WLRMS Work Session


  1. 10:30 Call to Order


  1. Final comments on minutes from August 23, 2019 meeting before posting on website. (David Pendleton)


  1. 10:35 Abbreviated Staff Reports. (Nathan Woody, Ken Porche) Written reports on regular operations through August 30, 2019 will be distributed. Any items which may require board attention or action will be announced.


  1. 10:45 Update on hiring CPA firm for 2019-2021 (Caron Jantzen, Ron Stone)


  1. 10:50 Report on Wolf Laurel Road Project. (Steve McMillan, Cynthia Kessler)


Board Planning Work Session


  1. 11:00 Board Discussion of Reserve Study. (Jim Klumpp, Betsy Browne, Cynthia Kessler)


  1. 12:00 Board Overview Discussion of WLRMS projects and goals for 2020. Each committee to identify in overview summary fashion, items that would present budget needs above ordinary, annual operating expenses, special projects, or committee goals for the year. Extended discussion will occur in committee or at a later date. Topics to include:


    • Permanent location of Road Maintenance Facility.
    • Needed repairs to Front Gate and RMS Office buildings.
    • Rolling multiyear road maintenance plan.
    • Multiyear capital expenditure and capital funding plan.
    • IT improvements, Community Engagement Platforms
    • Other matters announced


  1. 12:30 Adjourn.

Please note work sessions are informal discussions where no formal action is taken. Audience participation is permitted throughout the meeting, limited by time constraints.  Audience members will be recognized and may present brief input.  Should an audience member need to discuss a matter or question too complex for the time allowed, he or she will be asked to address the appropriate board contact following adjournment.