Long Range Planning Committee develop a plan for Wolf Laurel.  The recipients represented all associations in the community, including lot owners, owners of homes, and owners of homes and additional lots.

The survey was comprised of six questions.  Two questions were quantitative.  Four questions asked for an extended response.

“We’re pleased at the level of community response to this time-consuming survey,” said WLRMS President John Beneke.  “A lot of people put much thought and time into their responses.  Our committee and the community will benefit from their efforts.”

The members of the WLRMS Long Range Planning Committee are Beneke, WLRMS Vice President John Ames, and property owners Ken Faliero and Mel Poole.


Wolf Laurel RMS Mission Statement

The Wolf Laurel Road Maintenance and Security Homeowner’s Association is responsible for safeguarding and improving the roads, security, safety, infrastructure, neighborhood architectural standards, natural resources and quality of life of its property owners. WLRMS Officers, Board and Committee Members, and Staff, accept this responsibility, and pledge to continue to discharge their duties for the Wolf Laurel community with a robust and renewed commitment to integrity, fiscal responsibility and transparency.